Person:Levi Moore (5)

Levi Moore, Jr.
b.ABT 1778 Virginia
m. 1768
  1. Hannah Moorebet 1773-1776 - 1849
  2. Sarah Moorebef 1777 -
  3. Levi Moore, Jr.ABT 1778 - ABT 1828
  4. Mary Moorebef 1781 -
  • HLevi Moore, Jr.ABT 1778 - ABT 1828
  • WNancy Sharp1782 - BEF 1819
m. 21 JAN 1797
m. 11 October 1819
Facts and Events
Name Levi Moore, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1778 Virginia
Marriage 21 JAN 1797 Bath County, Virginiato Nancy Sharp
Marriage 11 October 1819 Bath County, Virginiato Mary "Polly" McCarty
Death? ABT 1828 Pocohontas County, West Virginia

Levi Moore, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - George Poage vs. Dilley--O. S. 271; N. S. 95--Bill, 1812. On 19th November, 1782, orator made two entries in Augusta (now Bath) on head Brown's Creek, one for 100 acres and one for 140 acres; surveys on 15th December, 1785, and patents 25th July, 1800, for 140 acres. Martin Dilly had a conflicting claim under an older patent to Moses Moore. Answer by Martin Dilly, 9th June, 1813: On 3d April, 1809, he bought 120 acres from John Moore in Bath, part of 400 acres. Patented to Moses Moore 16th August, 1787, between Naps Creek and Thorny Creek at a place called Richlands. This patent was in right of settlement by certificate 15th June, 1782. John Moore, Sr., is father-in-law of Martin Dilly. Samuel Waugh deposes, Moses Moore claims by the headright of Joseph Gregory. John McCutchan petitions, he purchased the land from William Moore, nephew of Moses Moore. Settlement certificate dated 15th June, 1782, for 400 acres settled by Joseph Gregory before 1st January, 1778, signed by Commissioners, viz: Wm. McKee, Robt. Davis, Thomas Adams, Saml. Vance. Levi Moore deposes, in Bath, October, 1817, has known the place called the Richlands 44 years; is said to be distantly related to Moses Moore's family, but does not know how. John Moore, Jr., deposes, in Bath, 13th October, 1817, has known Gregory's improvement 40 years. George Poage has been living there 35 years. Deponent is son of Moses Moore.
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