Person:John Hart (89)

m. 25 NOV 1708
  1. John Hart1709 - 1743
  2. Susanna Hart1711 - 1733
  3. William Hart1712/13 - 1714
  4. Col. Joseph Hart1715 - 1788
  5. Silas Hart, of Rockingham County, VA1718 - 1795
  6. Lucretia Hart1720 - 1760
  7. Rev. Oliver Hart1723 - 1795
  8. Edith Hart1727 - BEF 1805
  9. Seth Hart1730/31 - 1740
  10. Olive Hart1734 - 1734
Facts and Events
Name John Hart
Gender Male
Birth? 10 SEP 1709 Warminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Death? 11 JUN 1743 Augusta County, Virginia[Died from Accidental Gunshot]

John Hart, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Hart's land (Beverley Manor SE, 400 acres, 1740) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Early Survey in Augusta County - (39) Survey for John Hart, beginning at ( ) in Geo. Robinson's line ( ) in a payson field, locust, ye river and ye back line of ye patent. [Hume's Old Field Book].
  • Page 208. Survey made in Orange County since June 1738. 9 March 1739, Jno. Hart, 400 acres; 11 March 1739, Jno. Hart, 400 acres; 13 March 1739, Jno. Hart, 400 acres. (among several others), 28 June 1739. James Wood presented the list of surveys. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 3, Dorman, pg. 15].
  • Pages 110-13. 23-24 July 1740. William Beverley, Esq., of Essex County to John Hart of same. Lease and release; for £12 current money. 400 acres, George Robinson's line.. to the lines of Beverley Manor... (signed) W. Beverley. Wit: Moses Thompson, Gibbons Jennings, G. Home. 24 July 1740. Acknowledged by Wm. Beverley, Gent. [Relinquishment of dower as above, Beverley to Page]. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 4, Dorman, pg. 42].
  • Disposition of Land from Orange County, VA Records:
  • Pg. 232-233. Indenture 17 Nov. 1744 between Silas Hart of county of Augusta and Samuel Steel of same... Witnesseth that Silas Hart for divers good causes, him thereunto moveing.. more specifically for £40.. paid by Samuel Steel.. for 400 acres.. bounded.. to George Robinson's line.. lines of Beverley Manor... (signed) Silas Hart (Seal). Witnesses: Jno. Finley, Henry Pickens. Recorded Orange County, 23 November 1744. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 9, Dorman, pg. 25]. (Note: apparently Silas Hart, John Hart's brother acquired John's 400-acre tract in Beverley Manor after John died).

Estate Records of John Hart

  • Pages 272-73. Bond of James Patton, Henry Downes, John Smith, Wm. Robinson and James Davis unto Thoms. Chew, Gent., justice. For £1000. 23 June 1743. James Patton and Henry Downes are administrators of John Hart. (signed) James Patton, Hen. Downes. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, Dorman, pg. 51].
  • Pages 280-81. Bond of Silus Hart, Robt. Poage, and Jno. Davisson unto Thomas Chew, Gent., justice. For £500. 25 Aug. 1743. Silus Hart is admr. of Jno. Hart. (signed) Silus Hart, Robt. Poage, John Davisson. Wit: Jonath. Gibson. 25 Aug. 1743. Acknowledged. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, Dorman, pg. 52].
  • Pages 294-96. John Hart. Inventory. Total valuation £34.11.6. (signed) Patt. Campbell, Moses Thomson, Robart Coningham. 25 Nov. 1743. Returned by Silus Hart. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, Dorman, pg. 55].

