Person:John Houston (27)

m. 20 JUN 1749
  1. Mary "'Polly'" Houstonabt 1749 - 1844
  2. Stephen HoustonABT 1750 -
  3. John Houston1750 - Bef 1792
  4. James Houston1752-1760 - 1774
  5. Nathan Houston1752-1768 - BEF 1817
  6. Jennet Houston1752-1768 -
  7. Isabel Houston1752-1768 -
  8. Capt. George Huston1757 - 1825
  9. Elizabeth HoustonEst 1763-1773 -
  10. Archibald Houstonabt 1771 - aft 1851
  11. Abigail HoustonBEF 1773 -
  12. Jane HoustonBEF 1773 -
  • HJohn Houston1750 - Bef 1792
  • WMary Ann MillerEst 1748-1757 - Aft 1817
m. Est. 1770-1775
  1. Joseph HoustonEst 1770-1780 - Bef 1817
  2. Grizzel HoustonEst 1770-1785 - Aft 1817
  3. Martha 'Patsy' HoustonAbt 1790 - Aft 1817
  4. Sophia HoustonBef 1792 - 1873
  5. Archibald Houston
  6. Walter Houston
  7. Patsy Houston
  8. Nathan Houston
  9. Mary Houston
  10. Cynthia Houston
  11. George Houston
  12. Jane Houston
  13. David Houston
Facts and Events
Name John Houston
Gender Male
Birth? 1750 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage Est. 1770-1775 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Ann Miller
Death? Bef. 1792 Prob. Rockingham County, Virginia

John Houston was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

Note: the following record can be used to reconstruct much of John Houston's family:

  • Vol. 2 - Huston vs. Huston--O. S. 266; N. S. 93--Bill, 1817. Complainants are, viz: Stephen Huston and as administrator of Nathan Huston, deceased; Mary Ann Huston, widow and administratrix of John Huston; Patty Huston, widow and administratrix of Archibald Huston, who was son of John Huston, deceased; Polly Huston, daughter of Archibald Huston; Walter Huston, son of John; Peter Eyler, administrator of Joseph Huston, one of sons of John Huston; Polly Huston, widow of Joseph Huston; Jenetta Huston, daughter of Joseph; Julius Foster and Patsy, his wife; Joseph Mahoy and Grizzy, his wife (Patsy and Grizzy being daughters of John); Polly and Sophia Huston, daughters of John; Nathan, Cynthia, Jane, George, David Huston, infant children of John; and George Huston. Previous to 1792, John Huston, deceased, and his brother, Archibald, owned 3 tracts in Rockingham, about 300 acres on Mill Creek. John Huston's title was derived to him by being eldest son and heir, and he agreed with Archibald that they should sell the land and divide with their brothers, Stephen, George and Nathaniel (?). They were sons of Archibald Huston who died, testate, leaving part of the land to his son James, who died 1774 under age.


From Clan Huston web page: (

Posted by Sandra Livingston on January 21, 19100 at 13:21:11:

In Reply to: ARCHIBALD & GEORGE HUSTON=Augusta Co, VA posted by Mary Thomason-Morris on February 06, 1999 at 15:04:55:

Mary Thomason-Morris

I am a descendant of your ancestor George Huston's brother, John Huston, son of Archibald Huston and Mary Ann Stephenson Huston. John married Mary Ann Miller, had 10 children. I have information on John and George's siblings, as well as the Effingers and Snapps