Person:John Shanklin (2)

John Shanklin
b.Abt. 1742
d.Bef. 1781
m. Bef. 1768
  1. Andrew Shanklin1768 - 1836
Facts and Events
Name John Shanklin
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1742
Marriage Bef. 1768 to Mary 'Molly' Frazier
Death? Bef. 1781

John Shanklin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of John Shanklin in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 336.--29th July, 1759. Martha Fruit's will (widow)--To Jean Logan, all concerns except one bed and a horse; to Wm. Care, one bed and a horse. Teste: Jno. Shanklin, Benj. Logan, Jannet McDonnald. Proved, 21st November, 1759, by the witnesses. Jane Logan qualified executrix, with Danl. Love, Charles Campbell.
  • Page 301.--15th April, 1774. Thomas Shankland's (his mark) will, farmer--To wife, Eleanor, tract adjoining Thomas Gordon; to grandchildren, viz: Of son Robert's children, viz: Thomas, William, Robert, son John, son _____; son Thomas' son Thomas; to oldest son, Robert. Executors, sons Robert and John. Teste: William and Archibald Hopkins, George Baxter. Proved, 17th January, 1775, by Archd. Hopkins and Baxter. Executors qualify with Archd. Hopkins, Geo. Baxter.
  • Page 318.--6th June, 1781. John Frazer's will, of Rockingham County To wife, Jennet, all estate whatsoever; to James Walker; to Mary Aderson; to brother, Joseph Fraizer; to brother, George Fraizer; to sister, Molly Galloway; to brother, William; to Andrew Shanklin, son of testator's sister, Molly. Executors, wife Jennett and her brother, James Hooke. Teste: Geo. Huston, Robt. Hook, Wm. Hooke, Isabella Campbell, Elenor Campbell. Proved, 15th February, 1791, by Huston, Robert and Wm. Hooke. Jennett qualifies. (Note: John Frazier was the brother-in-law of John Shanklin. John Shanklin had already died and his wife, Molly had re-married by 1781, to Mr. Galloway).