Person:John Pearcy (1)

John Lewis Pearcy
b.BET 30 AUG 1734 AND 30 SEP 1735 Pennsylvania
d.Bef. 23 Jul 1810 Augusta County, Virginia
  1. George Pearcy1730-1745 - bef 1799
  2. John Lewis PearcyBET 1734 - Bef 1810
  3. Thomas Pearcy1735-1745 -
  4. Christian Pearcy1743/44 - 1793
m. 1755
  1. Jacob Pearcy1759 - 1831
  2. Sarah Pearcy1763 - 1808
  3. Hannah Pearcy1764 -
  4. John Lewis Pearcy, Jr.1767 - BET 1847 AND 1849
  5. Christian Pearcy1769 - BET 1848
  6. Elizabeth Pearcy1773 - 1810
  7. Rebecca PearcyBET 1774 AND 1778 - BET 1858 AND 1868
  8. Joseph Pearcy1776 - 1858
  9. Adam PearcyABT 1780 -
  10. Henry PearcyABT 1786 - 1815
Facts and Events
Name John Lewis Pearcy
Alt Name John Percy
Gender Male
Birth? BET 30 AUG 1734 AND 30 SEP 1735 Pennsylvania
Marriage 1755 Prob. Pennsylvaniato Hannah Lindsey Cunningham
Death? Bef. 23 Jul 1810 Augusta County, Virginia

John Lewis Pearcy was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 482.--19th November, 1771. John Cunningham to John Lewis Piercey (Purcy), £78, 200 acres on Thorney Branch, part of 400 acres, corner Robert Laws. Delivered: Jno. L. Piercy, 19th July, 1796. (Note: John Cunningham was the father-in-law of John Lewis Piercy).

Will of John Lewis Pearcy

Will Abstract:

  • Page 389.--11th March, 1810. John Percy's will, aged and infirm--To wife, Hannah; son, Joseph; to George Deanmor, or his next brother; daughter, Rebecca. Executors, son Joseph and John Waddle. Teste: Henry M. Smith, Peter Waggoner, Frederick Carrew. Proved, 23d July, 1810. Executors qualify.

Partial Will Transcript:

11 Mar 1810 - In the name of God Amen. Being aged and infirmed, but sound in judgement and seein it is appointed all men to die, induces me to make this last will. As to the worthy estate that God has blessed me with I dispose of in the following manner; viz.
I give and bequeath to HANNAH my beloved wife the mansion house & garden & what fruit she shall need during life, and the household fur niture in fee simple & the kitchen furniture during life, also 60 pounds in cash and two cows as she shall chuse.
I alow my son Joseph the priviledge of farming the plantation and the profits therefrom, clear of any rent but that of providing his mother eyarly 15 bushels of wheat & 5 bushels of corn and 5 bushels of rye and keeping her chouse 5 pounds of pork and 5 pounds of beef. and if my son Joseph should not agree to provide for his mother as above, my executor is hereby empowered to rent the land that she may be maintained by the rent.
I give and bequeath to George Dermin 10 pounds to be put at interest & if he should die in his nonage it is to to his next brother.
I give and bequeath to my daughter Rebecca 15 pounds to be paid out of the first money collected.
I also give to Joseph 100 pounds extraordinary of the price of the land and old farmhouse.
I alow my land to be sold at my wife's death. I all ow my negro Ben and all my moveable property no.. (no more listed on Rootsweb post).

Records of John Pearcy in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 281.--Patent to John Cunningham, 12th May, 1759. Teste: Ralph Loftus, John and Christian Percy, John Stunkard to his son William Stunkard. (Note: the John Cunningham listed is most likely the father-in-law of John Pearcy).
  • Vol. 2 - 1783, in Capt. Dickey's Company: James Alexander, Sr., and son William, James Dickey and son _____, Edward Erwin, Sr., and son Francis, Able Griffith and sons Owin, John, Edward Kelly, weaver; Ben Johnston and son William, John Perey and son Jacob, John RAlston and sons William, Henry, Wm. Ralston and son James, Thos. Waddle, Sr, and son Thomas.
  • Page 315.--29th May, 1798. Frederick Michael's will--To wife, Elizabeth, to live with son Christian; to six sons, viz: John Michael, Christian, George, Jacob, Frederick, William, 100 acres each; saw mill on John's tract; to daughters. Executors, son John and son-in-law Henry Simman (?). Teste: C. Percy, John Percy. Proved, 18th September, 1798, by the Percys and Jacob Hoffer.

Information on John Pearcy

From post:

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN LEWIS (PIERCY)2 PEARCY (???1)1,2 was born Bet. August 30, 1734 - September 30, 1735 in Pennyslvania, and died Bet. July 23, 1810 - 1820 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married HANNAH LINDSEY CUNNINGHAM 1755 in Tennessee (Note: this is highly unlikely, more probable in Pennsylvania), daughter of JOHN CUNNINGHAM and ??? CHRISTMAN. She was born Abt. 1735 in Pennyslvania, and died 1813 in Augusta Co., Virginia.

