Person:John Edmiston (1)

m. 1730
  1. Col. William Edmondson1736 - 1822
  2. Samuel Edmiston1738 - 1808
  3. Lt. Robert Edmiston, Sr.AFT 1739 - 1780
  4. John EdmistonAFT 1741 - Bet 1815 - 1816
  5. Mary EdmistonAFT 1742 -
  6. Elizabeth EdmistonAFT 1743 -
  7. Andrew Edmiston1750 - 1780
Facts and Events
Name John Edmiston
Alt Name John Edmondson
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1710
Birth? 1714 ? ?Md ?Pa ?Ireland, ?Talbot Co Maryland
Marriage 1730 to Margaret Buchanan
Alt Marriage Bef. 1734 poss. Cecil County, Marylandto Margaret Buchanan
Death? bef. 23 August 1771 ?Augusta, ?Grayson ?Washington County. Virginia
Alt Death? Bef. 23 Aug 1771 Virginia[listed as dec'd in Augusta Court Record]

John Edmiston was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


Edmondson Tapestry

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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 861.--20th May, 1765. (John ( ) Edmiston and Margret ( ) to John Stewart, £50, 132 acres in Borden's tract; corner John Stewart; corner Wm. Edmiston. Teste: Samuel Buchanan, Wm. and Samuel Edmiston. Delivered: Jno. Stuart, 10th December, 1790.
  • Page 69.--20th August, 1765. John Edmiston and Margaret to Samuel Steel, £150, 440 acres in Borden's tract on Moffett's Creek, Buchanan's line. Teste: David Syer, James Kennedy, Wm. and Samuel Edmiston. Delivered: Samuel Steel, August Court, 1770.
  • Page 289.--9th October, 1765. John Edmiston and Margaret to John Berry, £43, 170 acres, part of Borden's 92,100; corner John Stewart ( ). Teste: Samuel Buchanan, George Dougherty, Robt. Buchanan, Samuel Edmiston.


This article concerns the John Edmiston who with wife Margaret settled on Borden's Grant about 1740, along with his brothers Robert and William. According to a letter from a grandson, Andrew Edmiston, to Governor David Cambell, the family originated in Cecil County Maryland, moved to what is now Rockbridge County (c1740), then briefly relocated to Grayson County VA, (about 1765), before finally settling in what is now Washington County, Va (about 1770).[1]

Cecil County, MD.

Borden's Grant, VA

Over the next 25 years, John appears on numerous court records and land transactions with his wife Margaret:

  • Page 196.--19th March, 1747. Benj. Borden, heir, executor, &c., to Col. Jno. Buchanan. Testator agreed in his lifetime to sell to J. B. £3; part of 98,100 acres, beginning on the creek corner to Jno. Edmiston; 100 acres. Witnesses, John Buchanan, Humberstone Lyon, William Sayers. Acknowledged, 19th March, 1746.
  • Page 426.--17th August, 1753. John Risk to Samuel Hays, 100 acres on James River in Borden's tract, John Edmonson's line.
  • Page 328.--20th May, 1756. John Buchanan, gent., late of Reed Creek, to Samuel Buchanan, £132, 393 acres in 2 surveys: 1st containing 293 acres conveyed to John by Borden and recorded in Orange; 2d containing 100 acres conveyed to John by Borden and recorded in Augusta, on Moffet's Creek, cor. Jno. Edmiston.
  • Page 523.--18th September, 1763. Samuel Hays and Elisabeth ( ) to Wm. Thomson, £45, 100 acres in a line of Borden's great tract, near land of John Edmiston. Teste: Wm. Buchanan, Archibald Reaugh, David Wilson, George Buchanan.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 20, 1765. -(439) James Knox exempted from levy. Thos. Peerie, orphan of Thos. Peerie, aged 16, chose John Peerie his guardian. Dedimus to take deposition of John Edmondson, about to leave the Colony.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 23, 1771. - (266) John Edmenston's death abates suit.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1774 (C). - Wm. Edmonson, heir-at-law of John Edmonson, deceased, and Wm. Kennedy, heir-at-law of Joseph Kennedy, deceased, vs. Silas Hart, heir-at-law of John Hart and executor of Benjamin Borden.--Chancery writ, 24th August, 1772. John Hart was agent of Benjamin, Jr., and Benjamin sold land to John Hart, who sold to John E. and Joseph K. Bill for title.

