Person:Mary Burch (27)

Facts and Events
Name[1] Mary Cyrene Burch
Married Name[1] Mrs. Mary C. Breckinridge
Gender Female
Birth? 16 Aug 1826 Georgetown, Scott, Kentucky, United States
Marriage to Vice President John Cabell Breckenridge, Esq.
Death? 8 Oct 1907 Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States

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    ...D.4. John C. Breckinridge, Vice-President of the U.S., = Mary C. Burch, dr. of Clifton R. Burch and Aletha Viley. Issue:
    ....E.1. Cabell Clifton Breckinridge, now M.C. from Arkansas.
    ....E.2. Fanny, = John Steel.
    ....E.3. John ;
    ....E.4. Owen, of California.
    ....E.5. Mary Desha Breckinridge, b. March 31, 1854, = December 20, 1877, ANSON MALTBY, No. 1704.
    [cos1776 Note: 1st son is given as "Cabell Clifton Breckinridge" - not sure which is correct or what was meant by the note following his entry? Could it be referring to his daughter, MC?]