Person:John Hamilton (106)

John Hamilton
b.Est 1710-1715
  • HJohn HamiltonEst 1710-1715 -
  • WMary StuartABT 1710 -
m. 1748
Facts and Events
Name John Hamilton
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1710-1715
Marriage 1748 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Stuart

John Hamilton was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 461.--1st June, 1757. James Hamilton, farmer, to Jno. Hamilton, farmer, £2, 100 acres, part of 200 acres surveyed for Andrew McClure and Alex. Henderson and known by name of Elk Run and now seated by said Jno. in Beverley Manor, cor. tract surveyed for David Edmiston, James Alexander's line. Delivered: Jno. Hamilton, 24th July, 1765.
  • Page 10.--29th March, 1762. Thomas Neal (O'Neal, Peel) to John Hamilton, £30, tract between Thomas Gordon and John Megery that John Neel formerly lived on, now the property of Thomas Neal, his only son. Mortgage.
  • Page 62.--30th June, 1765. James Hamilton, farmer, to John Hamilton, farmer, £2, 100 acres, part of 200 acres formerly surveyed for Andrew McClure and Alex. Henderson, and known by name of Elk Run, now seated by said John Hamilton, in Beverley Manor; corner tract surveyed for David Edmiston, James Alexander's line. Teste: Francis and John Alexander, Andrew McClure.
  • Page 528.--20th November, 1771. Same (From Robert Beverley) to John Hamilton, £10, 100 acres in Beverley Manor, near Indian Road.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 472.--21st July, 1773. John Hamilton, late of Augusta, to Thomas O'Neal, surrender of mortgage and quit claim, tract surveyed for John O'Neal, deceased, under the North Mountain, which descended to Thomas as only son of John. Teste: John McClenachan, William Elliott, Margaret ( ) Elliott.

Records of John Hamilton in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's: (Note: some records may not pertain to this John Hamilton)

