Person:John Dennison (10)

John Dennison, Sr.
b.Abt. January 1751 Augusta County, Virginia
d.Bef. October 1824 Rockingham County, Virginia
  1. Margaret Dennisonabt 1745/46 -
  2. Ann Dennisonabt 1747 -
  3. Mary Dennisonabt 1748/49 -
  4. John Dennison, Sr.Abt 1751 - Bef 1824
  5. Sarah Dennisonest 1754 -
  6. Elizabeth Dennisonest 1757 -
  7. David Dennisonest 1759 -
  8. James Dennisonabt 1761 -
  9. Eleanor Dennisonest 1763 -
  10. Isabella Helena Dennisonabt 1765 -
  11. William Dennison1767 - 1838
  12. Maj. Thomas Dennisonabt 1768 -
  13. Catherine Dennisonabt 1770 -
  14. Daniel Dennisonabt 1772 -
  • HJohn Dennison, Sr.Abt 1751 - Bef 1824
  • WMary Kingest 1760 - bef 1811
m. est. 1778
  1. John Dennison, Jr.Abt 1779 -
  • HJohn Dennison, Sr.Abt 1751 - Bef 1824
  • WMartha Parris1777 - BEF 1822
m. 27 JUN 1811
Facts and Events
Name John Dennison, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. January 1751 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage est. 1778 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Mary King
Marriage 27 JUN 1811 Augusta County, Virginiato Martha Parris
Death? Bef. October 1824 Rockingham County, Virginia

John Dennison was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Early Land Surveys in Augusta County:

  • 1772, Daniel Dennison’s oldest son, John Dennison, purchased a tract on Dry River adjacent to that of his father. [From "Dennison Report", by John B. Robb].
  • 1 December 1790 - Page 91 - John Deneston, 44 acres, Dry River. Adjoining Benga Rice, John Rice. December 1, 1790. ["Abstract of Land Grant Surveys of Augusta and Rockingham Counties, Virginia", Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 91].

Records of John Dennison in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - 1781-2. Petition for road from Levi Moore's, on Nap Creek, to Back Creek and up the Back Creek from William Green's to Crab Bottom, on head of South Branch Potomac. George Hoff, Ebrthe. Browner, Isaac Gum, Ebraham Ingram, James Patton, Peter Robertson, John Robertson, Back Calleway, James Dunwoddy, William Dunwoddy, John Slavens, Ruben Slavens, William Slavens, Esiah Slavens, Bige Warrin, John Waid, Leonard Waids, John Denston, William Green, John Townsend, James Townsend, Hezekiah Stout, Ephram Bates, James McClaughlin. [Note: same John Denison?]
  • Page 201 - - 22nd August, 1794. - - John King's will - - To wife, Margaret, five daughters and two sons (Robert and John) are married; to sons, Samuel and James. Executors, sons-in-law James Lard (Laird), Jno. Denison. Teste: Jno. Gibson, Samusl Gibson, Catren Cloverfield. Proved, October Court, 1795, by all witneses.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1800--May 23, John Dennison, Jr., and Jno. Dennison, Sr., and James Henderson, sureties. John Dennison, Jr., and Hannah Henderson, daughter of said Jones Henderson.
  • Page 395.--21st August, 1814. John Parris' will, in advanced age--To wife Hannah; to sons, Thomas and George (has heretofore given military lands in Ohio); daughter, Jane Hudson; daughter, Margaret Henderson; daughters, Hannah and Elizabeth Parris; other daughters have been provided for at marriage; daughters, Mary Hudson, Martha Dennison, Jane Hudson, Margaret Henderson, Hannah and Elizabeth Parris; testator's land in Stokes County, N. C., to be sold; to son, John; son, Alexander, to each grandchild named after testator, i. e., John, son of Thomas; John, son of George; John, son of Charles Hudson. Executors, son John and wife Hannah. Teste: Vincent Tapp, Robt. Henderson. Proved, 26th September, 1814. Executors qualify. (Note: Martha [Parris] was John's 2nd wife).

Information on John Dennison

From "Dennison Report", by John B. Robb:

No marriage record for John Dennison has been found, but we may say from the above that he came of age in the 1770s, and additional evidence to be considered below makes it probable that he was married about 1778—in the first year after the creation of Rockingham County when marriage returns were still probably spotty, and also before the Augusta County marriage records began. Despite the missing marriage record, John’s first marriage partner can be identified rather succinctly by two pieces of evidence. On 16 Feb 1793, John and Mary Denison sold 52a of land on the waters of Naked Creek adjacent to land owned by John King, and on 22 Aug 1794, John King of Augusta County, Virginia made his will naming son-in-law John Denison. In fact, the association between the Dennis[t]ons and John King may be traced at least as far back as the 1771 deed by which John Denison’s father, Daniel , bought into the 2 Dry River complex, which deed was witnessed by John King, and probably even farther back to the Dennis[t]ons’ first settlement about 1739 in Beverley Manor. [Source:]

John Dennison and his 1st wife, Mary King were "next-door neighbors" in Beverley Manor. John's father Daniel Dennison's patent (1739) was adjoining Mary King's grandfather's (Robert King) patent (1742).