Notes for JOHN LEWIS (PIERCY) PEARCY: PEARCY SURNAME The origins of the name PEARCY appear to be English. William de Percy 1030-1096 came from Normandy, France in 1067 to England and founded the family that resulted in the last name of PEARCY, as well as members being known as Percy, Pearsey, PIERCY, etc.

John Lewis (Pearcy) immigrated from Bucks County, PA to Augusta Co., VA, settling on the North Fork of Thorny Branch, 1/2 mile north of Sangersville. It is beleived that John L. was born in Pennsylvania, however, we can't seem to prove if he was born in PA or in England. That is all that I know about his background. He married HANNAH Cunningham, daughter of John Cunningham and ??? Christman in PA.

John Lewis Percy (PEARCY) paid John Cunningham, presumed father of Hannah, one pepper corn for the land on which he resided. Chalkley's History of Augusta Co, Virginia, page 431, John Percy and son Jacob served in Capt. Dickeys company 1783/ (Vol II)

Vol I page 200, John Percey was a viewer to locate a road between North Mountain and North River, beginning at John PEARCY thence the nearest way leading fro m Brocks Gap to Staunton. John Lewis PIERCY served in Augusta Co., Virginia militia 1778-1783, Capt. Dickey's Company (Chalkley) also in Capt's Henderso ns, Bells, and Simpsons Companies.

NOT DOCUMENTED: It is my belief that Henry PIERCY (also spelled PEARCY on the recordds)(of Pennsylvania, Sergeant 1st Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp, June to Dec 1776, wounded at Long Island, 27 Aug, 1776; 2nd Lt 2nd Pennyslvania, 1st Jan 1977; lst Lt. 12 mar 1 977, wounded at Green Spring 5 July 1781, transferred to 3d Pennsylvania, lst Jan, 1783, and served to 3 June 1783; Captian 8th United States Infantry, 10h Jan 1799, honorably discharged 15 June 1800) is either a brother of or cousin of John Lewis Peircy/Pearcy of Pennsylvania.

John moved from Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, to Augusta Co., Virginia settling on the North Fork of Thorny Branch, about a half mile north of Sangersville.

John Lewis PIERCY wrote hi s last will on Mar 11 1810.

DAR records list John Lewis PIERCY as fighting i n the Revolutionary War. Revolutionary War payroll records have his name spelled Percy, Percey, Pearcey, PIERCY, and Piercey. On three consecutive rosters in 1778, his name is spelled three different ways.

John Lewis Percy (Pearcy) served in the Augusta Co., Virginia Milita from 1778 - 1783/ He was in Captain Dickey's company and also served in Captain Henderson, Captain Bells and Captain Simpsons Companies.

More About JOHN LEWIS (PIERCY) PEARCY: Military service: Bet. 1778 - 1783, Virginia Militia, Capt. Dickeys Co., Capt Henderson Bea and Simpsons's Co.


5. i. GEORGE (PEARCY)3 PIERCY, b. November 18, 1755, Pennsylvania; d. 1811, Shelby Co., Kentucky.
6. ii. JACOB PIERCY, b. 1759, Virginia; d. August 28, 1831, Cloverdale, Putnam Co., , Indiana.
7. iii. SARAH PIERCY, b. 1763, Pennsylvania or Virginia; d. May 31, 1808, Augusta Co., Virginia.
8. iv. HANNAH PEARCY, b. 1764, Pennyslvania; d. 1850, Greene Co., Tennessee.
9. v. JOHN LEWIS JR. PIERCY, b. 1767; d. Bet. 1847 - 1849, Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., West Virginia.
10. vi. CHRISTIAN PIERCY, b. June 12, 1769; d. Bet. June - August 18, 1848, Probably Kentucky.
vii. ELIZABETH PEARCY, b. 1773, Augusta Co., Virginia; d. 1810, Bath Co., Kentucky; m. JOHN BOGGS, Bath Co., Kentucky.
11. viii. REBECCA PEARCY, b. Bet. 1774 - 1778, Rockingham Co., Vriginia; d. Bet. May 05, 1858 - 1868, Monroe Coo., Indiana.
ix. JOSEPH PIERCY, b. February 20, 1776, Augusta Co., Virginia; d. May 05, 1858, Monroe Coo., Indiana; m. HANNAH DEARMIN.

More About JOSEPH PIERCY: Burial: Dearmin/Ooly Cemetery, Bloomigton Township, Monroe Co., Indiana Will: August 01, 1857, Monroe Co., Indiana

More About HANNAH DEARMIN: Burial: Dearmin/Ooly Cemetery, Bloomigton Township, Monroe Co., Indiana

x. ADAM PIERCY, b. Abt. 1780; m. MAREY VINEY.
xi. HENRY PIERCY, b. 1786, Augusta Co., Virginia; d. 1815, Shelby Co., Kentucky; m. JANE RICE.