Person:John Noble (30)

John Noble
b.Abt. 1713
d.Bef. 10 Jun 1752 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HJohn NobleAbt 1713 - Bef 1752
  • WMary CalhounAbt 1715 -
m. prob. abt. 1733
  1. Maj. Alexander Noble1733 - 1802
  2. James NobleAbt 1735 - 1796
  3. Jane NobleEst 1735-1739 -
  4. Patrick NobleAbt 1737 -
  5. Ezekiel Noble1745-1750 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] John Noble
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1713
Alt Birth[1] Abt 1713 , Augusta, Virginia, USA
Alt Marriage Abt 1732 , Augusta, Virginia, USAReference number: 25642
to Mary Calhoun
Emigration[2][3] 1733 , , , USATo
Immigration[2][3] 1733 , Donegal County, , IrelandFrom
Marriage prob. abt. 1733 Prob. Irelandto Mary Calhoun
Death? Bef. 10 Jun 1752 Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Death[4][1][3] Bef 16 Nov 1752 , Augusta, Virginia, USA
Probate[4] 16 Nov 1752

John Noble was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

John Noble had acquired land on "Cripple Creek at Big Spring", prior to his death in 1752. It is likely that the records of his grant or acquisition may be located in early Orange County (the predecessor county of Augusta where deeds were recorded before late 1745), Virginia records.

Will of John Noble

  • Page 463.--10th June, 1752. John Noble's will. Wife, Mary. Son, Alexander. Land at Cripple Creek, at Big Spring. Son, James; son, Patrick; son, Ezekiel (infant). Daughter, Jean. Executors, wife, Mary, and testator's brother, James Callhoun. Teste: Wm., Patrick, Agnes Callhoun. Proved, 16th November, 1752, by Wm. and Patrick Callhoun, and executors qualified with sureties Wm. and Pat. Callhoun. (Note: the reference of James Calhoun being John Noble's "brother", indicates James is his brother-in-law and brother of his wife).
  • Page 451.--15th November, 1752. Mary Noble's bond as administatrix c. t. a. of John Noble, with sureties Will Callhoun, Patrick Callhoun.
  • Page 480.--16th January, 1753. John Noble's appraisement, by Robt. Norris, Saml. Montgomery, John Montgomery. Note of John McFarland, Joseph Crockett, Robert Allcorn, John Hatthorn, James and John Miller, James Callhoun, Nathaniel Welshar, Wm. Montgomery, Wm. Callhoun. To butter money, cash. Philip Snider's bond. Due John McFarland for 106 acres land at £5 per 100. Due to the remainder of land. William Callhoun, Widow Lukes.

Records of John Noble in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 232.--11th December, 1749. Saml. Crockett's will, of Reed Creek, farmer--Wife, Esther; executors, Wife and James Montgomery; son, John; five sons; some of children are infants; daughters, Agness, Jane, Catherine; guardian of children, Joseph Crockett. Teste: Joseph Crockett, John Noble, John Downing. Proved, 22d May, 1750, by Joseph Crockett and Jno. Noble; and both executors qualify, with surety Joseph Long.
  • Page 352.--30th August, 1750. Samuel Crockett's appraisement, by James Callhoon, John Noble, Wm. Sayers. Paid Robert Miller, Robert Alcoran, James Ryne. To William Mountgomery. Due by Peter Harman, Jno. Thompson, Jr., Joseph Crockett, Andrew Gaughagen.
  • Vol. 2 - List of Delinquents - 1756--In ye lower end of Augusta County: John Brown, Christian Clemon, Evan Evans, Constable; Rubin Harrison, Constable; Andrew Hislep. John Love, Jacob Lingle, Barnet Mathews, Valentine Mackey. Darby Sullivan, Dan'l Sullivan, Wm. Smith, Jas. Sterns, Anthony Bogart, Thos. Craford, Jno. Davies, Jno. Fowler, Geo. Fulls, Denis Henry, Nicholas Harbolt, Rich'd Neely, Jacob Peeter, John Rechart, Ranl. McDonell, Constable; Andrew Smith, Adam Weese, Jacob and John Yount, James Haris, Wm. Fleming, Jno. Hutchins, Sr.; Jno. Noble, Thos. Meems, Constable; Wm. Burnet, Jno. Barber, Patt Carigan, David Evins, Denis McAniney, Nicholas Nutt, Mark Stalet, deceased; Mich'l Watson, James Hollas, Thos. McClenachan, Jno. Neeley, Jno. Pott, Wm. Acres, Wm. Hughes, Mathias Youkam, Nicholas Clause, David Crochan, Peeter Harmon, Wm. Hopwood, Windle Evert, Mathias Lerth, Mich'l March, Jno. Morrey, Dan'l Ramey, no distress; Patt Sullivan, Jno. Sleter, Fred'k Stoneberry, Robt. Scott, Jno. Blar, David Carlock, Manus Deker, Pat Fitzpatrick, Jno. Fulton, Jno. Havine, Judy Mason, Martin Peeter, James Ramsey, James McGill, John Sheats, Jno. Theobald Magaham, Joseph and Geo. Weese, Chas. Sinclar, James Bogan, Jos. Hall, Jno. Heague, Chas. Wilson, Jas. Barton, not found; Geo. Bartley, Nicholas Carpenter, Thos. Dove, Jr.; Andrew Earnest, Thos Mullen, Mich'l Penny, Jno. Sope, Jas., Walter and Hugh Crockett; Wm., Geo. and Thos. Harbeson; Jas., Jno., Thos., Wm. Montgomery.

Information on John Noble

From "Papers read before the Lancaster County Historical Society, Volume 25", by Lancaster County Historical Society:

John Noble's will is dated June 10, 1752, and was probated Nov. 16, 1752. He names his wife, Mary and the following children, James, Alexander, Patrick, Exekiel and a daughter named Jean. His wife Mary and "my brother, James Calhoun" were named as executors. Some of his land, lay "on Cripple Creek in the Big Spring." The witnesses were William, Patrick and Agnes Calhoun. See Will Rogers of Augusta County, Va.

Cripple Creek is a tributary of New River in Southwestern Virginia, but, as stated in a previous note, John Noble's home seems to have been in the neighborhood of the Natural bridge in the present County of Rockingham, Va. The records, therefore, show that the foregoing members of the Calhoun family were living in Virginia in 1752.

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