  • Page 554.--__ ____, 1753. Francis McCown to Robert Hamilton, late of Augusta. Delivered: Jno. Hamilton, 17th October, 1786. Part of 720 acres patented to Francis, 1743, on Tees Creek, cor. Robert Erwin. Delivered to John Hamilton. (Note: Possibly not pertaining to this John Hamilton).
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 23, 1753. - (428) John Walker, qualified Capn. of Co. of Foot; John Hamilton, qualified Cornet; John Dickenson, qualified Captain of Horse.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1755 (A). - Montgomery vs. Hamilton.--John Hamilton, of Mills Creek Hundred, in the County of New Castle on Delaware. Taylor and Moses Hamilton of same place. Carpenter and Alexander Montgomery of same place. Mason bond to Benjamin Swett of New Castle, affirmed tanner, dated 1748. John and Moses returned executors. (Note: possible clues in this record).
  • Vol. 1 - Following paper in package marked 1755-56-57--it is apparently a fragment --on the back is written: "A Copy. JOHN RANDOLPH, C. H. B."; Paid in Brunswick to the County, in part . 3195 To Wm. Hugart, John Hamilton, Samuel Hamilton, Robert Gillaspy, George Douther, James Burnsides, Jos. Milehan, John Lewis, John (____), James Jackson, James Miller, David Howell. Robt. Gillaspey, Corporal Samuel McMary, Eldad Reade, Topher Carpenter, Henry Lawless, Robt. Gay, John Stevenson, John Weems, John Taylor, Wm. Kinkead, John Kinkead, James Clements, James McKnight, Wm. Mann, Thomas McMullin, each 300 - 8100
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1758 (B). - Patrick Conningham, debtor to John Hamilton and William Thomson, for 76 gallons rum at Pitchbarg, 1760.
  • Page 279.--12th November, 1758. John Gay's receipt to Alex. Hamilton for what was in his and his wife's hands belonging to the children of William Gay. (Note: this record appears three days before the record below, perhaps Alexander was a brother to John, additional research necessary).
  • Page 281.--15th November, 1758. John Hamilton's bond (with Samuel Young, Alex. Galespy) as administrator of John Gay.
  • Page 203.--18th August, 1759. John Ker, of Rowan County, North Carolina, to James Hamilton, £25, 180 acres on Middle River at mouth of Christian's Creek, hill between Long Meadow Run and Christians Creek; corner Beverley Manor. Teste: James Kerr, Jno. Gillespie, Jno. Hamilton. Proved by witnesses. (Note: possible relation to James Hamilton).
  • Page 81.--20th August, 1761. John Wall's appraisement, by James Hamilton, Jno. Hamilton, Geo. Martin. Recorded.
  • Vol. 1 - 17th February, 1762 - (157) Jane Lettimore, servant of Alexr. Stewart. John Stuart, orphan of James Stuart, aged 14, chose Henry Murray his guardian. James Stuart, aged 18, orphan of James Stuart, chose John Hamilton his guardian. Ralph Stuart, aged 15, orphan of James Stuart, chose Robt. Stuart his guardian. Ordered that the following orphans be bound: William Meek to William Warwick, Mary Meek to Andrew Settleton, Martha Meek to James Walker, James Meek to William Wilson, Jane Meek to Moses Moore.
  • Page 113.--17th February, 1762. Robert Patrick's appraisement, by John Finley, John Hamilton, John Thompson recorded.
  • Page 243.--17th February, 1762. John Hamilton's bond (with Robt. Stewart) as guardian (chosen) to Jas. Stewart, orphan of James Stewart. (Note: this certainly is this John Hamilton, James Stewart was the brother-in-law of Hamilton, who was killed in 1757 by Indians).
  • Page 244.--17th February. 1762. Robert Stewart's bond (with John Hamilton) as guardian (chosen) to Ralph Stewart, orphan of James Stewart.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1762 (A). - Ball vs. Hamilton.--This bill bindeth me, John Hamilton, of Augusta, in Virginia, trader, etc., unto William Ball, of Philadelphia.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 18, 1762. - (366) John Ramsey vs. John Hamilton } Sheriff attached a wagon.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 21, 1763. - (230) Sarah Griffith, servant of John Hamilton.
  • Vol. 2 - Fee Books of Augusta Court - 1765: page 91, John Hamilton, Long Meadow, (August), Hamilton's deed to you
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1765. - John Hamilton vs. Col. John Smith. Writ, 28th August, 1764. Col. John Smith, debtor to John Hamilton, for goods for his soldiers at the Dunkard Bottom and himself--September, 1760: Col. John Smith, himself; Lieut. Hansley, John Smith (bowman), John Lukis, John Hamilton, Stamp Evins, Richard Dodd, Richard Newport, Thomas Deigs, John Cotrel. Said John Smith assumed to pay said accounts in presence of Lieut. Richard Hickman (in Albemarle).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 22, 1765. - (454) Dennis Getty vs. John Hamilton.--Agnes Hamilton, daughter of defendant.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1765 (A). - John Robinson vs. John Hamilton.--Writ, 28th August, 1764. A soldier.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1765 (A). - Walker vs. Hamilton and Adams.--John Hamilton, a soldier, 1765.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1765 (D). - John Hamilton vs. Capt. John Smith.--Lieut. Hansley. Various accounts vs. Smith, for bills of his soldiers at Dunkard Bottom, in 1760, assumed by him.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1765 (D). - Hamilton vs. Smith.--Col. John Smith, debtor to John Hamilton, for goods for his soldiers at the Dunkard Bottom, and himself, September, 1760: Col. John Smith, Lieut. Hansley, John Smith Boman, John Lukis, John Hamilton, Stamp Evins, Richard Dodd, Richard Newport, Thomas Deigs and John Cotril.
  • Page 263.--5th September, 1768. James Gilaspey's will, farmer--To wife Jennet; to son John, plantation John now lives on; to son James, plantation James now lives on; to son William, plantation William now lives on, but if William should die before his present wife, then to William's children; to brother John's children, if they should come for it (they are in Ireland); to 5 children, viz: John, James, William, Agness and Elizabeth Executors, sons John, James, William Gilaspy and Edward Hall. Teste: Elenor Hall, Sarah Hall, Ben. Stewart. Proved, 20th October, 1769, by Elenor Hall and Benj. Stewart. Edward Hall and Wm. Gillespey qualify, with Ben. Stewart and John Hamilton.
  • NOVEMBER 21, 1768 - (45) John McCreery appointed road surveyor. John Hamilton appointed road surveyor from Warm Springs Road to Cap. Dickenson's, and to work with the tithables on Jackson's River, from Wm. Mann's to Duncan McFarland's, and tithables on back Creek--vice John McClenachan.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 27, 1769. - (313) John Dean appointed road surveyor from Forks of Lewis and Dickenson Road to the Warm Springs, vice John Hamilton. Road to be surveyed from Davis's cabin to Warm Springs.
  • Page 522.--21st November, 1771. Same (From Robert Beverley) to James Hamilton, £5, 35 acres in Beverley Manor, corner John Hamilton. Delivered: John Hamilton, March, 1779.
  • Page 507.-- 2d April, 1772. Thomas Hutcheson's will--To wife, Sarah, plantation and the boy, Thomas Rhoads (if she gives up Thomas Rhoades, then John Hamilton is to have him); to daughters, Agness and Sarah. Executors, Andrew McClure and John Hamilton. Teste: Zach. Johnston, Francis Alexander, John Williams. Proved, 20th May, 1772. by the witnesses. Both executors refuse to execute. Administration granted Sarah Hutcheson, who qualifies (her mark) with William Scott, William Scott.
  • Page 8.--20th August, 1772. Recorded. Thos. Hutcheson's appraisement by Walter Davis, Andrew McClure, John Hamilton.
  • Vol. 2 - Fee Books of Augusta Court - 1775: John Hamilton, Tyger's Valley (Note: not sure this is same John Hamilton).
  • Page 92.--13th August, 1779. Darby Connly's estate appraised by Wm. Hamilton, John Warwick, John Hamilton--Received from John Hamilton one certificate for nine cattle of said estate that was impressed for the use of the Malitia in actual service and appraised to. Ditto, 9 hogs impressed.
  • Page 59.--17th January, 1788. Thomas Caldbreath's appraisement by Christopher Graham, James Frazer, Jno. Hamilton.