Grayson County, VA.

Washington County, VA

Personal Data

Personal Data
DOD:c1770Latest confirmed records for him date to 1765. His wife Margaret appears as a widow in 1773 Ebbing Springs Call. There are references to his will entering probate in Augusta County in 1771, as recorded (supposedly) in Chalkley. This needs to be checked.
POD:Washington County Virginiainferred by presence of Margaret as a widow. Might have died in Grayson County, or in Rockbridge County
Father:Person:William Edmiston (9)common conjecture, but unproven
Spouse:Person:Margaret Buchanan (35)Land records in Augusta/Rockbridge identify wife as "Margaret". Some speculate that her married name was Buchanan; others suggest "Campbell". "Buchannan" is shown here because its commonly accepted, but additional work on this is needed.
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
Person:William Edmiston (5) Colonel William Edmiston; Lived and died at Glade Springs, Washington County, VA; Signatory Ebbing Springs Call
Person:Samuel Edmiston (2) Signatory Ebbing Springs Call; At Kings Mountain
Mary Edmiston David Beattie
person:Robert Edmiston (5) Killed at King's Mountain
Person:John Edmiston (5) Signatory Ebbing Springs Call
Elizabeth Edmiston William Edmiston Not obvious which "William Edmiston" this is. Apparently a cousin marriage. Conceivably William (3_ who died in 1788; but then wife is wrong.
Andrew Edmiston Killed at King's Mountain
Person:Thomas Edmiston (2) Signatory Ebbing Springs Call

Jones Report

This information is not to be changed

E-1-2: John Edmiston b.  ?MD, ?PA, ?Ireland, perhaps c. 1714 d. probably Augusta Co. VA, c.1771 m. Margaret ___________


d. after 1772?

John Edmiston very possibly was born in Ireland and came to northern Maryland as a young man. It is equally possible that he was born in MD or southern PA, where a nest of Edmistons is apparent from the early 1700's. Since it is generally accepted that John's eldest son, Col. William, was born in Cecil Co. MD, it is probably that John married there or in neighboring Chester Co. PA. No record of his stay in either county has been found, but he apparently was there for several years.

Exactly when John Edmiston went out to the Virginia Valley is not in the records. However, in a much later trial, his son Samuel deposed that "he came on the land with his father's family and his brother William" and was living there from 1740 to 1745. The land in question seems to have been on Walker's Creek, since many years later, in 1806, James Mitchell deposed that John had lived on Walker's Creek before getting his land from Benjamin Borden.1 This land is part of the Borden Tract, in the southern part of old Augusta County, the part which later became Rockbridge County.

In 1742, John is listed on the Muster of Augusta Co., on Capt. John Buchanan's list.2 At some point, he moved to land on Moffett's Creek, a few miles from Walker's Creek. There before 1743, he had land from Benjamin Borden Sr. (who died in that year), but the deed was not made until 1753.3 This land adjoined the land of Robert Edmiston and Samuel Buchanan. In 1806, David Sayers deposed that John purchased from Benjmain Borden Sr. in 1742; Hugh Fulton deposed that Edmonston lived on the place 59-60 years ago; and James Mitchell deposed that Edmondson was in possession more than 60 years since, and had previously lived on Walker's Creek.4

The source of all of John's land has not yet been ascertained. He is said to have owned more than 1000 acres.5

19 March 1747. Benjamin Borden to Col. John Buchanan. Testator agreed to sell in his lifetime to John Buchanan, £ 3, 100 acres, part of 92,100 acres beginning on the creek, corner to John Edmiston.6 This land went later to Samuel Buchanan: 20 May 1756. John Buchanan, Gent., late of Reed Creek to Samuel Buchanan, 393 acres, corner to John Edmondson on Moffett's Creek. This Buchanan family and the Edmistons were closely involved with each other from then on.

