Person:Jonathan Hayes (1)

Jonathan Hayes, of Marple Township
m. Abt 1641
  1. Mary HayesAbt 1642 - 1727/28
  2. Jonathan Hayes, of Marple Township - Bef 1735
  • HJonathan Hayes, of Marple Township - Bef 1735
  • W.  Ann Williamson (add)
  1. Jonathan HayesEst 1682 - Bef 1714
  2. Mary HayesAbt 1749 -
  3. Elizabeth Hayes
Facts and Events
Name Jonathan Hayes, of Marple Township
Gender Male
Birth? prob Cheshire, England
Property[7] 21 Sep 1683 Chester, Pennsylvania, United StatesLand Warrant for 600 ac
Immigration[2] Nov 1683 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United Statesarrives aboard the Friendship from England
Other[1] 21 Feb 1695 Springfield Township, Chester, Pennsylvania, United Statesnamed in Will of Robert Taylor, brother in law
Marriage to Ann Williamson (add)
Residence? Marple, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States
Death? Bef 13 Apr 1735 Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Other[4] 13 Apr 1735 Chester, Pennsylvania, United Statesnamed as dec'd in Will of Evan Lewis, son in law


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Research Notes

  • Jonathan Hayes and his family are believed to have come from Cheshire, perhaps from the area known as Little Leigh where his brother in law Robert Taylor lived.
  • While there is no modern "Clatterwitch" in Cheshire, it may have been an old name that has fallen out of use, or perhaps an estate name. Robert Taylor is described in many genealogies as having been born 7 December 1633 in Little Leigh, Cheshire, England. Perhaps Clatterwitch is an estate near Little Leigh.
  • Jonathan was among the first settlers of Marble township, settling in Marple as early as 1684. He was much the largest landholder in that township; was a man of ability and influence, and appears to have acted on his own judgment. 5
  • The "Old Rights register" ([See:Old Rights Warrants for Hays in Chester PA) shows at least one land warrant for for him for 600 acres dating to 1683. A second warrant for 250 acres issued to him in 1701. J Jonathan (1) is described as the largest landholder in that township, which probably means that he acquired additional lands well beyond that obtained by warrant. [Direct evidence for this is needed.]
  • He was a Justice of the Court9, and represented the County in the Provincial Assembly.

Working Timeline

abt 1682 - Robert Taylor arrived in Philadelphia on the Concord, which left Liverpool in 1682. He traveled with servant "Daniel Williamson" who might be related to Ann Williamson, wife of Jonathan Hayes. Citation needed

Sep 1683 - Mrs. Mary Taylor "late of Clatterwitch in Cheshire" arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Endeavour with children Isaac, Thomas, Jonathan, Phebe, Mary and Martha Taylor.4 We know that she is the wife of Robert Taylor, because Mary and most of these children are later named in the Will of Robert Taylor.

21 Sep 1683 - Chester County, PA - Jonathan Hayes receives land warrant for 600 ac.

Nov 1683 - Jonathan Hayes came to America in November 1683, arriving on the ship The Friendship, Robert Crossman, Master. With him were his wife Ann (Williamson) Hayes, and children Jonathan, Mary, and Elizabeth.2

21 Feb 1695 - Robert Taylor writes his will. He names wife Mary and "brother Jonathan Heyes" [sic].1

10 Mar 1700 - Chester County, PA - Mary Taylor, widow of Robert Taylor, and Jonathan Hayes of Marple, executors of Robert Taylor's will deed land to Isaac Taylor, son of Robert Taylor 8

13 Apr 1735 - Chester County, PA - Evan Lewis writes his will. He refers to a "... tract of land in Hatfield Township, which descended to me and my wife [Mary] from my brother in law Jonathan Hayes ..."


Old Rights Warrants for Hays in Chester PA
Notes for Jonathan Hayes (1)
Nadine Holder, Notes for Jonathan Hayes in Chester.
Panorama photo showing part of the Cheshire Plain looking from the Mid-Cheshire Ridge. Jonathan came to the New World on the Endeavor of London.  The passengers on the Endeavor were Quakers from Cheshire England, seeking to establish a settlement in what became Marple Township, Chester County.
Panorama photo showing part of the Cheshire Plain looking from the Mid-Cheshire Ridge. Jonathan came to the New World on the Endeavor of London. The passengers on the Endeavor were Quakers from Cheshire England, seeking to establish a settlement in what became Marple Township, Chester County.
  1. Will Abstract of Robert Taylor, in Wills: Abstracts, Book A : 1682 - 1699: Philadelphia Co, PA [1].

    TAYLOR, Robert. Springfield, Chester Co.
    Feb 21 1695. May 14, 1695. A.311.
    Estate to wife Mary and
    children: Thomas, Jonathan, Martha, John, Jacob and four other children not named.
    He held an estate in England [unnamed area].
    Exec: Wife and brother Jonathan Heyes.
    Wit: Walter Fausit, John Maris.
    [cos1776 Note: misleading use of term "brother". Jonathan Hayes is a brother-in-law to Robert Taylor.]

  2. Passenger List, in Texas DAR website - Individual Ships of Penn's Fleet and their passengers [2].

    The Friendship
    November, 1683, Robert Crossman, master, from Liverpool
    ... Jonathan Hayes, wife Ann Williamson, and children Jonathan, Mary and Elizabeth.
    [Passenger List also found at Chester County Genealogy Project ]

  3.   A Partial List of the Families Who Arrived at Philadelphia between 1682 and 1687, in The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
    8 (3):328-340, Oct 1884.

