Person:Joseph Walkup (2)

Joseph Walkup, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
b.1719 Ireland
m. Abt. 1719
  1. Joseph Walkup, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1719 - 1787
  2. Margaret "Mary" Walkupbef 1722 - ABT 1795
  3. Capt. James Alexander Walkup1724 - 1798
  4. Elizabeth WalkupAbt 1725 -
  5. Florence Walkup1730 - Bef 1763
  6. Arthur Walkup1734 - 1834
  • HJoseph Walkup, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1719 - 1787
  • WJane GrahamABT 1720 -
m. ABT 1738
  1. Matthew Walkup1738 -
  2. John Walkup1740 -
  3. Christopher Graham Walkup1744 - 1818
  4. Jane WalkupBef 1746 -
  5. Robert Walkup1748 - 1821
  6. Ann Jean WalkupABT 1751 -
  7. Margaret WalkupABT 1753 -
  8. Rebecca WalkupABT 1755 -
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Walkup, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
Alt Name Joseph Vachub
Alt Name Joseph Waughub
Gender Male
Birth? 1719 Ireland
Marriage ABT 1738 to Jane Graham
Death? 06 Feb 1787 Rockbridge County, Virginia[Will Proven]

Joseph Walkup was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 227.--15th May, 1754. Beverley to Joseph Vachub. 378 acres in Calfpasture, on the head of Meeting Branch, cor. to meeting house land Thomas Smith's land; William McCutcheon's land.
  • Page 273.--19th March, 1760. John Graham to Joseph Vauchub (Wauchub), £87, 307 acres on Little River in Calfpasture, part of 614 acres conveyed to John by Beverley. Delivered: 22d July, 1784.
  • Page 213.--18th February, 1761. John Ward to Joseph Waughub, £__, 246 acres in Calfpasture on head of Grassy Lick Run, top of Black Oak Hill; cor. Wm. McCutchin's and Johnson's land, Meeting House Run; cor. John Johnson's land.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 429.--16th March, 1777. Joseph Vachob (Vahub) to Jean Graham, on head of Grassey Lick Run in the Calspasture, formerly surveyed for Thomas Smith, on Black Oak Hill, between Grassy Lick Run and Meeting House Run. (Note: Jean Graham was the daughter of Joseph Walkup (Vachob)).

Will Abstract

  • Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Feb. 6, 1787.
  • s. John Vachub
  • s. Christopher Vachub
  • s. Robert Vachub
  • d. Margaret Vachub
  • d. Jean Vachub,
  • d. Ann Vachub
  • d. Rebecca Vachub
  • g.s. Nathaniel Vachub
  • g.d. Jean Stevenson
  • g.d. Mary Stevenson
  • g.d. Margaret Stevenson

Records of Joseph Walkup in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 119.--19th November, 1755. William Gay's (of Calf Pasture) appraisement, by James Lockridge, Saml. Hodge, Joseph Vachub.
  • Page 234.--18th February, 1761. William Man's bond (with William Elliott, Joseph Vachub), as guardian (chosen) to David Grimes, orphan of William Grimes.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 24, 1763. - (138) Robert Graham, admr. of Florenee Graham, decd., vs. Joseph Vachub--abates by death of plaintiff.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 25, 1763. - (164) Joseph Waughub vs. Robert Graham } Abates by death of defendant.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 15, 1765. - (336) James Mateer, provisions. John Risk, provisions. Wm. Beard, provisions. Charles Erwin, provisions. Joseph Waughub, provisions. Thos. and John Brown, provisions. John Bodkin, provisions and horse impressed. Robert Hartgrove, horse killed. John Young, pasturage, horse impressed. John McPheeters, provisions. Wm. McNabb, provisions. John McKarney, provisions. Thos. Feemster, provisions.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1767 (A). - Ewing vs. Knight.--Argument between Charles Knight, schoolmaster, and subscribers. (1) He is to teach one year and have every other Saturday, or half of every Saturday, off. If any alarm of the Indians comes, they are to provide shelter and food and drink. Subscribers to raise £18. (Signed) Thos. Meek, Archibald Armstrong, Joseph Vachub, Robert McCutchen, Jos. Graham, John Vachub. Dated 3d May, 1765.
  • Page 22.--18th August, 1767. John Wahub's bond (with Joseph Vachub, Henry Gay) as administrator of Wm. Gay.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1774 (C). - Rev. John Jones vs. Rev. Adam Smith.--Petition. Writ executed June 19, 1774. Account is as follows: 1773, Rev. Adam Smith, debtor, to the Rev. John Jones: To my fee for the marriage of Wm. Elliott, within the Parish whereof I am rector, which you received, #0, 7, 6; the same of Wm. Young, #0, 7, 6; the same of Daniel Taylor, #1, 0, 0; the same of James Patton, #0, 7, 6. William Elliott married a daughter of Joseph Wahub (Wachub), in February, 1773, at Alexander Hamilton's.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 26, 1775. - (67) Robert Lockridge, vice Archd. Armstrong--road overseer from Painter's Gap to Joseph Wacheb's.