Person:John Depew (4)

John Depew
b.abt. 1725/33
d.abt. September 1811 Botetourt County, Virginia
m. abt. 1758
  1. Isaac Depew1758 - 1854
  2. Samuel Depew1759 - 1791
  3. John Depew1762 - bet 1842-1850
  4. Jacob Depew1765 - 1847
  5. Elijah Depew1767 - 1824
  6. Lucretia 'Lawerecia' Depew1769 -
  7. James Depew1775 - 1820
Facts and Events
Name John Depew
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1725/33
Marriage abt. 1758 New Jerseyto Catherine Shepard
Death? abt. September 1811 Botetourt County, Virginia

John Depew was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Land Acquisition in Virginia

Land Surveys in Botetourt County, VA:

  • Depew, John Sr. - 1789, Aug. 22, 370 acres on Glade Creek, near same on both sides of the Great Road.
Source: First Land Surveys in Botetourt County, VA USGenWeb
  • 23 Aug 1798. Survey for John Depew Sen’r of 370 acres on Glade Creek, on boh sides of the great road. 35 acres laid off for Henry Spinkard. [Source: Botetourt County, Virginia, Surveyor’s Book 1A, p 554].

Will of John Depew

Depew, John. Will probate Sept. 1811.
Names wife Catherine and children: Elijah, Isaac (eldest), Lawrencia Datzell, Abraham, James, John and Jacob.
The heirs of a dec. son, Samuel and a drandaughter, child of his son, James.
[Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 54].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Jacob Depew vs. John Howard and Mary, his wife, and George Lemon-- O. S. 22; N. S. 7--Appeal from Botetourt. In 1788 Jacob's father, John Depew, entered 50 acres in Botetourt. Shortly after there was smallpox in Botetourt. John and Mary lived in Kentucky. Benjamin Howard was son of John.
  • Mathews vs. Johnston--O. S. 364; N. S. 132--Deed, 27th August, 1808, by William Freighley (Fraly) and wife, Mary, of Albemarle, to Sarah Johnston, of Rockingham, 12 acres on Smith's Creek, in Rockingham, patented to Daniel Freighley, 1794, and by him conveyed to William by deed recorded 28th April, 1796. Recorded in Rockingham, September, 1808. Deed, 25th May, 1821, by Sarah Johnson to _____ Blosser, above 12 acres. No certificate of record. Deed, 2d January, 1822, by Sarah Johnson, of Augusta, to Daniel Mathews, of Rockingham; above 12 acres. Recorded in Rockingham, 9th May, 1822. Deed, 19th December, 1803, by Benjamin Tallman and wife, Dinah, of Rockingham, to John Depo; 150 acres, parts of two tracts; 36 acres in part of 182 acres, conveyed by Ann Tallman to Benjamin by deed 25th April, 1796, part of 290 acres conveyed by Joseph Conrad, son and heir of George Conrad, to Ann Tallman, 26th June, 1792; part of 590 acres patented to said George, 11th December, 1780, the remaining 114 acres are part of said 290 acres conveyed by said Joseph to Ann, and also of 45 acres conveyed by said Joseph to said Ann part of 75 acres, part of 144 acres patented to John Needham, 3d August, 1771, and by his daughter Eleanor, heiress-at-law, conveyed to said George, 26th March, 1781. The 144 acres conveyed to Benjamin, 8th December, 1803. Recorded in Rockingham, December, 1803. Deed, 25th August, 1783, by Zebulon Harrison and wife, Margaret, of Rockingham, to Benjamin Tallman, 165 acres on Smith's Creek. Recorded in Rockingham, 25th August, 1783.