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John Wilson
Facts and Events
Name John Wilson
Gender Male
Death? bef. 15 November 1817 Salt Sulphur Springs, Monroe County, Virginia

John Wilson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of John Wilson

Will of John Willson of Rockbridge County, VA, now at Salt Sulphur Springs in County of Monroe, VA.
To brother James Willson in consideration of $500.00- legacy left him by my father James Willson's will that I would convey to him my plantation on Colliers Creek in Rockbridge. tract of 171 1/2 Acres which I purchased of John Hostater, give and bequeath unto brother James Willson provided he relinquish the $500.00 legacy.
Plantation and mill on Colliers Creek where widow Winegar resides in Rockbridge to be sold by executors and proceeds applied to payment of debts.
My brother James Willson-- my home plantation where I resided in Rockbridge adjoining Dr. Samuel L. Campbell. He to pay any deficiency which remains of my debts within 5 years after my death. He to pay to each of my sisters and brother William, 100 pounds. Brother William Willson, 100 pounds, sister Nancy Walkup, 100 pounds, sister Martha Hastings residing in County "Dennagal" in Kingdom of Ireland, 100 pounds. If mill plantation can not be sold to pay debts, home plantation to pay debts...
If brother James Willson chooses not to take home plantation subject to payment of debts and legacies, said plantation to be sold.
If home plantation sold after paying remaining debts and legacies, balance to brother James Willson.
To brother James Willson- one negro man slave Tom upon his payment of $400.00 to my executors to be qpplied to debts. If brother James does not take slave for $400.00, Executors to sell and apply price to debts .
To sister Polly Willson- one negroe man named Charles.
To neice Peggy Walkup, daughter of Andrew Walkup, $100.00 to be paid out of personal estate.
If brother James Willson keeps home plantation, he should furnish my sister Polly Wilson with comfortable maintainece and support so long as she chooses to remain with him and remains single. If she chooses not to live with brother James, he is to provide to her comfortable maintence shoudl she stand in need of it.
To sister Polly Willson, 2 cows, the best she can choose of my stock, also two good feather beds and furniture.
To neice Elizabeth Walkup, daughter of Andrew Walkup, one feather bed and furniture.
To nephew James Walkup, son of Andrew Walkup, my horse and my watch and require my brother James to produce for him a new saddle.
Sum of $100.00 devised by my father's will to my sister Eleanor Walkup who has since departed life having left an only daughter Elizabeth Walkup, this legacy I require to be paid out of the estate of my father which came into my hands after his decease or out of my estate to said Elizabeth.
Residue of estate to be divided equally between my brothers William and James and my sisters Nancy, Polly and Martha.
Appoint William Willson of Town of Lexington and my brother James Willson executors. 3 August 1817.
(Signed) Jno. Willson
In presence of:
Alexr. Erskine
Michael Alexander
Elisabeth Benson
James T. Mayers
Briscoe G. Baldwin
Rockbridge County Court 15 Nov 1817
Produced in Court. Bond of $10,000.00.
[Source: Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 4, pp. 304-308].