Augusta Co., WB I, 241. 6 Apr. 1749. Will of Robert Edmiston, pr. 22 May 1750. Witnesses are John Edmiston and Samuel Buchanan. Buchanan proves the will on 22 May, but Edmiston is summonsed to appear at the next court.

In the 1740's, there seems to have been at least one other John Edmiston in Augusta County, probably the son of David "Turk" Edmiston, who originally lived on land in the Beverly Manor, some miles north of the Borden tract. David died in 1751. By that time, his son James was already on land further south, and the entire family seems to have moved there. It is virtually impossible to be certain which John is which in some of the entries.

For example: 21 May 1747. John Edmondson given leave to build a mill7. This could be either John, and we originally thought it was this John. However, evidence has emerged showing that the David Edmiston family had one or more mills in this area later on, whereas our John is never referred to as a miller. Therefore, we now think that the John who had the mill was the son of David, D-1-

The following could be either John. 17 March 1748/9. Inventory, David Moore shows a debt to John Edmiston8. This is particularly interesting because David Moore's will, 2 Feb. 1748/9, pr. 15 Feb. 1748/9,9 bequeaths to his sister, Mary Edmondson and her daughter Eleanor. Which Edmondson married Mary Moore is not known. The only other reference to her shows her in Philadelphia in 1771, apparently widowed, deeding 94 1/2 acres of this estate to Samuel Hunter.10 Nothing further is known of daughter Eleanor. Is the John in the Moore estate account the son of David or our John? Moore's land was in the Beverly Manor, which makes it closer to David than to John, but that is anemic evidence at best.

14 Aug. 1753. John Edmiston, Robert Dunlap, Thomas Mitchell, witness deed, Samuel Dunlop to Thomas Beard, land in Borden's Tract.11


            Fw: Timber Ridge Chruch, 1753
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> Following is a listing of "Communicants at Timber Ridge, 1753". This is > taken from Jim of Sandpoint's book, but the source is "History of Rockbridge > County, VA" by Oren F. Morton. (Clearly, the part of Augusta Co that became > Rockbridge Co is what is being talked about here. If you look at the map > that shows both the Borden and the Beverly grants, you will see the Timber > Ridge Church. A name just adjacent to the church is McDowell.) The names > listed below are those who signed a call for the Rev. John Brown, I presume > this is akin to the Petition for Rev. Cummings in Washington County in 1772. > I am including all of the names, not just the Berry's.

> Alexander, Archibald > Allison, Francis > Allison, Robert > Beaty, Francis > Berry, Charles > Berry, Thomas > Berry, William > Borden, Magdalena > Buchanan, Samuel > Caruthers, William > Coulter, James > Davis, Samuel > Davis, William > Davison, John > Douglass, John > Dryden, David [Sr] > Dryden, Thomas > Dunlap, Samuel > Eakin, James > Eakin, Walter > Edmiston, John

> Gamble, Robert > Gaor, Edward > Gray, Jabob > Gray, Samuel > Gray, William > Greenlee, James > Hamilton, William > M'Clung, James > M'Clung, James, Jr > M'Clung, widow > M'Cleur, alexander > M'Cluer, John > M'Cluer, Nathaniel > M'Cluer, Halbert > M'Crosky, John, St. > M'Crosky, John, Jr. > M'Crosky, Alexander > M'Cutchen, Samuel > M'Dowell, James > M'Dowell, Samuel > M'Glister, Neal > M'Murry, Thomas > M'Nabb, Baptist > M'Nabb, John > Hawely, John > Hay, Joseph > Hay, Samuel > Hearken, Edmund > Henderson, George > Henry, Robert > Hill, Thomas > Houston, John Sr. > Houston, John Jr. > Houston, Matthew > Houston, Robert > Houston, Samuel > Kennedy, Joseph > Kerr, John > Keys, John > Keys, Rodger > Kirkpatrick, Robert > Lockridge, William > Logan, John > Lowry, John > Lusk, James > Lusk, William > Lyle, Daniel > Lyle, John > Lyle, Matthew > Lyle, Samuel > Macky, John > Martin, Agnes > M'Anelly, Charles > Reagh, William > Robertson, Robert

> Robinson, James > Robinson, Matthew > Robinson, William > Roseman, John > Sayer, David > Shields, John > Smiley, John > Smith, William > Sprowl, John > Steele, Andrew > Steele, Samuel > Stuart, John > Thompson, James > Trimble, James

Next may be John, son of David, since our John's land is not on the River James; however, no land holding for John, son of David, has been found. 17 Aug. 1753. John Risk to Samuel Hays, 100 acres on James River in Borden's Tract, John Edmonson's line.12 18 Sept. 1763. Samuel Hays to William Thomson, 100 acres "in" land of John Edmondson. William Buchanan, George Buchanan, wits.13

Augusta Co. VA, DB V, 176

This Indenture made the Eighth day of march in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred & fifty three Between Benjamin Borden of the County of Augusta in the Colony of Virginia Gent, ye Eldest son and heir at Law & also the only acting Executor of the Last Will & Testament of Benjamin Borden late of Orange County gentleman Deceased of the one Part & John Edmiston of this County on the same Collony of the other Part-- Whereas the sd Benjamin Borden the Testator in his Life Time ___________ on his demesne of fee of & in several Tracts & Parcels of Lands Situate lying & being in the Colony of Virginia affacs a salse of some Lands & Tenements in New Jersey and being so thereof Served made his last will and Testament in writing bearing Date the third day of April MDCCxlij & therein & hereby amongst other thing did declare to be his will that all lands & a Estate which he had in New Jersey should be sold and all his Land at ______ and his land on Smell [?] Creek of north Shanado & all his Emtries everywhere and all his Lands on the waters of James River and all the rest of his Lands Should be sold Excepting five thousand acres of Land that is all good an Except the Land he then Lived on & Constatute and appoint his wife Zermah Executrix & his son the sd Benjamin and his heir at Law--William Fernley Executor of his sd will and to Execute deeds for those Lands he had sold by his sd will had ordered to be sold as by his sd will Duly Proved & Remaining of Record in the Records of the County Court of Frederick _____ being therunto had may more fully and at Large appear and whereas this William Fernley hath failed to prove the sd will or act as an Executor of the sd will & hath failed to act as Executive and whereas the sd Testator by his sd will had ordered the fee simple Estate of and in the underwritten Two Tracts or parcels of Land to be sold viz the first Tract or parcel of Land containing four hundred & forty-Eight Acres be the same more or less Lying joyning on the North Side of Moffets Creek & the second Tract of Land Containing six hundred & nine acres be the same more or Less Lying in the sd County of Augusta which sd Two Tracts of Land being included Containeth one thousand & fifty seven Acres & one Part of a Large Tract of ninety0two thousand one hundred acres granted the sd Testator by Pattent bearing Date November the sixth in the year of OUr Lord MDCCXXXIX as ____ been being therunto had may & more fully and at Large appear of is bounded as falloweth viz Beginning at a white Oak on the sd Moffets Creek & tthem__ing the new with Buchanans line North forty two degrees East two hundred & forty Poles thence north fifteen degrees East one hundred & thirty Poles north Twenty Degrees west two hundred Poles south Eight four degrees west on hundred & Eight Poles South thirty Degrees East thirty Poles south one Degree west two hundred & three poles and south fifty-two Degrees West fifty three Poles to the sd Creek 7 thence up the several Courses of the Creek to the beginning being the first Tract of sd Land containing four hundred & forty Eight Acres The second Tract beeinneth at a post Corner to Robert Stewarts Kabd & runneth thence North seventy degrees West one hundred & Twenty Poles to a post near a black oak thence North nineteen Degrees East four hundred and thirty poles to a white oak on the side of a hill then: south seventy Degrees East two hundred Poles Crossing a _____ black oak th: south Seventy degrees East three hundred & two Poles to two white Beeche Saplins Corner to Stewart the: with his Line North seventy degrees West one hundred and sixty Poles to between a _________ th: south seventy nine Degrees west one hundred & thirty-two pOles to two ___ Saplins thence south Nineteen degrees west one hundred & thirty POles to the beginning Containing six hundred & nine acres be the same more or less Now this Indentury witnesseth that the sd Benjamin Bordern for and in consideration of the sum of Fity Five Pounts current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the sd John Edmiston at or before the sealing and Delivering of these presents