Records of John Hart in Augusta County, VA

  • Vol. 2 - Early Survey in Augusta County - (53) ( ) ye 18, 1738, survey for James McClure, comer to Jno. Hart in Geo. Robinson's line. 8 br. ye 18, 1738 (same as above). [Hume's Old Field Book].
  • John Hart witnessed a deed from Benjamin Borden to Robert Poage on 25 February 1742/3. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 46].
  • John Hart witnessed deeds from Benjamin Borden to Alexander Walker, James Walker, John Walker, James Moore and James Robinson on 27 May 1743. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 56-57].
  • John Hart witnessed a deed from Benjamin Borden to Daniel Lyle on 29 July 1743. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 61].
  • John Hart witnessed a deed from Robert Poage to Thomas Gordon on 25 August 1743. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 63].
  • John Hart witnessed a deed from Joseph Mills of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County to Robert Willson and John Holmes [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 8, Dorman, pg. 67].
  • John Hart witnessed a deed from Benjamin Borden to Charles Donetry on 22 July 1742. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 8, Dorman, pg. 68].
  • John Hart witnessed a deed from Benjamin Borden to Robt. Culton on 22 July 1742. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 8, Dorman, pg. 68].
  • John Hart witnessed deeds from Benjamin Borden to John Lowry, William Porter and John Patterson on 26 August 1742. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 8, Dorman, pg. 71, 72, 74].
  • Page 102.--20th May, 1755. Borden's executors (Magdalen Bowyer, relict and administratrix of John McDowell, late of Orange County, and mother of Samuel McDowell, an orphan under 21 years, being eldest son and heir-at-law of said John McDowell to said Samuel McDowell under the tuition of his guardian, Richard Woods, Gent.). Benjamin, Sr., had agreed to sell in his lifetime to Jno. McDowell. John entered the land under the agreement. John was killed by Indians. John had had the land surveyed by Borden's surveyor, John Hart; contained 1,359 acres; of this, John McDowell had covenanted to sell to John Paul 400 acres, whereupon Paul and others brought suit, vs. Samuel, for title. Decree, 22d August, 1752. Conveys all residue of the 1,359 acres whereon John lived; Roger Key's land: John Lyle's line; Mathew Lyle's corner, 959 acres. Delivered: Samuel McDowell, March, 1764.
  • Page 271.--19th August, 1758. James Boreland's settlement of estate of John Bird--Paid John Hart.
  • AUGUST, 1771 (A). - Edmondson and Kennedy vs. Borden's Executors.--Chancery. John Hart was an agent for Benjamin Borden.
  • MARCH, 1774 (C). - Wm. Edmonson, heir-at-law of John Edmonson, deceased, and Wm. Kennedy, heir-at-law of Joseph Kennedy, deceased, vs. Silas Hart, heir-at-law of John Hart and executor of Benjamin Borden.--Chancery writ, 24th August, 1772. John Hart was agent of Benjamin, Jr., and Benjamin sold land to John Hart, who sold to John E. and Joseph K. Bill for title.
  • Vol. 2 - McDowell vs. Borden's heirs--O. S. 153; N. S. 54--Bill in Rockbridge, 1798. Orator, Samuel McDowell, oldest son and heir of John McDowell, who died intestate about 1742. In 1738 John bought from Benjamin Borden, Sr., either for services in building a road to his grant through an unsettled country or some other consideration, eleven hundred acres now in Rockbridge. Orator was seven years old at death of his father. John sold 700 acres to Andrew Moore. Alexander Moore, aged 82 years, deposes in Rockbridge, 12th May, 1810. Son of Andrew. Statement by Andrew and John Moore (son of Andrew), 6th April, 1743, of the circumstances of the suit. Borden agreed to give John McDowell 1,000 acres to be his first settler. John Hart was a hunter through the country and became the surveyor. Hart agreed to be Borden's Pillet (pilot?). J. Wood was the surveyor.
  • Vol. 2 - EXECUTIONS. - APRIL, 1801. - Estill vs. Ramsey--Deed, 5th June, 1739, Beverley to James McClure, of Orange County, 108 acres in Beverley Manor, George Robinson's line. Test: James Porteus, Thomas Wood, John Latham. Declaration: Samuel Estill and Jane, formerly Jane Teas, daughter of William Teas, vs. John Ramsay. Memorandum of deed from Beverley to John Hart, dated 23d, 24th July, 1740, George Robinson's line, corner Beverley Manor line. Deposition, 13th October, 1792. John Dalhouse. John Finley, aged above 60 years. Deponent went to school in 1747 in the house mentioned by Thomas Turk in his depositions. The house was on James McClure's land. Andrew Steel, aged about 56 years. Silas and John Hart were brothers and first purchasers. Andrew McClure, son of James McClure, under whom Ramsey claims. Andrew said he was present at the first running of the line for Hart. William Finley. Samuel Steel. Andrew Ramsey, aged 47. Deed, 24th February, 1740. Daniel Manahan, of Orange County, to Joseph Teas, 900 acres in Beverley Manor. Cor. Joseph Tees and Andrew McClure, Beverley Manor line. John Hart's line, James McClure's line. Test: G. Home, John Pickins, William Williams. Deed, 21st February, 1738. Beverley to Daniel Monahan, of County Augusta. Test: Richard Winslow, John Lewis, John Newport. Depositions 5th March, 1801. Andrew Steel, aged 58, son of Samuel. Andrew Ramsey, aged 50. John Ramsey, father to defendant. James Steel, aged 63, son of Samuel. Original deed, James McClure to John Ramsey. Original deed, Beverley to John Hart, 1740. Deposition Thomas Turk, aged 88 years, taken October 1798. He helped to build a schoolhouse about 50 years ago at the foot of the hill in the tenant's meadow; it was on McClure's land. Original deed, McClure to Ramsey, 1762. Original patent, Dunwiddie to Joseph Teas, August, 1756, 200 acres in Rockfish Gap. (Note: this is an important record that proves that this John Hart was the one that acquired land in Beverley Manor in early Augusta County).