Person:John Matthews (92)

m. 07 Jul 1725
  1. John Matthews, Jr.abt 1726 - 1764
  2. Joshua Matthewsabt 1728 - Bef 1763
  3. Ann Matthewsabt 1730 -
  4. Col. Sampson Matthewsabt 1732 - 1807
  5. Jane MatthewsAbt 1734 - Bet 1778
  6. Rachel Matthewsabt 1735 - 1795
  7. Richard Matthewsabt 1736 - 1799
  8. Gen. George Matthews1739 - 1812
  9. William Matthews, Saddler of Beverley Manorabt 1740 - bef 1772
  10. Archer Matthewsabt 1744 - 1786
  11. Elizabeth Matthews1748 - aft 1830
  • HJohn Matthews, Jr.abt 1726 - 1764
  • W.  Ann (add)
Facts and Events
Name John Matthews, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1726 Orange County, Virginia
Death? January 1764 Burned and Killed in his home with his wife and six children, Augusta County, Virginia

John Matthews, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 439.--16th August, 1753. John Maxwell and Mary to John Mathews, Jr., 381 acres on a branch of Mill Creek; Ann Salling's hill. Sold to John by Ewin Patterson, 1750. Delivered: James Lockhart, June, 1757.
  • Page 493.--21st November, 1753. Thomas Williams to John Mathews, Jr., 65 acres on North Branch James opposite Ann Sally's land. Delivered to John Mathews, son of Richard, 6th March, 1773. Teste: John Maxwell, Jno. Sprott, Joshua Mathews.
  • Page 487.--22d November, 1754. Sampson Mathews, farmer, to John Mathews, Jr., farmer, £5, 180 acres on North Branch of James; corner Henry Fuller; corner Wm. Henderson; conveyed to Sampson in May, 1754, by John Peter Salling. Delivered: James Lockhart, June, 1757.
  • Page 546.--14th March, 1758. Sampson and George Mathews, executors of John Mathews, Jr., £8.12, 291 acres on Mill Creek in Fork of James; Thos. Williams line, cor. Joshua Mathews; cor. Wm. Bradshaw. Teste: Audly Paul, Wm. Mathews.

Will of John Matthews, Jr.

  • Page 328.--27th November, 1761. John Mathews' will, farmer--Wife, Ann, 2 gold rings made by Mr. John Hanna; son, Edward, infant, tract called Poplar Spring, and a negro man named Fryday; daughters, Lettis, Jane, Ann, when 18; son, John, tract called Little Bottom; son, George, tract bought of John Maxwell. Executors, wife Ann and brothers Sampson and George. Teste: Wm. Patton, Joseph Gamwell, Richard Wilson. Proved, 22d March, 1764, by the witnesses. Ann is dead; other executors qualify, with Jno. Madison, Thos. Stewart.
  • Page 442.--23d October. 1765. Settlement recorded of estate of John Mathews, by Sampson and George Mathews--19th July, 1764, to 1 bad double loon (doubloon) passed by Jas. Huston, and returned; 17th November, paid Stephen Arnold a debt due his son James; 4th December, paid James Trimble for holding 2 inquests and constables' fees; paid Alex. Walls. Contra--18th April, 1764, by gold sold; 1st September. 1764, by burned silver, by Randall Lafone (?), by Christian Miliron (uncertain whether can be got).
  • Page 302.--4th May, 1767. Sampson and George Mathews, executors of John Mathews, to William McBride. John in his lifetime sold to William Bradshaw 306 acres in forks of James River and by his will directed his executors to make deed for same, and Bradshaw relinquishes his purchase in favor of William McBride, £70 paid to John and £80 paid to executors. 306 acres, corner John Mathews.

Records on John Matthews, Jr. in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 165.--25th February, 1750. Samuel Woods and Wm. Woods of Augusta to Peter Wallace, 120 acres in Fork of James, part of Wm. Wood's land, where Peter now liveth; Joseph Lapsley's line; Richard Wood's line. Teste: John Mathews, Jr., Joseph Lapsley.
  • Page 487.--20th August, 1752. Thomas and Jane Williams to James Greenlee, 400 acres in Fork of James; Erwin Patterson's survey. Teste: Mathew Campbell, Jno. Mathews, Jr., Wm. Elliot.
  • Page 78.--21st November, 1754. Hannah Kirkam's bond as administratrix of Robert Kirkam, with sureties John and Joshua Mathews.
  • Page 499.--15th November, 1757. John Bowen, Sr., and Lilly ( ) to John Bowen, Jr., 10 acres by patent. 3d November, 1750, on a branch of James. Teste: Jno. Mathews, John Poage, Mathew Campbell. Delivered: Jno. Bowen, October, 1761.
  • Page 253.--16th August, 1758. Agness Patton's bond (with John Mathews, Jno. Wardlaw) as administratrix of Jno. Snodgrass.
  • Page 313.--18th May, 1759. William Wilson's bond (with Sampson Archer, Jno. Mathews) as administrator of Joseph Bell.
  • Page 363.--20th May, 1760. Jean Cunninghnm's bond (with John Mathews, Jno. Bowen) as administratrix of Isaac Cunningham.
  • Page 360.--20th May, 1761. Thomas Stewart to Thomas Jones, £2, 145 acres in Forke of James; cor. John Mathews, the barrens. Teste: Sampson Archer, John Mathews, John Miller. Delivered: Nathaniel Evins, September, 1763.
  • Page 37.--20th May, 1761. Lilley Bowen's bond (with John and Wm. Mathews) as administratrix of Moses Bowen.
  • Page 198.--2d April, 1762 (may actually be 1763). Mathew Lyle and Esther to John Lyle, £10. 461 acres, part of Borden's 92,100 and conveyed by Borden to Mathew; corner Thomas McSpadin, John Mathews' line; corner John Gray. Delivered: Jno. Lyle, 4th March, 1774.

Account of Death of John Matthews, Jr. and Family

From "A History of Rockbridge County", by Oren Frederic Morton, pg. 68:

There were instances where some white scoundrel would disguise himself as an Indian and perpetrate an outrage. Such may be the explanation of the tragedy of the home of John Matthews, Jr., the nature of which recalls the Pettigrew horror of 1846. Sampson Matthews made oath that his brother John, his wife and their six children were burned to death in their house. A neighbor named Christian Godfrey Milliron was arrested on suspicion and held for trial at the capital. We do not know the result, but Milliron seems to have been acquitted.