Person:Letitia Christian (1)

  1. Letitia Christian1790 - 1842
  2. Robert Christian1798 - 1860
m. 29 Mar 1813
  1. Mary Tyler1815 -
  2. Robert Tyler1816 -
  3. John Tyler, II1819 -
  4. Letitia Tyler1821 - 1907
  5. Elizabeth Tyler1823 -
  6. Anne Contesse Tyler1825 -
  7. Alice Tyler1827 -
  8. Tazewell Tyler1830 -
Facts and Events
Name Letitia Christian
Gender Female
Birth[1] 12 Nov 1790 Tidewater, Richmond, Virginia, United States
Marriage 29 Mar 1813 to President John Tyler
Illness? 1839 she suffered her first stroke at the age of 49
Death[1] 10 Sep 1842 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Burial[2] Cedar Grove Cemetery, Roxbury, New Kent County, Virginia, USA
Reference Number? Q24790?

Letitia suffered a paralytic stroke in 1839 that left her an invalid. She appeared in public as First Lady only at the wedding of her daughter Elizabeth in 1842.

For more information, see the EN Wikipedia article Letitia Christian Tyler.

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    Excerpt: Though they are not, of course, a Manx family, it will be of interest to record what is known of the Manx Christian’s who emigrated to Virginia about 1655. According to the family traditions, the emigrants consisted of two brothers, William and Jonathan, who were said to have been connected with the Milntown family.

    They left the Island at the same time a family of the name of Cottier,1 probably from Lezayre, two of the daughters of which family married the two brothers, but whether before or after their arrival in Virginia is not known.

    The first of the family who became prominent was Robert, of Cedar Grove, New Kent County, Virginia, who lived during the end of the last century and the beginning of the present. He was for many years the chief magistrate in his county. He married Mary Brown, and had issue among others Letitia who married General Tyler, Vice President of the Republic. General Tyler is connected with President Monroe, and General Robert E. Lee and President Harrison are collateral descendants of his, and his father had been President.

    Judge Joseph Christian of Virginia, the present representative of the family, has recently (1888) written me as follows: ‘For 7 years before this, I was circuit judge. Five of my cousins also hold judicial stations. George L. Christian is Judge of the Husting Court of the City of Richmond. J.H. Christian is Judge of the County Court of Charles City County and Thomas Christian is the Judge of the County Court of Middlesex and Matthews Counties. The learned professions both of law and medicine are numerously represented by our name and family, and a few of the name are in the ministry. The family is now a very numerous one in Virginia and has numerous representatives in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Alabama. P.S., As there are four Judge Christian’s, you will address me Judge Joseph Christian of Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia.’

    1 The present representative of this family is Judge Cottier of Virginia, son of the late Honorable Robert Cottier. [1]

  4.   Harris, Malcolm Hart. Old New Kent County: some account of the planters, plantations, and places in ... (West Point, Virginia: M.H. Harris, c1977)

    (includes history of her family)

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