Person:John Davis (494)

John Davis, of Goochland, Albemarle & Amherst County, Virginia
  • HJohn Davis, of Goochland, Albemarle & Amherst County, VirginiaAbt 1725 -
  • WJemima JeffersonBef 1730 - Aft 1770
m. Est 1747
  1. William Davis, Sr.Abt 1747 - 1842
  2. Robert Davis1754 - 1843
  3. Thomas Davis, of Logan County, VA1755 - 1825
  4. John Davis, Jr.1758 - 1841
  5. Mary Davis1759 -
  6. Jemima Davis1761 -
  7. James Davis1763 - 1831
  8. Elizabeth "Betty" Davis1770 - Aft 1870
Facts and Events
Name John Davis, of Goochland, Albemarle & Amherst County, Virginia
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1725 Goochland County, Virginia[estimates vary between 1720-1732]
Marriage Est 1747 Virginiato Jemima Jefferson

John Davis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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NOT to be confused with John Davis (1720-1799) who died in 1799 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. Some researchers have confused the two.

About John Davis

John Davis [according to researchers] came from Goochland and Albemarle County, Virginia and married Jemima [Jefferson] Collins, who according to family tradition was a close relative to President Thomas Jefferson [although efforts of several researchers have not comfirmed this]. Jemima may have had a very short marriage to a Mr. Collins, explaining the "Collins" name supposedly in marriage records.

John and Jemima's children are said to have been variously born in Albemarle and later were located in the area then comprising Augusta County, which is partially proven in the Revolutionary War Service Declarations by their sons William, Thomas and John Davis, who all made statements that they enlisted in Botetourt County, Virginia [which was formed in 1769 from part of Augusta County]. It is probable that John may have moved to the Augusta County [later Botetourt) area after the death of Jemima, who is said to have died in Albemarle County in 1765. There are land records in Augusta [and surrounding Counties} for multiple John Davises, during that time period, but proving which land records belong to this John Davis has not been possible to date. [Additional research is needed].

John Davis was listed in the "Order Entry Book 1737-1770" (combined for the western area of Brunswick Co. and containing the present counties of Halifax, Pitts., Henry, Franklin & Patrick). The entry shows on Mar. 7, 1763 John Davis 400 acres beginning at Reeds Creek on Turkeycock extending down the mountain for qty. transferred to George Jefferson.

John Davis was listed on the 1767 list of tithables as an overseer of a plantation in Pittsylvania County, VA owned by George Jefferson of Mecklenburg County, VA. George Jefferson was the first cousin of President Thomas Jefferson since George's father Field Jefferson was the President's uncle. Since George Jefferson was living in a different county than the one where he had a plantation operated by John Davis in Pittsylvania County, it suggests that George Jefferson had an unusual amount of trust for John Davis as just an employee, which suggests John or his wife Jemima (Jefferson) were probably related to him, especially since Jemima's maiden surname was Jefferson which was the same surname for George.

The location of John Davis' home in Virginia during his latter years and the whereabouts of his death is undetermined, although it was likely somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. [Some researchers claim that he died in 1799 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, but that was a DIFFERENT John Davis.

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