Wits: Francis Beaty, Matthew Lyle, John Loggan, Robert Lowry. At a Court held for Augusta County the 21st day of March 1753 this Deed for Land Indented from Benjamin Borden Gent son and heir at Law of Benjamin Borden to John Edmiston as in open Court Proved by the Oaths of Francis Beaty Mathew Lyle John Loggan & Robert Lowery..... Delivered Samuel Bucnanan June 21st 1758

1760, Vestry Book shows John Emiston processioned14

DB XI, 523, 18 Sept. 1763. Samuel Hays/Elizabeth to William Thomson, 100 acres in a line of Borden's great tract, near land of John Edmiston. Wits: Wm. Buchanan, Archibald Reaugh, David Wilson, George Buchanan

Definitely our John: 17 Aug. 1762. Appraisement of Andrew Duncan by William Edmondson, John Edmondson, Samuel Buchanan.15

2 Aug. 1764. John Robinson/Sarah to Daniel Harvey. Wits: John Edmondson, Samuel Edmondson, John Stewart16 The presence of Samuel makes this likely to be our John--unless it is John II.

1765 sees a flurry of activity around John. 20 August 1765, Augusta Co. Court Minutes: a Dedimus to take deposition of John Edmondson, "about to leave the Colony"17. The assumption has been made that John, by this time becoming elderly, possibly in ill health, sorted out his affairs at this time and prepared to go elsewhere for his final days, perhaps further south and west, as his family did within a few years. However, it now seems possible that the John "about to leave the colony" was that other John, son of David, who may well have gone south at about this time as other members of his family are known to have done. After all, a move to Botetourt or Fincastle County would not mean "leaving the colony," and where else might our John have gone outside of Virginia? We should also mention the possibility that the departing John could be E-1-2-5: John II, who might have been old enough by now to be involved in a court case, and who definitely was out of the county a few years later when he married in Pennsyvlania. It might be helpful if we knew what the deposition was, but it has not been discovered.

What is awkward is that in the same year, some of them on the very same day the deposition was ordered, John participated in a number of deeds:

20 May 1765. John Edmiston/Margaret to John Stewart, £ 50, 132 acres, Borden's Tract, corner John Stewart, corner William Edmiston. Wits: Samuel Buchanan, William Edmiston, Samuel Edmiston. Delivered John Stewart, 10 Dec. 1790.18

20 Aug. 1765. John Edmiston/Margaret to Samuel Steel, £ 150, 440 acres, Borden's Tract on Moffet's Creek, Buchanan's line. Wits: David Sayer, James Kennedy, William Edmondson, Samuel Edmondson. Delivered to Samuel Steele, August Court 1770.19

20 Aug. 1765. Samuel Steel/Mary to Robert Steel, 34 acres, delivered Robert Steel, August. Court 1770.20

20 Aug. 1765. John Stewart/Mary to Samuel Steel, 140 acres, Borden's Tract. Wits: William Edmiston, Samuel Edmiston, John Edmiston.21

9 Oct. 1765. John Edmiston/Margaret to John Berry, £ 43, 170 acres, part of Borden's 92,100, corner John Stewart. Wits: Samuel Buchanan, George Dougherty, Robert Buchanan, Samuel Edmiston22

Apparently, John was getting rid of some of his lands and some of the transactions seem designed to round out or rectify the borders of older lands. However, John did not sell all his land at this point, and there was still some dispute as late as 1806, when an extensive lawsuit found in the Borden-Peck file in the Augusta County Court House.

