Person:Jonathan Taylor (6)

Jonathan Taylor
b.Abt 1692 Sudbury, MA
m. 17 Oct 1677
  1. Richard Taylor1678 - Bef 1753
  2. John Taylor1680 -
  3. Elizabeth Taylor1682 -
  4. Anna Taylor1684 -
  5. Lydia Taylor1686 - 1744
  6. Caleb Taylor1690 -
  7. Jonathan TaylorAbt 1692 -
Facts and Events
Name Jonathan Taylor
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1692 Sudbury, MA
Reference Number? 3110

Disputed Parentage

No record has been found for this birth (probably about 1692); the administration of Richard Taylor's estate is the only document found so far that names Jonathan as a son of Richard and Hannah (Rice Ward) Taylor.

Jonathan's presence in the region is complicated by another Jonathan Taylor, born in 1694 in Concord, son of Abraham Taylor. Researchers are divided about which Jonathan Taylor later married Rebecca Powers. The Concord VR marriage record indicates that Rebecca married Jonathan Taylor of Littleton. Richard Taylor’s son Caleb, definitely settled in Littleton, supporting the theory that Rebecca Powers married Caleb’s brother, this Jonathan Taylor.

According to Stearns' history of Dunstable (at p. 77), the "other" Jonathan, son of Abraham, settled in Dunstable (along with his brother Abraham) around 1720, and had ten children there with a wife named Hannah. (Dunstable VR records children born between 1720 and 1739, the same time period that Jonathan Taylor of Littleton is having children with Rebeckah.) This would further support the theory that the Jonathan Taylor who married Rebecca Powers was not the Jonathan Taylor son of Abraham of Concord.