Person:John Ritchey (6)

John Ritchey, Blacksmith, of North River & Jennings Branch
b.bef. 1728
d.bef. 25 April 1787 Augusta County, Virginia
m. bef. 1728
  1. Alexander Ritchey, Sr. Blacksmithbef 1728 -
  2. John Ritchey, Blacksmith, of North River & Jennings Branchbef 1728 - bef 1787
  • HJohn Ritchey, Blacksmith, of North River & Jennings Branchbef 1728 - bef 1787
  • WMargaretbef 1741 -
m. bef. 1758
  1. Robert Richey, Blacksmithbet 1740-1750 - 1811
  2. Margaret 'Sarah' Ritchie1740 -
  3. Gideon Ritchey1747 - aft 1790
  4. John Ritchey, Jr.bef 1761 -
Facts and Events
Name John Ritchey, Blacksmith, of North River & Jennings Branch
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1728
Marriage bef. 1758 to Margaret
Death[1] bef. 25 April 1787 Augusta County, Virginia

John Ritchey was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • John Ritchey acquired 179 acres, as patented on 30th August, 1748, on North River Shanandore, (as listed in deed from Thomas Lorimer in 1763).
  • Page 499.--22d November, 1753. Adam Thompson, planter, and Elizabeth to John Richey, blacksmith, 100 acres in Beverley Manor. Cor. Alex. Richey, Wm. McNabb's land. Teste: Wm. Ackery, Andrew Scott, James Sayers. (Note: Alexander Ritchey is the probable brother of John Ritchey).
  • Page 428.--15th March, 1757. Mathew Edmiston and Margaret to Jno. Richey, £32, 76 acres on a draft of Joining's branch. Teste: Wm. Wallace, Samuel Colwell.
  • Page 314.--22d June, 1763. Thomas Lorimer to John Richey, £55.10, 159 acres, part of 179 acres patented to John Richey, 30th August, 1748, on North River Shanandore. Teste: George Wooldridge, David Erwin, James Hargrave. Delivered: Jno. Richey, May, 1766.
  • Page 168.--15th February, 1780. William Wallace and Agness to John Ritchey, tract whereon he now lives in Beverley Manor, part of 750 acres conveyed by Beverley to Robert King, 25th March, 1742.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 304.--2d May, 1754. John Richey, blacksmith, to Adam Thompson, planter, £40, 100 acres in Beverley Manor; corner Alexander Richey's land; Wm. McNabb's line.
  • Page 26.--14th August, 1758. John Richey and Margaret (signed Margret ( ) Wales) to Robert Armstrong, Jr., £14.10.0, 76 acres on a draft of Jennings Branch.
  • Page 525.--19th August, 1766. John Ritchcv (sic, s/b Ritchey) and Margret to Hugh Donagha, £55, 159 acres, part of 179 acres patented to Samuel Lockhart, 30th August, 1748, and conveyed to him to Ritchie, 1763, by North River of Shanandnre. Delivered: Hugh Donaho, February, 1773.

Estate Records of John Ritchey

  • Page 27.--25th April, 1787. John Ritchey's estate appraised--To account vs. John Ritchey, son of above John.

Records of John Ritchey in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 23.--17th November, 1752. Silas Hart and Jane to Alexander Gibson, 199 acres, part of 400 acres granted Robert Rennock, 10th June, 1740. Buffalo Lick Branch. Teste: Alexander Richey, John Richey.
  • Page 264.--March, 1760. Robt. Armstrong to Samuel Wilson, £50, 76 acres deeded to John Ritchie by Mathew Edmiston and by Ritchie to Robert, on a draft of Jennings' Creek.
  • Page 518.--1st April, 1761. Martha Givens, wife of Samuel Givens. release of dower in tract sold to Samuel Henderson. Teste: George Woolridge, Samuel Bell, John Ritchey.
  • Page 290.--19th April, 1761. Samuel Givens and Martha to Samuel Henderson, £110, 151 acres, part of 311 acres on Middle River Shanando; cor. John Givens; cor. Samuel Bell's part of same tract. Teste: George Crawford, John Ritchey, Samuel Bell.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY, 1763 (A). - James Stevenson vs. George Wooldridge and John Ritchie.--Signatures.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1764 (A). - Hugh (mark) Botkins. Bond dated 19th September, 1761, to Handry Picket, conditioned to making deed to 174 acres, comprehending the place John Kare sold to Richard Botkin, joining Robert Reburn and John Strain, on the east; Robert McMahan and John Botkin, on the west; John Richey and James Orrey and Edward Beard, on the north. Test: John and Mary Botkin.
  • Page 493.--21st October, 1705 (sic, prob. 1765 or 1766). Robert McMahon and Margaret ( ) to Hugh Donehge, £30.18, 300 acres on a draft of North River of Shanando, patented to Robert, 12th May. 1759. Teste: John Reburn, John Ritchey, Andrew Ralston. Delivered: Hugh Donaho. January, 1768.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 19, 1766. - (342) Hook vs. John Ritchie.--Defendant delivered up to Sheriff.
  • Page 487.--25th August, 1775. John Risk's will--To wife, Margaret, the clock; to son, Robert; to daughter, Mary Risk, alias Hays; to daughter, Hannah Risk, alias Moore; to daughter, Mathew Risk, alias Eliot; to daughter, Margaret Risk, alias Wahub; to nephew, James Risk; to son, William; to son, David; to son, Samuel, home plantation; the plantation in the Calfpasture to be sold; to son, John; plantation joining the one Benj. Kindley did live on, be sold and money divided between nephews, John Risk, son to Robert Risk; John Risk, son to Wm. Risk; to daughter, Elizabeth Risk. Executor, Robert Risk, son. Teste: John Hays, John Richey, Alexander Lowrey. Proved, 19th November, 1776, by John Hays, and on 18th November, 1777, by the other witnesses. Executor qualifies.
  • Page 164.--20th May, 1780. John Archer's will--To wife, Rebecca; to brother, Sampson Archer; to sister, Elizabeth Stuart; to William Blair's daughter, Rebecca; to John Blayr, son of my friend William Blair; to Mary Ross, wife of Robert Ross; to the poor, whether friends or strangers, remainder of estate. Executors. John' Poage, Robert Armstrong. Teste: William Clunie, William Blear, James Anderson, John Richey.
  • Page 35.-(undated, appears to be abt. 1783) -Teste: Samuel McKee, John Richey, Robert Connly, John Huddle, Daniel Joseph.
  1. Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800. (Rosslyn, Virginia: The Commonwealth Printing Company, 1912-1913 in Three Volumes).