Additional lands were sold later:

Rockbridge Co., DB C, 123. 17 Sept. 1794. William/Elizabeth Edmiston, Washington Co., heir at law to John Edmiston dec'd., to John Robertson, £14, 2 tractsm 114 acres, corner to John Stuart, 93 acres + 21 acres, corner to Robertson and John Stuart, both patents of John Edmiston, now in possession of Robertson. Rec. Washington Co., 17 Sept. 1794; Rockbridge Co., 6 Jan. 1795

DB F, 39. 16 Apr. 1806. William/Elizabeth Edmiston to Samuel Steel, $100, 196 acres on Moffett's Creek, part of 609 acre survey belonging to John Edmiston dec'd., adj. Mary Grimes, John Stewart, John Robinson. Wits: Thomas Edmiston, Samuel E. Watson, Samuel Edmiston. Rec. Washington Co., 17 Apr. 1806, Reocbridge Co., 6 Oct. 1806.

Incidentally, the total acreage sold in these deeds and earlier is 1166, which is more than John was said to have procured.

Washngton Co. V, OB XIV< 266, 1 8g; 1771.. John Edmonston's deat abates suit (Chalkley I, 163. \+ This is the only indication of when John died and no estate papers have been found.

Soon, John's family moved south, probably starting c. 1772. , which is after John died. Hwever, the move date is not certainand there is some possibility that John died in Washington Co. One of Col. William Edmiston's descendants, Sarah James McChesney, published a rather confused account of the Edmiston family. She speaks of the death of an Edmiston man at the Edmiston Fort in Washington Co., the first death in the county. Her description of the deceased man's family fits no known Edmiston; however, it has been suggested that the man who died was the elderly John Edmiston, brought to Washington Co. by his children. If so, he is allegedly buried at the site of old Fort Edmiston. As for the widow Margaret, any references may be confused with Margaret Montgomery Edmiston, the wife of John's eldest son, Col. William Edmiston.

Augusta Co. VA, DB 18, 224. 24 Jan. 1772. William and Margaret Edmiston witness an acknowledgement of debt between William and Ann Christall and their son-in-laws Henry Reaburn and Charles Harris. This Margaret is more probably Col. William's wife. However, in 1772, a number of residents of Washington Co. signed a call to the Rev. Charles Cummings to come to preach to them23. William and Margaret sign this, their names not together on the list. Margaret signs next to John Edmiston, presumably but not necessarily E-1-2-5. This is more probably John's widow Margaret. No further record found. Margaret's maiden name is unknown. Since it is known that her son, Col. William Edmiston, was born in Cecil Co., her marriage must have occurred there, nearby in Chester Co. PA or the Philadelphia area, or possibly in Ireland. Early researchers picked up some tradition of a Campbell marriage somewhere in the family, and it would be possible for Margaret to be a Campbell.

Another possibility would be Buchanan. There is no doubt but that the Edmistons had very close ties with the Samuel Buchanan family. Samuel may have been the son of Jean Bohannan (Jane Buchanan) who died in Augusta Co. in 1747, and who nominated Robert Edmiston as her executor. At any rate, it seems likely that Jane lived on the 393-acre tract next to the two Edmistons, a tract belonging to Jane's son John Buchanan. John sold it to Samuel Buchanan in 1756, Samuel's first known land in Augusta Co., and it seems probable that Samuel and family had been living on it for some time previously.

