Person:John Francis (30)

John Francis
d.bef. 20 June 1786 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HJohn Francisabt 1719 - bef 1786
  • WMary ErwinABT 1734 - BEF 1795
m. WFT Est 1752-1758
  1. Ann Francisest 1759 -
  2. Jane FrancisABT 1765 - BEF 1810
  3. Martha Francis1766-1769 -
Facts and Events
Name John Francis
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1719 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Marriage WFT Est 1752-1758 to Mary Erwin
Death? bef. 20 June 1786 Augusta County, Virginia

John Francis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 60.--217 acres patented to John Francis 5th April, 1748, on Anderson's Branch.
  • 1750, May 19th--John Francis, 50 (acres), at Puding Spring, with one right; 15th May, 1751, 50 acres, joining the same, with one right.
  • Page 513.—27th July, 1766. Thomas Nicholas (Nickels) and Jean ( ) to John Francis, £41.7, 200 acres on Middle River of Shanandore, oaks in the Naked Land at the foot of a ridge; Wiley's corner, George Moffet's line. Teste: Jno. Poage, Jno. Gillespy. Delivered: Jno. Francis, March, 1768.

Will Abstract

  • Page 524.--31st January, 1782. John Francis' will--To wife, Mary; to 4 daughters, Ann, Margaret, Martha, and Jean Francis; to 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Agnis, Mary. Executors, John Gardner, James McCamey. Teste: James Patterson, Abel Griffith, Joseph Moss. Proved, 20th June, 1786, by Patterson and Moss. Gardner qualifies.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Pg. 250 Augusta County Order Book XX (p. 334 of original) - 19 Jun 1787 Following to be bound out: Henry Hatfield (formerly bound to John Francis, deceased), to Wm. Farris.

Information on John Francis

From "Papers read before the Lancaster County Historical Society, Volume 25", by Lancaster County Historical Society:

John Francis patented 32 acres of land in Augusta County on Timber Spring, a branch of the Long Glade, adjoining John Cathey's land, December 4, 1745. Survey Book p. 10.

A detached deposition of Margaret Anderson filed in the Augusta County, Va., records, in 1751, states that she knew John Francis in Chester County, Pa., before his removal to Virginia. This shows that both John Francis and Margaret Anderson had lived in that county prior to 1751.


Born:ABT 1727, Location unknown Died:1786 in Augusta Co, VA Buried:

Children With Mary ERWIN:

Jane (Jean) FRANCIS Born: Died: ABT 1809 in Fayette Co, KY Ann FRANCIS Born: Died: Martha FRANCIS Born: ABT 1769


Margaret FRANCIS Born: Died: Elizabeth FRANCIS Born: Died: Agnes FRANCIS Born: Died: Mary FRANCIS Born: Died: