Person:John Varvel (1)

John Varvel, of South Branch, Potomac River
b.est. 1715-1725
d.bef. 31 March 1790 Washington County, Pennsylvania
  • HJohn Varvel, of South Branch, Potomac Riverest 1715-1725 - bef 1790
m. bef. 1752
  1. John Varvel, Jr.bef 1752 -
  2. Philip Varvelbef 1754 -
Facts and Events
Name John Varvel, of South Branch, Potomac River
Alt Name John Varvill
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1715-1725
Marriage bef. 1752 to
Death? bef. 31 March 1790 Washington County, Pennsylvania

John Varvill was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of John Varvill in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 165.--19th April, 1749. James Coburn's appraisement. Settled with Andrew Knoling, Peter Tustee, Henry Sheplar, Geo. Sea, Fredk. Sea, Thos. Dove. Due from James Kuykendall, Saml. Coburn. Due from Christian Ewigh, Joel Hornback. Due from Jacob Coburn, Wm. Leane, Isaac Coburn. Due from Henry Femster, John Ryon, Aaron Price. Due from Jno. Collins, Jno. Warwell, Richd. Field. Due from Henry Cartwright, Garrett Decker. Due from Danl. Richardson, John Kuykendall. 21 lbs. nails. By Abraham Vanderpoole, James Simpson, Michael Horn.
  • Page 307.--3d December, 1757. Vendue held at Michael Stump's, on South Fork in Hampshire County, by Anthonv Reager, Peter Thorn, administrators of Christian Dousher--To Peter Heath, Thos. Crawford, Tobias Thorn, Michael Oxer, Lazarus Thorn, Philip Moore, Jr., Jno. Welton, Henry Couchman, Simon Hornback, Philpole Yeokham, Abraham Wise, Jno. Cock, Adam Rutherback, Harmus Hook, Conrad Moore, Thomas Singleton, Martin Job, James Hornback, Adam Harpole, Jonathan Coburn, Leonard Knave, Thos. Parsons, Sr., Nicholas Smith, Gaisper Reed, Michael Earsest, Sr., James Taff, Henry Miars, Ruda Bozard, Wm. Jennings, Jno. Varrill, James Parsons. Solom Hedges, Windle Miller, Peter Hive, Henry Shipler, Peter Andrew, Stophel Hoofman, Thos. Crawford, Benj. Scott, Andrew Byarly, Mary Smith, Henry Mook, Philip Hupp, John Mason.
  • Page 388.--21st May, 1760. Daniel Richardson's estate settlement, by Thomas Parsons, administrator--Paid Philip Halbert; Jno. Vanvill (for a negro), sheriff for 2 levies for 1753; Conrad Huffman, Adam West, Benj. Scott, Peter Reed, Joel Hornback, Henry Shippley, Geo. Bush, Jonathan Coburn, the widow, Leonard Reed, Joseph Skidmore, Austin Scoolcraft, Mr. Churchill, fee in Leonard Reed's suit; Dennis Sullivan's bond (insolvent); Mathias Yeoman (Yeokum?).

Other Virginia Records:

  • February 8, 1751 - John Varvell and Isaac Johnson were witnesses at the signing of Adam Warner's will in Frederick County. [King, JES (1982) Abstracts of Wills, Inventories, and Administration Accounts of Frederick County, Virginia 1743-1800]
  • Aug 13, 1751 - Know all men by these presents that we Mathias Yoakham, John Varvel and Michael Harness are held and firmly bound unto Morgan Morgan Gent first the sum of one hundred pounds Currt money....we bind our selves...on this 13 day of August 1751. [Frederick Co, VA Will Bk 1:481]
  • March 25, 1753 - A land warrant was issued "to John Varbel for about 300 acres of waste and ungranted land on Pattersons Creek Mountain at the head of the draught of the said Mountain and Creek in Frederick County". John was said to be from Augusta County. [Microfilmed at the Virginia State Library]
  • April 17, 1753 - The survey on John Varvel's land on Pattersons Creek Mountain (260 acres) was conducted by David Vance, and a plat was made. [Microfilmed at the Virginia State Library]
  • May 19, 1760 - John Varval sold a wagon with gear, four horses, four cattle, and some hogs to Peter Steenbergen and Jonathan Coban (Coburn) in return for their paying off two judgements obtained against him by Col. Garrett VanMeter and John Greenfield in the Hampshire County Court, which had landed him in jail. They also provided the bail necessary to keep John free until his next court appearance when he would face three additional suits brought against him by Peter Steenbergen, Isaac Johnson, and Michael Thorn. This "deed of mortgage" was proved by the oaths of Peter Stalher and Samuel Dew (witnesses), and recorded August 13, 1760. [Hampshire County Deed Book, Vol. 1, p.40-41]
  • December 22, 1760 - John Warvill of Hampshire County sold his entry rights to 205 acres of land in Hampshire "on the drains of the Cedar Swamp Spring Run" (in the midst of the Nobly Mountains) to a John Mitts, also of Hampshire County (there is a bill of sale included in the records, though the sale price is illegible). The tract of land was surveyed the same day, and was soon sold to a Samuel Bonnett, for whom a grant was issued on January 28, 1761. [Northern Neck Grants Book N, p. 318]
  • September 30, 1780 - A grant for the 260 acres on Pattersons Creek Mountain originally surveyed for John Varbel in 1753 was awarded to Garrett Vanmeter. The grant outlines the history of the property- "unto Col. Garrett Vanmeter of Hampshire County Assignee of W. Alexander White, Executor of John Greenfield, deceased, Assignee of John Varbel a certain tract of waste and ungranted land on Pattersons Creek Mountain, at the head of the draught of the said Mountain and Creek in the said County bounded as by a Survey thereof dated April 17, 1753 made for the said John Varbel by David Vance, and forfeited by virtue of an advertisement issued from my office and recorded therein in Book N, but on application I have allowed a deed to issue to the said Garrett Vanmeter for the said land…". The "advertisement issued from my office and recorded therein in Book N" refers to a proclamation that required everyone with a survey dated prior to 1764 to come in to the Proprietors office and pay Composition and Office fees so that proper deeds could be issued and land taxes could be collected. Anyone that failed to comply with this order by September 29, 1766 forfeited their rights to their land. [Land Office Northern Neck Grants, Book S, p. 114 (microfilmed at the Virginia State Library]
  • November 9, 1784 - An Account of Administration report of the settlement of the estate of Elizabeth Glasgow was made by James Nevill and Abel Kandall in response to a Hampshire County court order. In this short report, it was recorded that John Varvel was paid 14 shillings for his services as crier (an officer of the court that proclaimed the court's orders). [Hampshire County Will Book, Vol. 2, p.193]

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