Person:John Cowan (81)

  1. John Cowan1842 - 1910
  • HJohn Cowan1842 - 1910
  • W.  Margaret Kerr (add)
m. 1880
  1. Margaret Cowan1881 - 1960
  2. John Cowan1882 - 1890
  3. Annie Cowan1884 - 1965
  4. Charles Cowan1885 - 1945
  5. James Cowan1887 - 1947
  6. Mary E. Cowan1889 -
  7. William Cowan1891 - 1891
  8. Robert Cowan1892 - 1981
Facts and Events
Name John Cowan
Gender Male
Birth? 26 may 1842 Leswalt, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Marriage 1880 Scotlandto Margaret Kerr (add)
Death? 1910 Wenas Ranch House, Wenas, Yakima, WA


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Ancestry US Cwensus 1900
Illustrated history of Kilckitat, Yakima, and Kittitas counties, 1904.
Internments Wenas Cemetery, Lat: 46° 46' 28"N, Lon: 120°37'28"W East-Southeast side of the North Wenas Road approximately 16 miles North-Northwest of Selah in Yakima County, Washington


Seven Brothers Bridge


Married Margaret in Scotland in 1880, and immigrated to America in the same year. (See 1900 census record).

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Child list

The article on John Cowan in "Illustrated history of Kilckitat, Yakima, and Kittitas counties, 1904 lists six childrenincluding dates of birth. Internments listed for Wenas Cemetery list entries for John and Margaret, the six children listed in the 1904 biography, plus two additional persons, John and William, both of whom died before the 1904 biography was puiblished. They are presumed to be children of John and Margaret who predeceased their parents prior to publication of the biography. Robert, the last of John and Margaret's children lived until 1981. Two other Cowan internments are listed in the Wenas Cemetery. One is for a "Dorthy Cowan" who died in 1982, no date of birth given. Margaret, wife of John Cowan, was born in 1850 per these internment records, and would have been 54 when the biography was written. It is unlikely that she could be the mother of Dorthy. More plausibly, Dorthy is a wife of one of John's sons, or conceivably, one of their unmarried daughters. The other entry is for Ruth Cowan, born 1893. She is probably the wife of Charles Cowan, son of John and Margaret, as the 1920 census for Lower Wenas identifies a Ruth Cowan, born c1894, as the wife of Charles Cowan b orn c1886.