Person:John Colley (5)

John Colley
b.est. 1710-1720
d.bef. 20 May 1760 Augusta County, Virginia
m. bef. 1740
  1. Catherine Colleybef 1740 -
  2. Susan Colleyest 1746 -
  3. Christian Colleyest 1748 - bef 1770
  4. Mary Colleyest 1750 -
  5. Peter Colleyest 1754 -
Facts and Events
Name John Colley
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1710-1720
Marriage bef. 1740 to Elizabeth Unknown
Death? bef. 20 May 1760 Augusta County, Virginia

John Colley was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of John Colley

  • Page 384.--9th December, 1759. John Colley's will--Daughters, Susan, Catharn, Mary; son, Christian, to mall 6,000 rails; wife, land he bought of Mr. Courts (Curts?); son, Peter; wife and her children, and Mary, Barbery, Margt., Elizabeth, Clorah, Peter. Executors, Ludwick Franciscus, Christopher Ermantrout. Teste: Thos. Poynter, Valentine Mitsker, Wm. Beard. Proved, 20th May, 1760, by the witnesses. Christopher Annentrout (the other refusing) qualified, with Augustine Price, Frederick Armentrout, Jno. Couts.
  • Page 400.--19th June, 1760. John Colly's appraisement, by Archd. Huston, Wm. Beard, Jacob Parsinger.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 22, 1761. - (31) Widow of John Colley summoned to show why she does not provide for her children in a Christianlike manner.
  • Page 41.--8th July, 1761. John Cally's appraisement by Archd. Huston, Wm Beard, Jacob Parsinger.
  • Page 282.--20th March, 1770. John Colley's estate settled, by Christopher Ermentrout--Paid Valentine Butcher, Paul Shover, Jacob Goodman, Ludwick Fridley, Peter Hole, Jacob Grub, Jacob Fred. Couters, Michl. Hornbeck, Anthony Hornbeck, Mary Colly, Elizabeth Colly, Wm. Glassgo, Susannah Powers; paid Elizabeth Glassgow the specific legacies due by the will of her deceased husband.

Records of John Colley in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - (421) Benj. Skoot, John Knowles, Joel Hornback, John West, Thomas Crawford, George Baffenbarger, John Christian Carlock, David Craig, John Walker, Jr., George Say, George Say, Jr., Simon Say, John Cunningham, Wm. Cunningham, Henry Landcisco, John Colley, Burket Reager, Henry Carr, Daniel Richardson, Nathaniel Clearey, added to list of tithables.
  • Page 261.--16th August, 1758. Catherine Goodman's bond (with Jacob Goodman, John Colley) as administratrix of Michael Frise.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1762 (B). Goodman vs. Armentrout.--Catherine, wife of Jacob Goodman, was daughter of John Colly.