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From Dan Welch, personal communication, 15 May 2011:

There is a good deal of new information about the Davidson family available since I last checked. You may recall that John "Indian Killer" Walker's son John Walker married Caty Davidson and his son Samuel Walker married Rebecca Davidson. Researchers are now reporting that John Walker was born 9 May 1771 in North Carolina and Caty Davidson 8 Feb 1772 in Virginia. These sources go on to report that Caty's father William Davidson lived in Prince Edward County, Virginia at the time Caty was born. Also, that the father of William Davidson was John Davidson an early settler of Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland.

I can not confirm any of these connections. There are individuals of these names living in the areas discussed but I can not link them. Apparently this line of Davidsons is very large scattered everywhere thru the Cumberland Valley, the Valley of Virginia, Prince Edward County, Virginia, and Iredell County, North Carolina. They are quite difficult to separate but the volume of information shows that there are many researchers.

But I note that the birth and death dates for John Walker and Caty Davison are specific. Apparently this couple eventually removed to present Camden County, Missouri where a large portion of their children settled as well as some of their siblings children. A good portion of Camden County, Missouri is now under the Lake of the Ozarks to give some geography. I note that a large Goodspeed geneaolgy of Camden County was published in 1889 that may report some of this information. Some of the siblings settled in Jasper County, Illinois where a similar genelogy may have been published. Other siblings scattered into Alabama.

Apparently we have overlooked discovery of some specific information about the Walker family of early Blount County, Tennessee. If the specific date and location reported for the birth of John Walker is correct it would be valuable information for us. There is hope that some of John's siblings would be reported as well.

One web site documenting early Tennessee men named Justice of the Peace includes William Davidson of Blount County. This web site says that these Justices represented some of the best men among the settlers and surmises that most came from families with good reputations. The site goes on to asks for more information. I have none but it is likely that this William Davidson was known to be connected with the very prominent Davidson family of the frontier as now identified thru DNA research.