Person:Joseph Crockett (10)

Joseph Louis Crockett, Jr.
b.6 MAY 1702 Donegal, Ireland
  • HJoseph Louis Crockett, Jr.1702 - Bef 1767
  • WJeanne deVigne'1703 - 1792
m. BET 1728 AND 1729
  1. Col. Hugh Crockett1730 - bef 1817
  2. Col. Walter Crockett1732 - 1811
  3. Elizabeth Crockett1734 -
  4. Col. Joseph Crockett1739 - 1829
  5. Maj. Samuel Crockett, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VA1740/41 - bef 1773
  6. Mary Crockett1740/41 - 1826
  7. Nancy Agnes Crockett1742 -
  8. Robert Crockett1744 - 1766
  9. Martha Crockett1747/49 - bet 1803-1805
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Louis Crockett, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 6 MAY 1702 Donegal, Ireland
Marriage BET 1728 AND 1729 to Jeanne deVigne'
Military[3] 1752 Commissioned Captain of Foot, in Augusta County Militia (See Virginia Magazine of History, Vol. 27, Oct., 1918)
Death? Bef. 17 March 1767 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Burial[2] 1767 buried near Shawsville, Montgomery County, Virginia

Joseph Crockett was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Discrepancy in Parentage of Joseph Crockett

Some sources claim that Joseph Crockett's parents were James Crockett and Martha Montgomery, but it appears that preponderence of sources place him as "Joseph Crockett, Jr.", son of Joseph Crockett and Sarah Stuart. This Joseph Crockett left his will in Augusta County, Virginia, which was proven on 17 March 1767. Additional research may be necessary on his parentage.

Will of Joseph Crockett

Page 506.—12th January, . Joseph Crockett's will, fanner—Executors, sons Walter and Joseph; wife, Jean, one-third of land he lives on on South Fork of Roanoke joining Mr. Matteson's line; son, Hugh; son, Walter; son, Joseph; son, Samuel, survey on Cedar Run above Willey's plantation; son, Robert, tract on head of Peak Creek, and a tract on head of Camp Run above Saml. Mountgomery's; to Walter and Joseph and Robert, tract on head of South Fork of Holston River; to daughter, Martha; daughter, Elizabeth; daughter, Agness; daughter, Mary. Tester Phil Love, James Bryan, Joseph Colven. Proved, 17th March, 1767, by Love and Bryan. Walter Crockett qualifies (Joseph refuses), with Wm. Christian, David Looney, Thos. Barnes.

Information on Joseph Crockett

From post:

The Will of Joseph Crockett The Will of Joseph Crockett was made 12 January 1767, was proved 17 March 1767, by Phillip Love And Thomas Barnes, two of the witnesses. He gave his wife, Jean, for her lifetime one-third of the Home place on South Fork of Roanoke joining “Mr. Mattison” and also her bed and bed clothes; To his well-beloved son, Hugh, the above mentioned plantation on which he should maintain his Mother during her lifetime, and likewise 50 pounds of his effects; to his sons, Walter and Joseph, The plantation he formerly lived on, both being one Survey (Crockett’s Cove); to his son, Samuel, the on “Seeder Run above Willey’s” ( Ceder Run now Wytheville); to his son Robert, the tract at the head of Peak Creek and the tract on Camp Run above Samuel Montgomery’s; and to sons Walter, Joseph and Robert, a tract at the head of South Fork of Holston; Joseph a Blew Roan horse and saddle and gun; Robert A roan, two year old “stalling” Colt and his gun; Martha a horse or mare worth 12 pounds and her saddle and her feather bed and bed clothes; Elizabeth, the same as Martha; Agnes, five shillings; Mary, five Shillings, and “Know more”, the rest of the estate to be divided equally betwixt wife, and sons, Walter, Hugh, Joseph and Robert, and Daughters Martha and Elizabeth. Walter qualified as executor with surities, William Christian, David Looney and Thomas Barnes. (Augusta Will Book 3, Page 506).

We are told that Robert Crockett was killed by Indians in Tennessee. Hugh married Rebecca Lorton And continued to live on the Roanoke. Joseph, Walter and Samuel developed the lands on New River; Mary married Jacob Kent and lived on the Roanoke; Elizabeth is given as the wife of William Robinson, Of the Roanoke; Agnes, as the wife of Henry Davis of New River and the Holston; and Martha as the wife of Thomas Montgomery. ( See The Crockett Family and Connecting Lines) Much of the above information was taken from Kegley’s Virginia Frontier.

He served as Captain in the Augusta County, Virginia, Militia, in 1752; he died in 1767 (probably in Augusta County, Virginia), and his will was probated 17 May 1767. He is buried in Shawsville, Montgomery County, Virginia. And his tombstone gives the following dates: 1697-1767. He left His wife Jane and the following children:

A. Hugh Crockett, Born c1730 in Landcaster County, Pennsvalvania; died and was buried in 1816 in Montgomery County, Virginia; he served in the Bedford County, Virginia, Militia in 1758, and was a Militia Colonel in the American Revolution; he married Rebecca Lorton in 1774. They had 10 Children.

B. Walter Crockett, Born c1732 in Landcaster County, Pennsyvania; died in 1811 in Wythe County, Virginia, served as Justice of the Peace, Member of the Committee of Public Safety, 1775/1776, Major In the Fifth Virginia Regiment and Lieutenant Colonel in the Virginia Militia in the American Revolution, And member of the Virginia Assembly, 1777-1780; married Mrs. Margaret (Steele) Caldwell in 1771. They had 3 children.

C. Elizabeth Crockett, born about 1734; married William Robertson. She probably died in Kentucky.

D. Mary Crockett, born March 2, 1739/40; died 19 March 1826/36 in Wythe County, Virginia; married 5 April 1760 to Jacob Kent.

E. Samuel Crockett, March 9, 1740/41; One account says that Samuel and Mary was twins, both born 2 March 1740. Died 1773/72 in Wythe County, Virginia; Major in the American Revolution; married Jean Armstrong, daughter of William Armstrong and Susan Johnson on 26 October 1763. They had 4 Children.

F. Joseph Crockett, born May 7, 1742; died October 7, 1829, in Jessamine County, Kentucky; served at Point Pleasant in Dunmore’s War; Lieutenant Colonel in the American Revolution; member of the First Kentucky Legislature, 1792; U.S. Marshall for Kentucky, 1801- 1809; married Mrs. Elizabeth Moore) Woodson, daughter of John Moore and Mary Jouett in 1782. They had 6 Children.

G. Nancy Agnes Crockett, born c1742/45; married Henery Davis, died and buried in 1795/6 in Knox County, Tennessee.

H. Robert Crockett, born c1744/47 in Augusta County,Virginia; Lived on New River in Virginia. Went on a hunt in June of 1766/69 with the party who made their camp at Price’s Meadow in what is now Wythe County, Kentucky. Some of the men explored southward, including Robert, who while returning from a trip on Obey’s River, was ambushed by a war party of seven or eight Indians who killed him and left his body on the trail, where it was found by some of his companions. Dsp 1766.

I. Martha (Mattie) Crockett, born c1749; married Thomas Montgomery in 1767 in Virginia. She died in 1803, in Kentucky. They moved to Kentucky in 1793. Her Husband moved to Gibson County, Indiania in 1806 where he died around 1818. He is buried in the family cemetery in Gibson County, Indiana. They had 8 Children.

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