Person:John Greiner (4)

John David Greiner
m. 05 April 1774
  1. John David Greiner, Jr.abt 1775 -
  2. Mary Greinerbef 1780 -
  3. Sarah Greinerbef 1781 -
Facts and Events
Name John David Greiner
Alt Name John David Griner
Gender Male
Birth? 8 June 1749 Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
Marriage 05 April 1774 to Anna Catherine Seyler
Death? 1 Jan 1788 Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia

John Greiner (Griner) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 87.--9th September, 1773. Francis Hardgrove and Sarah, of Surry County, North Carolina, to John David Griner, part of lot 14 in Staunton, house wherein Edward Long lived, faces James Huston and James Hughes.

Estate Records of John Greiner

  • Page 222.--25th January, 1788. David Greiner's estate appraised by Robert Doathat, Peter Hanger, Peter Heiskell.
  • Page 223.--4th February, 1788. David Greiner's estate sold at vendue.
  • Page 401.-- January, 1790. Anthony Mustoe, administrator of David Grayner (Griner), deceased, and guardian of his children, with Catherine ( ) Grinor, administratrix and relict of said David. Agreement to use and control of David's lots and houses in Staunton. Teste: Michael Bowyer and Peter Hanger.

Records of John Greiner in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 543.--5th February, 1775. David Bosang's will, of Staunton--To wife, Barbara; to son-in-law, Philip Gruber, Jr.; to my three _____, namely, Margaret Gruber, Henry Lees, John Bosang. Executors, Peter Hanger, Casper Scheyder. Teste: Daniel Kidd, John David Gremer, Valentine Cloninger. Proved, 18th November, 1777, by Kidd and Gremer. Casper Scheyder refuses to execute, and it is proved that Peter Hanger will not serve. Administration granted the widow.
  • Page 328.--18th July, 1778. Privy examination of Sarah, wife of Francis Hartgrove (deed to John David Greiner, 9th September, 1773), before Charles Gordon, John Grier, John Brown, justices of Wilks County, North Carolina.
  • Page 77.--17th August, 1779. Recorded. David Bosang's estate appraisement by David Greiner, Jas. Hill, Casper Snider, Jacob Grass.
  • Page 398.--9th June, 1783. John McDonough's estate appraised by David Greiner, John Bosang, Francis Mara.
  • Page 181.--20th April, 1785. Jacob Seyler's (Siler) (German) will (Sr.)--To wife, Dority, after her death to children; to eldest son, Philip, 6 shillings in lieu of birthright; to daughter, Magdalene at death of her husband, and her children; to son, Jacob; to second daughter, Mary Catherine, now married to Martin Yeakly; to daughter, Anna Catherine, now married to John David Griner; to daughter, Anna Mary, now married to Geighford (Geo. Eiford? Ayford?); to daughter, Elizabeth, now married to Monanel Herlis; to daughter, Dorothy, now married to Anthony Mustoe; to daughter, Anna Margaret; to daughter, Eve Margaret, now married to _____ Olinger. Executor, Hermon Levingood. Teste: Elijah McClenachan, Wm. Burk, Edward Burk. Proved, 20th October, 1789, by McClenachan and Burk. Executor refuses; Dorothy also refuses, and administration granted A. Mustoe and George Wiford.
  • Page 205.--18th October, 1785. Plat of Prison Bounds: 9 acres, 152 perches, John Abner's garden, crossing the Creek; Mr. St. Clair's Meadow; west end of Robert Reed's house; Joshua Perry's garden; John David Griner's garden; passing through the two doors of Robert Gray's house.
  • Page 106.--11th July, 1792. John Tenant and Catherine ( ) to Michael Garber, Sr., recites that John has enlisted as soldier in U. S. Army and wishes to secure a livelihood to Catherine; conveys their distributive share in estate of Jacob Seilor after death of widow of Jacob; also their rights in estate of John David Greinor, late of Staunton, deceased, whose widow Catherine is.

Information on John Greiner

From post:

Re: Martin Greiner GER>PA Posted by: Bob Greiner Date: February 06, 1999 at 12:58:38 In Reply to: Re: Martin Greiner GER>PA by Howard Gift of 600

I have researched the lineage of Martin Greiner, b. ca. 1702, immigrant to Lancaster County, PA. Regarding the original posting of Diane Stober, I believe I can prove with certainty that Martin and Barbara Greiner did NOT have a son Matthias. The original records of Rev. John Casper Stover, compiled in 1743, show the birth of one son, Johann Cunradt (Conrad) to Martin Greiner. The following entry for a son Matthias, should be properly interpreted as a son of Matthias Widtmann. I believe at some point in time, someone misread this record. Regarding Donna Carmichael's response, Valentine, son of Martin, lived and died in Lancaster County, PA. One of his sons, John, is known to have moved to Augusta County, VA, near Staunton. None of his children appear to be named Valentine. Valentine also had a son Valentine (b. 1761), but he also lived and died in Lancaster County. I find the modification of the name from Greiner to Garner a bit of a stretch.

I also believe that assigning the middle initial M. to Martin Greiner is a mistaken interpretation. The photocopy of the signatures for the ship Alexander and Anne in the Strassburger and Hinke volume clearly shows the letter M within the name Martin Creiner. However, I believe that the formation of the letter indicates this was Martin's mark, rather than his middle initial. The remainder of the written name is not consistent with this letter, and was probably written by someone else.