    ... in the Endeavor of London, A Ketch, George Thorp Mr ... arrived here the 29 mo/7 1683 [i.e., 29 Sep 1683]
    ... Mary Taylor late of Clatterwitch in Cheshire came in ditto ship. [Children] Isaack, Tho: Jona: Phebe, Mary [and] Martha Taylor. ...

  4. Will Abstract of Evan Lewis [3], in Chester County, Pennsylvania Will Book
    Book:Page needed.

    LEWIS, EVAN. Newtown, yeoman.
    April 13, 1735. Codicil: May 10, 1735. August 26, 1735. A. 432.
    Provides for wife Mary.
    Gives £10 for support of the poor of Newtown meeting.
    To kinswoman Ellen Lewis £6.
    to daughter Hannah Pennell £70 and
    to each of my grandchildren 20 shillings.
    To daughter Ann Lewis £400.
    To eldest son Mordecai my plantation whereon I live containing about 700 acres.
    To son Jonathan my plantation containing 200 acres in Ridley also 259 acres in Whiteland
    purchased of Daniel Worthington.
    Mordecai to release to Jonathan all that tract of land in Hatfield Township, which descended to me and my wife from my brother in law Jonathan Hayes.
    To step father David Powell £5 yearly during life.
    Jonathan was a minor.
    Executors: wife Mary, son Mordecai and brother Lewis Lewis.
    Letters to Mordecai and Lewis, Mary being then in Great Britain.
    Witnesses: Howell Howell, William Lewis, Richard Jones.
    Mentions brother in law Simon Maris.
    [cos1776 Note: misleading use of term "brother in law". Jonathan Hayes is a father in law to Evan Lewis.]

  5.   .

    Note: This is probably a nice way of saying that he was autocratic. Elsewhere, the authors of this work note that he often dissented in cases awarding indentured servants their "freedom dues".

  6.   Marple Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, in Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia
    Last retrieved Feb 2016.

    ... The Delaware County area was first settled by Quakers who came to Pennsylvania by the Delaware River on September 29, 1683. The ship they used was called the Endeavor. [1] Marple Township was originally settled in 1684 and was recognized as a township in the same year.[2] The original spelling of the township was Marpool, most likely named after the village of Marpoole in Cheshire, England. ...
    [Quolla6 Note: Thus, Jonathan Hayes was part of a large group of Quaker settlers sailing from England in 1683 on the Endeavor of London, settling in what is now Delaware County. Perhaps this explains why Robert Taylor came on ahead of the group, and his wife Mary, followed later on a separate voyage. That is, perhaps Robert was among those who were scouting out the area for the settlement of their brethren who remained in England. Presumably they were all from Cheshire. Marple, though historically within the boundaries of Cheshire,, is now in Manchester. It is about 40 miles distant from little Leigh.]

  7. Property Record.

    Records of the Land Office
    OLD RIGHTS INDEX, CHESTER COUNTY, 1682-1740. {series #17.78}
    Number: 29 [4]
    Name of Purchaser: Hayes, Jonathan
    Kind of Paper: Warrant
    Acres: 600
    Date of Warrant: September 21, 1683.
    Date of Survey:
    Name of Patentee:
    Survey Records: Bk 20, Vol 65, p 94

  8.   Property Record, in Philadelphia County Deed Book
    H 15:150.

    ... Indenture Mar 10, 1700 Mary Taylor, widow of Robert Taylor late of Springfield, Chester County, Pa., yeoman, deceased, and Jonathan Hayes of Marple, executors of will, to Isaac Taylor of same county, yeoman, son of heir of said Robert; Thomas Taylor, another son of Robert, John Fincher of same county, cordwainer, and Martha his wife, the daughter of said Robert and Mary Taylor; to Jonathan Taylor of said county, yeoman, another son of Robert and Mary.

    Witnesseth: that by Deeds of Lease and Release May 2 and 3, 1681, William Penn granted unto said Robert Taylor in the year 1683 obtained a warrant from the Proprietor to survey to s'd Robert Taylor 600 acres of the 100 acres southard of Darby Creek which tract by direction of the surveyor general, Thomas Habin, was surveyed by Charles Ashcomb and 550 acres of land lying between Crum Creek and Darby Creek was returned as surveyed Nov 7, 1688 and said Robert Taylor being lawfully seized thereof, made his will April 20, 1695 and died inter alia devise unto his son Thomas Taylor 100 acres, to Jonathan Taylor 200 acres of the said 550 acres named in his will as "my land in Marple" and made the said Mary and Jonathan Hayes his executors, and whereas there is another piece of land of 73 acres which is also part of the s'd 550 acres on Darby Creek south 54 degrees west of the line of Jonathan Hayes containing 373 acres. ...

  9.   Property Record, in Futhey, John Smith, and Gilbert Cope. History of Chester County, Pennsylvania: With Genealogical and Biographical Sketches. (Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1881)
    page needed.

    This, from Futhey and Cope;
    "At the July court 1698, a deed was acknowledged by John Hoskins to John Simcock, John Blunston, Samuel Levis, Jasper Yeats and Jonathan Hayes, the justices of the county "for all that piece of land whereon the new court house stands, contayning in breadth to the street 29 foot to Chester creeke, unto them and theyr sucksessors for ever; the deed bearing thd date the 9th day 4th month called June An Dom. 1697."