Person:John Rayburn (3)

John Rayburn
d.bef. 20 February 1798 Augusta County, Virginia
m. 1732
  1. Joseph Rayburnabt 1732/33 - 1799
  2. John Rayburn1734 - bef 1798
  3. Adam ReyburnABT 1736 - BEF 1799
  4. Margaret Rayburn1736 -
  5. James RayburnABT 1737 -
  6. Robert ReyburnABT 1739 - bef 1768
  • HJohn Rayburn1734 - bef 1798
  • W.  Jean (add)
m. Abt. 16 February 1762
Facts and Events
Name John Rayburn
Gender Male
Birth? 1734 prob. Pennsylvania
Marriage Abt. 16 February 1762 Augusta County, Virginiato Jean (add)
Death? bef. 20 February 1798 Augusta County, Virginia

John Rayburn was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 522.--19th August, 1766. John Reaburn and Jean ( ) to Jacob Campbell, £__, 317 acres on Buffelo Draft, a branch of North River of Shanandore; corner Henry Leaburn. Delivered: Jacob Campbell, February, 1768.

Will of John Rayburn

In the name of God amen I John Reburn being weak in body but being sound in Mind and Memory this day I do ordain and appoint this my last will and testament. First I leave my soul to God who gave it and my body to the dust to be buried in a decent Christian manner. Secondly all my lawful debts to be paid. Thirdly I leave and bequeath to my daughter Isabella six shillings, and to my daughter Sarah I leave and bequeath six shillings, and to my son Robert I leave and bequeath the one half of all my land to him and his heirs forever, and to my daughter Margaret I leave and bequeath six shillings. Also I leave and bequeath to my daughter Isabella’s oldest son the one fourth part of the other half of my lands, and to my daughter Sarah’s oldest son I leave and bequeath one fourth part of the half of the aforesaid mentioned land, & to my son Robert’s son which has his leg cut off I leave and bequeath one other fourth part of the above mentioned one half of the land, and to my daughter Margaret’s oldest son I leave and bequeath the other fourth part of the one half of said lands to them and their heirs forever; but should my son Robert choose to keep the whole lands he is to pay sd. children the value of the one half of the whole lands and should he choose to do so then the whole lands is to be my son Robert & his heirs forever but should he not do so then my son Robert is to have the lower half of the lands next to Rankinses land and the children the upper half which is to be divided into four equal parts when they arrive at the age of twenty-one and should any of the above mentioned children die before they come of age the next oldest male child of said family is to have his part and if there be no male child of sd. family it is to be divided equally amongst the females of sd. family and their heirs forever. Also I leave and bequeath to Robert Campbell the one half of my moveable property. I also leave and bequeath to John Donaghe the other half of my moveable property to them and their heirs forever. I also do appoint and constitute my trusty friends Robert Campbell & John Donaghe my lawful executors of this my last will & testament. Given under my hand and seal this thirtyeth day of June one thousand seven hundred and Ninety seven.
Signed & Sealed
John Reburn
In Presence of John Donaghe, Robert Campbell, Margaret (x) Donaghe
The will of John Reaburn, dec’d was produced by executors and recorded on February 20, 1798.

Records of John Rayburn in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 2.--19th November, 1771. Hugh Donaghe (Donoho) and Ehazbeth to Thomas Rankin, £100, on head of Buffalo and Diver's Lick Drafts, patented to Hugh, 7th July, 1763, corner John Strain's survey. Teste: John Reaburn. James Henderson, Andrew Ralston. Delivered: James Neal, 10th March, 1772.

Information on John Reyburn

5. John Reyburn, probable son of James and Elizabeth Reyburn, is of special interest to this study. He was born about 1734. (IGI says 1737) He appeared in the appraisal of an estate on May 19, 1755, so apparently he was an adult at that time. He got his marriage license in Augusta County on February 16, 1762; but unfortunately the bride’s name was not given. From other records we know her first name was Jean.

On August 19, 1766, John and Jean Reaborn sold 317 acres on Buffalo Draft, a branch of North River of Shenandoah, to Jacob Campbell. Henry Reaburn was a witness. (DB 12, p. 522)

During the Revolutionary War farmers and others sold supplies to the government and then put in claims for the items sold. On February 14, 1782, “John Rayburne” put in a claim for 375 pounds of beef for 3 pounds, six shillings and 8 pence. He put another claim in for 425 pounds of beef for 3-10-10. Other claims for “John Reaburn” were for 762 1/2 # beef for militia ord. agst. Indians; for 1 man & horse collecting beeves 2 days 8s; 1 quire paper for publick 3s; for 27 days service as issuing commissary Quarter Master 6-18; by sundries sold of publick property 10-10-10. Since these claims were made in Botetourt County, we assume that John and his family were living there at the time. Botetourt County was created from Augusta County in 1769. On August 31, 1782, John Raeburn was an ensign in Capt. Barnett’s Company, a part of the 6th district. (Rev. War Records, Fincastle Courthouse) John was on the Botetourt 1785 tax list, in Watterson’s District. Also, two daughters were married there in 1789.


1734 - 1824
BIRTH: 1734, Montgomery County, Virginia (prob. Pennsylvania)
DEATH: 1824 (apparently incorrect based upon the records above)
Father: James REYBURN
Mother: Elizabeth COLE