Person:John Madison (7)

John Madison
b.26 Oct 1719 Virginia
m. 1717
  1. John Madison1719 - Abt 1784
  2. Ambrose Madison1724 -
  3. Jane Madison1728 - 1767
  4. Humphrey Madison1730 - 1756
  5. Anne Madison1733 - 1819
  6. Sarah Madison1736 - 1801
  7. Mary Lena Buckner Madison1738 - 1812
  8. George Madison1740 -
  9. Roger Madison1744 - 1768
  10. Elizabeth Madison1747 -
m. 1745
  1. Gen. Thomas Madison1746 - 1793
  2. Rowland Madison1747 - abt 1802/03
  3. Rev. James Madison, 1st Bishop of Virginia1749 - 1812
  4. Willam Strother Madison1753 - 1782
  5. Richard Madisonest 1754-1760 - 1785
  6. Elizabeth Strother Madisonest 1755-1760 - BEF 1791
  7. Gen. George Madison, Governor of Kentucky1763 - 1816
  8. Lucy Madison1771 - 1800
Facts and Events
Name John Madison
Gender Male
Birth[1] 26 Oct 1719 Virginia
Marriage 1745 Virginiato Agatha Strother
Will[1] 19 Dec 1783 Botetourt County, Virginia, USA
Death[1] Abt. Jan 1784 Botetourt County, Virginia

John Madison was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Madison's land (Beverley Manor NE, 340 acres, undated but before 1749) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

(Note: John Madison acquired vast holdings throughout early Augusta County, as listed in the records below)
  • Page 828.--3d April, 1750. Wm. Beverley to John Madison and James Lockhart, Gents., Church Wardens, hill above a spring, joining lots X and XI. 2-3/8 acres, as a place to erect and build a church, adjacent to Staunton. Teste: Wm. Russell, Jno. Rutlidge, Thos. Henderson.
  • Page 214.--3d April, 1751. Same (Henry Downes, Sr., of Orange Co., Gent.,) to John Madison, gent., 330 acres, part of Jacob Stover's 800 acre patent, 13th December, 1738, which Stover failed to improve and Downs got patent for 5th June, 1747; on South and Shanadoe River. Corner Ludwick Francisco, Upper Red Banks; Lower Red Banks. Teste: John Lewis, Mathew Edmiston, Wm. Armstrong, James Porteus.
  • 1751, April 5th--John Madison, 400 (acres), joining land he bought from Downs, joining Henry Downs, Jr.
  • Page 466.--14th August, 1753. William Thompson and Mary to John Madison, 1753, 363 acres, part of 400 patented to Wm. Thompson. Sr., and conveyed by him to Wm., Jr. Middle River, George Scot's line; North River, Wm. Baskins' land, Buffalo Run.
  • Page 488.--22d August, 1754. Alexander Wright, merchant, to John Madison, £9, paid by Mary McDonald, to the use of Mary McDonald, lot in Staunton, No. 12, whereon Mary now lives, and also lot No. 5, containing 50 acres, also in possession of Mary. (This land was was apparently a trust established by Alexander Wright for Mary McDonald, as referenced later in Chalkley’s on 21 May, 1765)
  • Page 432.--23d August, 1754. Jacob Stover, Jr., of Lunenburg, and William Russell, of Culpeper, to John Madison, £6, 200 acres of Shanando River, part of 5,000 acres patented to Jacob Stover, Sr.; corner to Francisco's land; line of land formerly belonging to John Bumgardner.
  • Page 11.--9th October, 1754. James Brown and Agnes, of Staunton, to John Madison, John Brown and John Lewis, £60, Lot No. 3 and Lot 8 of woodland. Ann (her mark) Brown. William Lusk, Newman McGouneig. Livery by a latchet of the door of the house.
  • Page 13.--20th March, 1755. John Madison, John Brown and John Lewis to Joseph Mays. Conveyances above. (listed consecutively with record above)
  • Page 457.--1st November, 1754. Abraham Estis, of Carroline County to John Madison, £1.1.6, 2 acres lying between the main road and Madison's land.
  • Page 529.--18th February, 1758. William Downs to John Madison, £35, 200 acres patented to William, 5th November, 1747; Stover's Mill Creek; land of Wm. Lamb. Teste: Henry Downs, Abraham Miller.
  • Page 312.--5th April, 1760. Ephraim Vause to John Madison, £300, 1 parcel containing 360 acres and 1 parcel containing 320 acres adjoining and lying on Meadow Creek, a branch of Roanoke, whereon Vause formerly dwelt, patented to him 15th December, 1749.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 388.--1st June, 1751. John Madison, Gent., and Agatha, to Robert McClenachan, Gent, 731 acres; part of 1041 acres sold by Beverley in Beverley Manor, to Moses Thompson, 12th December, 1745; corner Adam Thompson; corner John Ramsey. Teste: Jno. Harvie.
  • Page 67.--18th November, 1758. Jno. Madison to Thos. Lewis, £50, 260 acres on Shanando, part of 1,000 patented to John, 10th March, 1756; end of the Great Island; corner to said Thos. Lewis.
  • Page 155.--29th January, 1761. John Madison and Agatha to William Lamb, £300, 363 acres purchased of William Thompson, south bank of Middle River; cor. Andrew Leeper, fork of the river; cor. William Baskins, Buffelow Run. Delivered: Wm. Lamb, September, 1768.
  • Page 397.--26th May, 1761. John Madison and Agatha to Peachey Gilmore, £30, 300 acres on south side Shanando River, patented to John, 2d June, 1758, Frazier's land. Teste: Geo. Gray, Henry ( ) Reburn.
  • Page 148.--22d August, 1768. John Madison to son John Madison, deed of gift, natural love and affection, 141 acres commonly called the Great Meadow, upon a branch of Cook's Creek, between lands of John and Joseph Cravens, purchased of William Cravens, 19th March, 1764, and recorded in the secretary's office; also a tract patented to John, 10th July, 1767, containing 200 acres, on Cook's Creek. Joseph Craven's corner. Delivered: Wm. Lambe, February, 1780.
  • Page 479.--9th August, 1770. John Madison and Agatha to John Denniston, £25, 200 acres on north side Shanando River patented to William Downs, 5th March, 1747, and by him conveyed to John Madison, 18th February, 1758, mouth of Stover's Mill Creek; corner William Lamb and Robert Shanklin. Delivered: John Denniston, 3d August, 1772.
  • Page 265.--18th November, 1773. John Madison and Aggathy, of Botetourt, to George Boswell, tract whereon George now dwells, part of 1000 acres patented to John, 10th March, 1756; patented to John, 2d June, 1758, corner Abraham Estis; patented to John, 16th August, 1756.

