Person:John Walker (192)

John Walker, V
b.May 9th, 1771 prob. North Carolina
m. prob. bet. 1756-1766
  1. Robert Walkerest 1764-1778 -
  2. William Walker, The Wyandotte1766 -
  3. Mary Walker1768 - 1845
  4. John Walker, V1771 -
  5. Samuel Walker1776 -
m. May 20, 1794
  1. Elizabeth Walker1795 -
  2. Mary Walker1797 -
  3. Rebecca Walker1799 -
  4. John Walker1801 -
  5. William Walker1803 -
  6. Sarah Walker1805 -
  7. James Walker1808 -
  8. Catherine Walker1810 -
  9. Ann Walker1812 -
  10. Jane Walker1814 -
  11. Robert Walker1816 -
Facts and Events
Name John Walker, V
Gender Male
Birth[1] May 9th, 1771 prob. North Carolina
Marriage May 20, 1794 Blount, Tennessee, United Statesto Catherine Davidson


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Document. Bible Record Family of John Walker (1771-1822)
Notebook. Family relations of John Walker V of the Wigton Walker line


This John Walker was the son of John "Indian Killer" Walker, who himself is believed to be John Walker IV of the Wigton Walker lineage. John V's family bible gives his DOB as 1771. If he is indeed the son of John V, then he was probably have been born in Orange County, NC, as this is where his parents and paternal grandparents were believed to be living at the time. In anycase, his family soon moved to Southwest Virginia, with his paternal grandfather, John Walker III settling at the Sinks of Sinking Creek, between Castles Woods and Falling Creek. His own parents settled adjacent to Houston's Fort in Copper Creek Valley a few miles to the southeast.

(1) John III settled at the Sinks of Sinking Creek
John IV settled on Big Moccassin Creek adjacent to his relation William Houston at Houston's Fort.

After the Revolution John V's parents moved to what is now Blount County, TN, settling on the Little River near the modern town of Maryville.

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