Person:Joseph Kelso (4)

m. bef. 1758
  1. John KelsoEst 1760-1772 -
  2. James Walker Kelso1761 - 1837
  3. Elizabeth 'Betsy' KelsoAbt 1762 -
  4. Margaret KelsoBEF 1764 -
  5. Charles KelsoAbout 1765 - 1832
  6. Hugh KelsoBef 1774 -
  7. Joseph Kelso1774 - 1867
  8. Katherine KelsoABT 1775 - 1838
  9. Walker Kelso1779 - 1845
  10. William KelsoAbt 1780 -
m. 22 February 1798
  1. William Caldwell Kelso1825 - 1901
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Kelso
Gender Male
Birth? January 1774 Kelso Gap, Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 22 February 1798 Rockbridge County, Virginiato Martha Allen
Death? 1867 Kelso Gap, Rockbridge County, Virginia

Joseph Kelso was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Joseph Kelso in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Burrows vs. Gibony (Gibbons)--O. S. 52; N. S. 18--Land in Monongalia. Orators are, viz: William Ward Burrows and Polly, his wife; David Easton and Sarah, his wife, which Polly and Sarah are daughters of Thomas Bond, deceased, and Jane Bond, widow and relict of Thomas, who died 179_ testate, will recorded in Fairfax. Thomas was a physician and died after 1791. Defendants, viz: James Morgan, Alex. Gibbony, improperly styled Gibbons; Joseph Kelso.
  • Joseph Kelso is named in the will of his father, Hugh Kelso.


Note: this source claims that Joseph Kelso was the son of Hugh Kelso and Elizabeth Culton, appears to be in error, may need additional research.