Will of John Madison

  • Copy of will of John Madison, of Botetourt County, dated 19th December, 1783. Son William, deceased. Son Roisland. Daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, widow of William. Granddaughters. Susanna Smith Madison, and Agatha Strother Madison, daughters of William. Son, George, 2,000 acres Kentucky land. Son, Thomas. Son-in-law, Andrew Lewis. Daughter-in-law, Susanna Madison. Mourning to be purchased and presented to Mrs. Margaret Harvey. [Chalkley's Vol. 2, included in "William Bowyer and Pricilla Madison, devisees of Richard Madison vs. Thomas Madison, Andrew Lewis and Agatha Madison, August 1800 (K to Z). The will filed in Botetourt County, Virginia].

Madison, John, Will probate March 1784.
Names wife, Agatha and children: Rowland, George, Thomas, dau.-in-law, Elizabeth widow of deceased son William, and her children Elizabeth Smith Madison and Agatha Strother Madison. A daughter-in-law, Susanna Madison, and son-in-law Andrew Lewis.
[Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 59].

Power of Attorney from William Beverley

Because of the large amount of work in conveying land to early settlers (especially in outlying areas like the Calfpasture), William Beverley appointed a few trusted elders to assist him in conveying land to other settlers. John Madison was one of those he granted his power of attorney to transact land on his behalf, as listed in the following record:
  • Page 434.--12th June, 1753. Power attorney, Beverley to Thomas Lewis and John Madison to convey lands in Calfpasture, 1753. Teste: John O'Neal and John (his mark) Furnish, Peter Scholl, Wm. Lusk, Wm. Burk, Wm. Frazer.

Records of John Madison in Augusta County, VA

Because of the large number of records of John Madison in early Augusta County, they are listed in the following article:

Records of John Madison in Augusta County, Virginia

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