Person:John Dunbar (24)

John Dunbar
b.1701 Scotland
m. 1730
  1. Eleanor Dunbar1730 - BET 1790 AND 1796
  2. John Dunbar, IIABT 1730 - 1794
  3. Martha 'Mary' Dunbar1736 -
  4. Margaret Dunbar1736 - 1813
  5. Ann DunbarABT 1738 - bef 1810
Facts and Events
Name John Dunbar
Gender Male
Birth? 1701 Scotland
Alt Marriage ABT 1727 to Mary Anderson
Marriage 1730 to Mary Anderson
Death? 1792 Augusta County, Virginia

John Dunbar was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants 1742-1775, Vol. 2:

  • G-533: John Dunbar of Augusta County, 412 acres in said County. Surv. Mr. G. Washington. On Lost River of Cacapeon. 4 June 1750. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, pg. 50].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 452.--18th August, 1752. John Dunbarr, farmer, to Wm. Miller, farmer, of Frederick Country. On Lost River of Calaphon, from Fairfax, 412 acres. Delivered: Francis McBride, January, 1754. Teste: Robert Renick, John Erwin. (Note: the Cacapon River is a tributary of the Potomac River).
  • Page 134.--19th August, 1752. John Dunbar (to?), Wm. Miller of Frederick County 412 acres on Lost River of Cacaphore. Consideration is " good causes and composition to me paid and annual rent hereafter reserved to Lord Fairfax." Same exceptions and provisions as above.

Estate Records

  • Page 300.--29th April, 1783. Jonathan Danbarr's estate appraised by Thos. Smith, John Abney, Wm. Blear. [Note: possibly this John Dunbar (or a son?), needs additional research).