How the Buchanans were related to the Edmistons, if they were, is not known. One possibility would be that Jane Buchanan was herself an Edmiston (although one tradition has it that she was a Sawyers), possibly sister to Robert and John. It would be equally possible for John's wife Margaret to be a Buchanan, perhaps sister to the husband of Jane Buchanan (by unsupported tradition, a James Buchanan). A blood relation to the Buchanans would go far to explain the extraordinary closeness of the families for several generations. It would also help explain the close relationship with Gen. William Campbell, since he was Jane Buchanan's grandson--and this might be the source of the Campbell connection so often rumored.

There might be more children for John than are listed. Those listed are authenticated to some extent. Judge Benjamin Estill wrote to Lyman C. Draper, 21 Aug. 1845, about the Judge's stepfather, E-1-2-2: Samuel Edmiston. He mentions four brothers and a brother-in-law who were at King's Mountain, of whom three were killed. He goes on to say that Col. William was the eldest of his family, Samuel next. Their father owned 200-300 acres in Rockbridge Co., so they went west to seek their fortunes. The farm was on Wardlaw's Creek in Rockbridge County, and it passed to a daughter who married a Steel.24 This letter gives us some of the sons, but is most important as the base for adding in Mary Steele as a daughter--the daughter whose husband Samuel Steele got the family farm (cf. deeds above).

A further proof of the sons comes from the Campbell-Preston papers in the Library of Congress, vol. VII, p.789. This is a depsoition from General William Campbell Edmiston, Col. William's son, dated 26 July 1823, concerning the conduct of William Campbell at the battle of King's Mountain. In it, G.W.C. says:

My father commanded as a Major at that battle in the regiment commanded by Gen'l. Campbell. I had in the same regiment several uncles to wit, Samuel Edmiston, John Edmiston, Robert Ednmiston, Andrew Edmiston, & David Beattie & William Edmiston, the two latter of whom were uncles by marriage. Robert Edmiston, Andrew Edmiston & Cap'n William Edmiston three of my uncles were killed there that day, and John Edmiston was wounded.

If Capt. William Edmiston was G.W.C. Edmiston's uncle by marriage, this can only be through the captain's wife Elizabeth, who must therefore be Elizabeth Edmiston and another daughter for John. As for other possible children, there is Thomas Edmiston, who died in Washington Co. 1799. Cole thought that he was "Blind Tommy", who by family tradition was the father of Ann Edmiston, wife of E-1-2-4: Andrew Edmiston. If he was Ann's father, then he was not John's son, since Andrew would hardly marry his niece. However, from the few records on this Thomas, he seems more likely to be of the same generation as the children of John Edmiston and therefore too young to be Ann's father. His wife seems probably to have been Margaret Buchanan, of the Samuel Buchanan family next door to the Edmistons. Therefore, it is at least possible that this Thomas was another son of John, but it also seems doubtful in that no tradition of such a relationship was found by Cole or other earlier researchers. NN.B. I ave recently advanced the argument that Thomas was a brother to John, not a son. But the theory is far from proved.

Hettie McEwen in her family account mentions a daughter of Col. William Edmiston, Betsy, who married a soldier in the British Army named Wallace and died young. The Colonel certainly had a daughter Betsy, but she did not die young nor marry Mr. Wallace. Therefore, there is the admittedly remote possibility that Mrs. McEwen had a generation slip, and that Betsy Wallace was a daughter of John Edmiston and therefore Mrs. McEwen's great-aunt, rather than aunt. The earlier generation makes better sense, since the generation of Col. William's children would hardly be in much position or disposition to marry English soldiers This possiblity would be stronger if John did not have a daughter Elizabeth already documented....this imformation given to me by Pro. Howard V Jones it is his research and he has given me permission to use it on WeRelate although it is copy righted...--Dlbradley1 11:46, 18 February 2009 (EST)

  1. See Edmondson Family of Southwest Virginia for details concerning this letter.