Person:John Snoddy (10)

John Snoddy, of Spartanburg
d.Nov 11, 1806 Spartanburg, SC
Facts and Events
Name John Snoddy, of Spartanburg
Gender Male
Birth? 1732
Death? Nov 11, 1806 Spartanburg, SC
Burial? Nazareth Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Spartanburg County, SC.


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U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.


From Landrum, 1900. History of Spartanburg, SC]

THE SNODDY FAMILY. The families of Snoddy in Spartanburg county, and those of the same name who have emigrated from said county to other States, are descendants of John and Jane Snoddy, who emigrated from Ireland, Antrim county, in 1773. They first landed in Charleston, S.C, but continued their journey to the up-country, and made settlement on Jimmies Creek, about midway between Welford and Nazareth church, in the present county of Spartan- burg. According to the best information we can gather, John and Jane Snoddy had two sons, John and Isaac, both of whom will receive further notice in this article. The remains of John and Jane Snoddy, whose maiden name was Cowen, lie buried in the cemetery of Nazareth church. The husband died in 1806, aged 76 years, and the wife in 181 6, aged 96 years. Besides the two sons mentioned, it has been stated that an older brother served in the Revolution, but of this fact we can gather no definite information... Near the close of the Revolution (November, 1781) John, one of the sons mentioned, was murdered by the Tories under " Bloody Bill " Cunningham, at Poole's Iron Works, an account of which we have given in an- other volume.* He had been an active partisan in the service of his country, and as such was an object of hatred by the Tories. The maiden name of his wife was Elizabeth Riddle, but was known as ' ' Aunt Betsy, ' ' and was remarkable for her energy and business judgment.



Nazareth Presbyerian Church Cem. Rootsweb
Snoddy Elizabeth consort of capt. Samuel Snoddy 4 Mar. 1772 2 May. 1855 83y
Snoddy Jane 8 Aug. 1818 76y [born 1742]
Snoddy John Capt 14 Sep. 1792 16 Dec. 1803
Snoddy John 11 Nov. 1806 76y [born 1730]
Snoddy Samuel 21 Apr. 1817 59y

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Name: John Snoddy
Year: 1772
Place: South Carolina
Source Publication Code: 8980
Primary Immigrant: Snoddy, John
Annotation: Pages 30-31, 35, 42-101 name satisfied passengers listed in the Belfast News Letter, December 22, 1772, concerning the arrival of the :Mary and James at "Charles-Town," S.C., October 18, 1772; and those of the ship Lord Dunluce, which arrived December 20,
Source Bibliography: STEPHENSON, JEAN. Scotch-Irish Migration to South Carolina, 1772. (Rev. William Martin and His Five Shiploads of Settlers.) :Washington, D.C.: the author, 1971. 137p.