Records of John Dunbar in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 217.--27th February, 1749. Francis McBride s bond as administrator of Benj. McBride, with sureties Jno. Dunbarr, Daniel Morley.
  • Page 284.--22d February, 1750. Benj. Kcrkendall's bond as administrator of John Mills, with sureties Anthony Bogart, Jno. Dunbar.
  • April 18th 1750 - Plat drawn, Then Survey'd for David Dunbar a certain Tract of waste Land Situate in Augusta County & on Cacapehon & bounded as followeth beg at a white Oak Chesnut Oak & Maple Corner to Ann Dunbar & run thence S° 25° Wt Two hundd Poles to 3 white Oaks thence No 65 Wt Three hundd & Eighty Poles to 3 white Oaks at the foot of a Mountain thence to John Dunbar corner from thence with his Line to ye beg Contg 425 Acres this Plat beg: at John Dunbar's beg. Corner JOHN LONEM, DANIEL LIZENBY, WILLIAM WARDEN. [Source: "Journal of My Journey Over the Mountains" By George Washington].
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 24, 1750. - (373) Joseph How directed to set up sign posts and keep it up with these: John Elswick, Andrew Viney, John Dunbarr, William McBride, Francis McBride, Robert Denton, James Thomas, James Scot, James Hamilton, William Miller and Valentine Sevier.
  • Page 314.--27th February, 1750-51. Sarah Thorn's bond as administratrix of Henry Thorn, with sureties Peter Thorn, John Dunbarr.
  • Page 496.--20th August, 1752. Edward Hogan, farmer, and Sarah, to Francis McBride, Lost River of Cacaphout (Caccaphon), 330 acres. Teste: Philip Chittam, John Dunbar, John Lewis.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1752. - (321) Peter Scholl, qualified Colonel of Foot; Low Todd, qualified Lieut. of Horse; John Dunbar, qualified Capn. of Horse; John Fitzwater, qualified Ensign; Francis McBride, qualified Cornet; Ro. McFarland, qualified Lieut.; Ro. Young, qualified Capn. of Horse.
  • Page 165.--26th June, 1754. Accounts against estate of James Hamilton--To a cryer, 12 pence in the pound; to the corroner, £l, 2, 8. Going to Balhaven for Dunbar's deed. List of proven accounts vs. James Hamilton's estate--Wm. McGee; Jno. Miller, Danl. Cummings, John Dunbar.
  • Page 118.--20th June, 1755. Vendue of James Hambleton, by Daniel Love In the Gap of the North Mountain upon Shanandoah. To Henry Abrams, James and Isaac Johnston, Wm. Claypole, John Dunbar.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1758 (C). - Love vs. West.--Signatures of John Dunbar, Uriah Humble, James Johnson, Benjamin Kinley, Good Mowgainey.
  • Page 270.--18th August, 1758. Wm. McBride's appraisement, by John Dunbar, Robert Denton, James Thomas.
  • Vol. 1 - October, 1765. Daniel Harrison's answer states that: Claims that orator is still in his debt. Account follows: Downes's fees--William Carrel, David Johnson, James Scott, John Dunbar, William Longin, Mathy Thomas, John Griffeth, John Megil. Adam Bracen Righ's book (boock)--Alen Sculps, Alen Jackson. John Bumgardner's book--Jonathan Duglis, Aorgin Jones, John Crage, Thos. Dwode, Ben Inman Gouge, John Harrison, Henry Netherentine, Samuel Lonard, Renell Macdannel, Jeremiah Orsburn, Jr., Samuel Pattron, James Rutledge, Samuel Samples, Edward Shankling, Hugh Duglis, Wm. Ewing, David Crage, John Griffeth, James Gray, Reuben Harrison, Samuel Henderson, Francis MacBred (McBride), Richard Marling, John Phillips, John Pattron, Valentine Seveor, Mathew Ship, John Walker, Thomas Holing, Mung Price, Hugh Camel, John Davis, Jacob Glashe, John Holmes, Joell Hornback, Thomas Loin (Lain), Peter Mate, John Orsburn, Josiah Parrent, Edward Rutledge, James Scot, Mathous Sulcer, Richard Tictum.
  • Page 280.--12th October, 1765. William Smith and Mary, of Hampshire County, to James Thomas, £67, on south side of Timber Ridge on a draft of Linvil's Creek, patented to William Smith, deceased, father of said William, 10th March, 1756, 154 acres. Teste: John Dunbar, Rülen May, Jacob ( ) Trumbo, John Thomas, Conrad Humble. Delivered Nicholas Mose, December, 1768.
  • Vol. 2 - (undated appears to be abt. 1766-7) - Page 418.--Daniel (mark) Cummins petitions that for 3 years he has been a charge to William Picken, who now asks to be reimbursed. Witnesses present, viz: Jno. Thomas, Ruide Mauk, James Cahoon, James Thomas, Jno. Dunbarr, Jno. Gratton, Michael Hauber, Jno. Miller, Thos. Bryan, George Weese, Martin Humble, Jno. Jackson, Skidmore Monsey, Francis Monsey.
  • Page 530.--7th July, 1767. Conrad Lamb, farmer, and Catherine ( ) (Cathrina) to John Thomas, £150, in Brock's Gap, 212 acres conveyed to Conrod, 16th August, 1756, by executors of Benj. Borden, Jr., part of 800 acres patented to Benj. 1747. Teste: Adam ( ) Haverstick, Mathias House, Michael ( ) Ginder, George ( ) Ginder. Delivered to Jno. Dunbarr, November, 1769.
  • Page 1.--9th January, 1772. Samuel Nicolas' will, farmer--To wife, Mary; to son, Phillip; to daughter, Elizabeth Nicolas; to son, Margaret Nicolas; to youngest son, John. Executors, son Philip Nicholas and John Thomas. Teste: John Dunbarr, James Thomas, John Bailey. Proved, 19th August, 1772, by the witnesses. Executors qualified with John Miller, John Miller, Jr.
  • Page 393.--17th March, 1773. Samuel Nicholas' estate appraised by John Dunbarr, William Samples, Michael Warren.
  • Page 130.--21st March, 1774. Adam Hoverstick, of Culpeper, to George Kersner, patent to Adam 7th July, 1763, and conveyed by him to William Samples 18th August, 1770, and William Samples to George Kersner 17th August, 1773. Adam was an alien and foreigner when he conveyed to William Samples and continued so until 16th March, 1774, when he was naturalized. Teste: John Dunbarr, Francis ( ) McBride, John Thomas, Benjamin Kinley.
  • Page 509.--15th June, 1774. Thomas West's estate appraisement by John Dunbarr, Conrad Humble, Thomas Beggs.
  • Page 452.--16th November, 1774. Nicholas Mace ( ) and Ann ( ) to Michael and George Kintner, part of patent to Thomas Beal. Teste: John Dunbar, John ( ) Bailey, John Thomas.