Person:Lewis Keller (5)

Ludwick 'Lewis' Keller
d.1 September 1823
  • HLudwick 'Lewis' Keller1740 - 1823
  • WSarah Koontzabt 1756 -
m. abt. 1777
Facts and Events
Name Ludwick 'Lewis' Keller
Gender Male
Birth? 1740
Marriage abt. 1777 of Edom, Rockingham County, Virginiato Sarah Koontz
Death? 1 September 1823

Ludwick 'Lewis' Keller was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Ludwick 'Lewis' Keller in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - John Hughes vs. Jacob Swallow's representatives - O.S. 306; N.S. 109-Bill, December 1819. In 1803 orator purchased tract in August on Piney Run from Jacob Swallow. It was conveyed 11th March, 1785, by John Tate to Thomas Stephenson, who died, intestate, and the land desceded to his three daughters, viz: Susannah, wife of John Cook; Mary, wife of Jacob Swallow; wife of William Hughes, mother of orator, who died, intestate, when orator was infant only 3 days old and he inherited 1/3 of her interest. Mrs. Swallow died without children. Jacob moved about the state, then went west and there died, testate. Will in Augusta dated 27 October 1817. Paul Koontz lived in Maryland and is now dead. William Koontz lives in Maryland. Polly Smith, wife of Jacob Smith, lives in Indiana. William Koontz (executor of Jacob Swallow) and Sarah Keller and her husband, Ludwick Keller, live in Rockingham. Samuel Gibson deposes 14 April 1821, at house of Thomas Brown in Augusta, he was born and raised in Pennsylvania and resided near neighbors to Thomas Stevenson or Stinson and went to school there with his children; also knew him in Virginia after he moved. John Huse was recognized as Thomas' grandson by his daughter Jane (?), who married William Huse. They were married in Pennsylvania. John is not the son of _________ Cooper, who married Rachel Stinson. The Coopers removed from this county 20-30 years ago. David Brand deposes, as above, John was son of Mrs. Mary Huse. Maj. William Wilson, ditto, was well acquainted with William Hughes, who said John was his son. Deed 25 March 1805, by Jacob Swallow and John Cook and Susannah, heirs of Thomas Stephenson, deceased, to John Hughes, their interest in tract on Pine Run, 200 acres.