Person:John Hicklin (1)

Capt. John Hicklin, of the Bullpasture
m. Abt. 1722
  1. Jane Hicklinabt 1722 - Abt 1795
  2. Hugh HicklinAbt 1725 - 1811
  3. Thomas Hicklin1727 - 1804
  4. Capt. John Hicklin, of the BullpastureABT 1728 - 1820
  5. Roseanna Hicklin1732 -
  6. Diana Hicklinabt 1736 -
  7. Sarah HicklinBET 1738 AND 1740 - BET 1821
  • HCapt. John Hicklin, of the BullpastureABT 1728 - 1820
  • WJane Unknownbef 1743 - bef 1812
  1. Margaret Hicklin1760 -
  2. Hannah HicklinABT 1765 - 1856
  3. Mary Hicklin1765 - 1835
  4. Sarah Hicklinabt 1768 -
  5. Jane Hicklin1769 -
  6. Elizabeth Hicklin1775 - AFT 1830
  7. John Hicklinabt 1776 -
  8. Martha Hicklin1778 - bef 1812
  9. George Hicklin1779 - 1859
  10. James Hicklinest 1780 -
Facts and Events
Name Capt. John Hicklin, of the Bullpasture
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1728 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Death? 1820 Bath County, Virginia

John Hicklin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 452.--18th August, 1761. Thomas Hicklen to John Hicklen, £50, 217 acres, part of 348 acres on Bull Pasture patented to Andrew Lewis. 1st June, 1750, and since conveyed to said Thomas. Delivered: Jno. Hicklen, August, 1768.
  • Page 40.--9th November, 1768. Samuel Givens and Martha to John Hicklin. £150, 239 acres on Clover Creek, now commonly called the Bull Pasture, a branch of Cowpasture, part of 339 acres patented to Richard Botkin, and by him conveyed to John, 17th May, 1762, corner land in posssesion of Loftus Pullin, part of said tract in possession of James Burnsides.
  • Page 396.--19th November, 1776. Andrew Lockridge to Samuel Givens, of Botetourt, and John Hicklen, deed to correct a mistake as to tract conveyed by Givens to Montgomerie, and deeds dated 8 and 9, November, 1768

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 35.--9th November, 1768. John Hicklin and Jane ( ) to Samuel Givens, £150, 217 acres, part of 348 acres conveyed by Andrew Lewis to John Hicklin. 18th August, 1761. Delivered: Samuel Givens, 15th June, 1772.

Will of John Hicklin

Pg. 284 - Will of John Hicklin of the Bullpasture, dated Oct. 7, 1812.
Wit: William Steuart, Thomas Pullin, Jacob Stueart
Probated April 1820 Court
Exec: son-in-law John Steuart
Beq: to son William 50 pounds cash and "my large Bible"
to daughters Sally Montgomery, Margret Miller, Hannah Steuart, Mary Tacket, Jane Given, Elizabeth McCorcle and alll the children of Marthy Corbit, dec., equal shares of the residue.
$1 each to son Thomas and to James and George Hicklin
to daughter Hannah Steuart "my chest and trunk"
to Rachel wilson, Martha's eldest, bed and bedding
to James Steuart and James GIvin "all my eaaring clothes"
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 98].

Estate Inventory

Pg. 295 - Inventory - John Hicklin
Submitted April 21, 1820 by Charles Stuart, James Campbell and Samuel Pullin, before James Hicklin.
saddle, pair saddlebags, bedstead adn cord, earthen pot. armchair, clothing, 1 case, "raiser and nife", family Bible, large chest and trunk, 1 picece solde leather, 2 jugs, 1 bottle, 1 bed and clothing, spectacles and case.
Bonds: John Stuart, Robert Lockridge, John Hiner, Christian Eagle, Thomas Pullins, Otho Wade, Edward Stuart, Joseph Hiner, Peter Hull, James Stuart.
Burial expenses - $7.50
Pg. 297 - Sale of estate of John Hicklin - Apr. 22, 1820.
buyers: John Stuuart, Paskel Davis, John Stuart Jr., Jame Hicklin, Loftus Pullins, Hannah Stuart, Christopher Graham.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 99-100].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 428.--16th October, 1765. Robert Graham's estate appraised, by Thos. Feemster, Jno. Hicklin, Jno. Carlile.
  • Page 347.--20th November, 1770. Thomas Hicklen's bond (with Hugh and John Hicklin) as guardian to Christopher Graham, orphan of Robert Graham.
  • Page 454.--7th September, 1771. Thomas (mark) Hicklin. Sr.'s will, of the Bull Pasture--To son, Hugh; to son, John, Thomas; to daughters, Rosannah Johnston, Jane Laverty; to daughters, Dinah Botkin, Sarah Black. Executor, eldest son Hugh. Teste: James Bradshaw, Agness Bradshaw, Wm. Steward. Proved, 2Uth November, 1771, by the witnesses. Executor qualifies with Charles Lewis, John Wilson.
  • Page 39.--1st December, 1777. Edward Hynds' will (of the Bull Pasture)--To wife, Anne, with child; to oldest daughter, Elizabeth, home plantation and all entered land this side of Crab Run; to daughter, Jenny, upper plantation and land on other side of Crab Run. Executors, wife and John Peebles; to servant, Wm. Smith, £10. Teste: Wm. Stewart, John Hicklin, Wm. (mark) McCandless. Proved, 16th June, 1778, by Stuart and Hicklin.
  • Page 52.--23d January, 1787. Privy examination of Isabella Burnsides, wife of James Burnsides (deed, 6th September, 1786, to John Hicklin), before Alexander and Hugh Caperton, Justices of Greenbrier.


Source: History of Highland County, Virginia, by Oren Frederic Morton, pg. 297-298