Person:John Shields (9)

John Shields
b.1740 Virginia
d.BEF 1802 Virginia
m. Abt. 1739
  1. John Shields1740 - BEF 1802
Facts and Events
Name John Shields
Gender Male
Birth? 1740 Virginia
Death? BEF 1802 Virginia

John Shields was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Shields's land (Borden Tract NE, 193 acres, 1752) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: tract acquired by John Shields, the uncle of this John Shields is adjoining this tract to the west).

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 492.--20th August, 1752. Borden, &c., to John Shields, eldest son and heir of James Shields, deceased. Consideration paid by John Shields, Sr., guardian of John, Jr. 193 acres Moffett's Creek; corner John Shields, Sr.; Samuel McCutchan's corner; Robert Robinson's line; James Loosk's corner. (Note: the use of the term "Jr." is mis-leading in this record. During that time period, "Jr." was used in some instances to show that one was younger than the other, and not necessarily in a parental relationship. John Shields, the uncle of this John Shields was guardian of John, since his father, James Shields had died a few years earlier in 1749. This John Shields was only about 12 years old at the time that he received this patent; one of the few instances of this in the early Augusta County records).
  • Page 306.--Tract conveyed by McCutchan to James Shields 31st August, 1746, and descended to John Shields, eldest son and heir of James; second tract conveyed to said John Shields as son and heir of James by Benjamin Borden 20th August, 1752.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 522.--__ ____, 1753. John Shield, an orphan child under 21, son and heir of James Shield, deceased, by his guardian and uncle, John Shield, to Robert Robinson. Borden's tract sold by James to Robert Snodon; Beverley Manor line. Robert sold to Robinson. James Shield died April, 1749. Delivered by decree of County Court. James Losk's line, cor. Samuel McCutchan.
  • Page 291.--19th May, 1773. John Shields, eldest son and heir of James Shields, deceased, and Margaret ( ) of Amherst County, to James Sproul, part of 298 acres conveyed to James Shields by McCutcheon, 21st August. 1746, and descended to John, eldest son; another tract conveyed to John as eldest son of James by Borden, 20th August, 1752, corner James Loosk. Delivered: Wm. Sprowl, 19th January, 1782.

Records of John Shields in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 1.--15th March, 1754. Robert Robinson and Isabella, his wife, of Augusta, to Thomas Berry, of Augusta, two tracts adjoining and joining Beverley Manor and Borden's tract. 1st.--82 acres in Beverley Manor, conveyed by Beverley to Ro. Robinson. Beverley Manor line, cor. James Lusk (Loosk); cor. Patrick Cook, deceased; cor. Burden's tract and Beverley Manor. 2d.--In Borden's land, 218 acres conveyed by Borden to James Shields, cordwainer, and conveyed (vid chancery cause, County Court) by James Shields, guardian of John Shields, son and heir-at-law and orphan child of said James Shields to Ro. Robinson; James Loosk's line; Beverley Manor line, cor. Samuel McCutcheon. Robert Robinson. Isabella (her mark) Robinson. Teste: John Shields, James Welch, Thos Branan. (Note: this John Shields was only about 14 years old at the time of this transaction; his uncle John Shields was acting as his guardian after his father, James Shields died in 1749).
  • Page 404.--17th April, 1791. John Finley's will, farmer--To wife, Thankful, living out of land devised to son David; to sons, George, Robert, and daughter, Margaret Shields, each 5 shillings; to son, Thomas; to son, John; to daughter, Jean and her son, John Trimble; to son, David, sole executor; to daughter, Thankful McKarter. Teste: David McNair, Jno. Thomas, Jno. Wilson. Proved, 20th September, 1791, by all witnesses, David qualifies. (Note: Margaret Shields listed in this record was the wife of this John Shields).

Information on John Shields

Husband N7158 John Shields

Born:        1740   - VA
Marr:               - Augusta County, VA  
Died:   BEF. 1802   - VA

Father: Mother: Other Spouses:

Wife Margaret Finley

Born: 21 NOV 1746   - Augusta County, VA 
Died:   AFT. 1802   - Amherst County, VA  

Father: John Finley Mother: Elizabeth Thankful Doak Other Spouses:

Children 1. Margaret Shields

Born:        1775   - VA
Marr:    1805   - Samuel Alexander Doak, Col. 
Died:               - 

2. Elizabeth Shields

Born:               - 
Died:               - 

3. Nathan Shields

Born:               - 
Died:               - 

4. Rachel Shields

Born:  1 JUL 1769   - 
Marr:    1791   - James Montgomery 
Died:               - 

5. Thankful Shields

Born: 20 SEP 1770   - 
Marr:    1808   - Charles Blount 
Died:               - 

6. James Shields

Born:  9 MAR 1772   - VA 
Died:  9 SEP 1839   - Bowling Green, Warren County, KY

7. Jane Shields

Born:  4 OCT 1773   - 
Died:               - 

8. John Shields

Born:  2 MAR 1777   - 
Died:               - 

9. Robert Shields

Born:  7 FEB 1779   - 
Died:               - 

10. David Shields

Born:  5 MAY 1781   - 
Died:               - 

11. George Shields

Born:  1 DEC 1782   - 
Died:               - 

12. William Shields N7170

Born: 15 DEC 1784   - VA
Died:        1863   - TX

13. Alexander Shields

Born: 15 DEC 1786   - 
Died:               - 

14. Rebecca Shields

Born:  2 APR 1788   - 
Died:               -