Person:John Diddle (3)

John Diddle, Sr.
  1. William Aduddell1736 -
  2. John Diddle, Sr.1744 - 1837
  3. Charity Jane Diddlebef 1745 - bef 1785
  4. James Adudell - 1813
m. 27 December 1769
  1. Sarah Ann Diddle1770 -
  2. Samuel Diddle1772 - bef 1840
  3. John Diddle1778 - 1858
  4. William 'James' Diddleabt 1780/83 - 1832
  5. David Wesley Diddle1784 - 1854
  6. Jane 'Jennie' Diddle1788 - 1886
  7. Charity Diddle - aft 1846
Facts and Events
Name John Diddle, Sr.
Alt Name John Adam Diddle
Unknown John Audiddell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1744 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marriage 27 December 1769 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvaniato Eleanor Hense
Death[1] 8 May 1837 Augusta County, Virginia

John Diddle, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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American Revolutionary War Veteran

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 292.--25th May, 1771. Mary ( ) Edmiston, of Philadelphia Penna., widow, one of the devisees named in will of David Moore, of Virginia, deceased, to Samuel Hunter, yeoman, £17, on head waters of Christie's Creek in Beverley Manor adjoining lands of William Thompson, James Cowan, William Hays and Robert Wilson, 94-1/2 acres. Teste: William Hutcheson, John Adudell, James Alexander, Benjamin McMechan, Alexander ( ) Thompson.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1786--March 28, Thomas Griffey and Catherine Wright; surety, Jno. Andiddle; daughter of William Right; witness, Ro. Caldwall.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1786--December 19, Alexander Elliott, of Rockbridge, and Nancy Campbell, daughter of Andrew Campbell; sureties, John Didall and Alex., son of George Elliott; witnesses, Moras Loyd and Wm. Elliott, John Camel and David Henderson.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1790--April 28, Ezeekiel Cooper and Mary King, daughter of John King (consent); witnesses, William Anderson, Isaac White, William Bratton; sureties, John Didell, Wm. Anderson.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1791--February 12, Charles East and Elizabeth Lowdermilk, daughter of Mickle Lowdermilk (consent); witnesses, Isaac White, Balcher Seldoneridge; surety, John Diddle (Didell).
  • Page 59.--Poll of election for two trustees for the town of Staunton, taken 1st January, 1793--For Michael Garber, 18, viz: Jacob Geiger, Robt Gratton, Andrew Cutler, Jno. Boys, Phillip Dyre, Robt. Bailey, Anthony Ingleton, Michael Syford, Jno. Gates, Geo. Weifford, Jno. Gunn, Jno. Backinster, Wm. Heginbotham, Wm. Brieze, Michael Cawley, Jno. Moore, Jno. Price, John Diddy. For Robert Douthat, 22, viz: Jacob Kinney, Daniel Donavan, Robt. McDowell, Peter Heiskell, Jno. Grates, Jos. Dickey, Jas. Barry, Samuel Merrila. Jas. Cochran, Jno. Gardner, Jas. McLaughlan, Jas. Mathews, Alex. Mason, Smith Thompson, Michael Cawley, Wm. Chambers, G. Christian, Jno. Price, Jno. McDowell, Alex. Humphreys. For James McGonegal, 4, viz: Michael Syford, Jno. Gunn, Jno. Backinston, Jno. Diddy. For Peter Heiskell, 25, viz: Jacob Geiger, Andrew Cutler, Jacob Kinney, Jos. Dickey, Jas. Barry, James Cochran, Wm. Heginbotham.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1795--June 24, Ezekiel Hopping and John Diddey, surety. Ezekiel Hopping and Fanny Cunningham, daughter of John Cunningham (consent). Teste: David Cunningham, Jr., James Ewing.
  • Vol. 2 - Insolvents and Delinquents, 1796: David Bruster, dead; Windle Bright, removed to Georgia; John Diddy, to Montgomery; Abram Grove, to Milton; James Huston, to Baltimore; Garland Terrell, dead; Henry Yost, to Milton; John Ballard, to Pendleton; John Brown, to Hanover; John Deacon, to Kentucky; Leonard Huffman, in the army; Phil Palmer, to Kentucky; Henry Verner, to Holstein.
  • Page 362.--3d September, 1798. John King's will--To wife, Isabella; son, John; son, William; daughter, Margaret; daughter, Charity; friend, Wm. Anderson, friend, James Anderson; friend, Ezekiel Cooper. Executors, wife Isabella, sons John and William. Teste: John Didell, Jno. Cook. Proved, 26th March, 1804. Executors qualify.
  • Vol. 2 - John Diddle's Declaration, October 24th, 1832: Aged 87 years; was born in Pennsylvania in 1744, and raised there within seven miles of Philadelphia; resides now sixteen miles southeast of Staunton; volunteered as one of the militia of Augusta County against the Cherokee Indians in August, 1776, and rendezvoused at David Steele's in the Company of Capt. William Christian and Lieut. Pat Buchanan; declarant was Sergeant; marched to New River, and was put under the command of Colonel William Christian, of the Militia; thence to an island in the Holston River, where they awaited troops; thence marched for the Indian Nations, but near French Broad River they were informed that a large body of Indians lay on the other side, whither they crossed in the night, but the Indians had fled; thence marched to the Indian Towns, where they lay for some time, burnt their towns, and were discharged; arrived at home in November, 1776. Appeal being made to the Augusta Militia to turn out against the British, he volunteered, and with other troops from Augusta rendezvoused at Teas's in January, 1781; Col. Mathews was in command; declarant was in Capt. John Cunningham's Company; they marched to Fredericksburg, where they lay a few days, and were then ordered to Portsmouth; they crossed the James River at Cabbin Point; thence to Camp Carson, below Suffolk; was in a scrimmage in which Capt. Cunningham was wounded; declarant took a British Yeauger prisoner; was transferred to Capt. Charles Cameron's Company; was discharged with the other troops and reached home in April, 1781; Major William Willson was in the service with him on the first tour, and on the second were Maj. William Willson and John Thompson; Col. or Lieut. Col. Wm. Bowyer and Maj. Alexander Robertson, of the Augusta Militia, served on the second. (Maj.) William Willson, aged 87, deposes that the foregoing declaration is true, and that the Ensign with Capt. William Christian was Zachariah Johnston. John Thompson deposes that he was a soldier and knows that declarant served the last tour.
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