Person:John Cartmill (4)

John Cartmill, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VA
b.Abt. 1710
d.bef. Nov. 1773 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Abt. 1710
  1. John Cartmill, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VAAbt 1710 - bef 1773
  2. Henry Cartmill, of the Cowpasture and Purgatory Creek, Augusta County, VAAbt 1716 - 1786
  3. Thomas Cartmill1720 - 1780
  4. Nathaniel Cartmell, of Frederick County, VA1725 - 1795
  5. Edward Cartmellabt 1729 -
  • HJohn Cartmill, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VAAbt 1710 - bef 1773
m. Bef. 1738
  • HJohn of the Cowpasture CartmillABT 1712 - BEF 1773
m. BEF 1738
  1. James CartmillABT 1738 -
  2. John Cartmill, Jr.ABT 1740 - 1808
  3. Molly Cartmill1742-1752 -
  4. Peggy Cartmill1742-1752 -
  5. Thomas CartmillABT 1745 - BET 1803 AND 1804
  6. Samuel CartmillABT 1750 - BET 1795 AND 1800
Facts and Events
Name John Cartmill, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1710
Alt Birth? ABT 1712
Marriage Bef. 1738 to
Marriage BEF 1738 to
Death? bef. Nov. 1773 Augusta County, Virginia

John Cartmill was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

From Cartmill Family DNA site: (

John Cartmill first shows up in Augusta County, VA about 1745 when he received a land patent on the Cowpasture River in Augusta County near today's town of Millboro.

John Cartmill's presence on the Cowpasture is further shown in Annals of Bath County, Virginia, by Oren F. Morton, pg. 58:

A petition by Adam Dickenson, for a road from the "lower end of the Cowpasture to Carter's mill" on the Calfpasture was rejected in February, 1748, but granted a month later. The signers were John Cartmill, Hugh Coffey, Adam Dickenson, John Donally, William Daugherty, William Gillespie, James Mayse, William Hugh (?) Ralph Laverty, Alexander Millroy, James McCay, John Mitchell, John Moore, Andrew Muldrock, James Scott, James Simpson, and James Stuart. These people were living above and below Fort Dickenson, and on Stuart's Creek. Whether this road was to go through "Painter's Gap" is not clear. We do not find definite mention of that passage in road orders until 1762.
John Cartmill acquired 300 acres on the Cowpasture "touching Indian Draft" in 1760. 245 acres of this land was sold in 1774 to Samuel Cartmill for £100. (Source: Annals of Bath County, VA)

John Cartmill's Administration

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 187.--November Court, 1773. John Cartmill's will partly proved and lie for further proof.

Records of John Cartmill in Augusta County, VA

  • FEBRUARY 18, 1747/8. - (347) John Cartmill and others to value the improvements on the land bought by Ralph Laverty from John Lewis made thereon by one Joseph Wadle.
  • Page 246.--22d May, 1750. Archibald Clendenning's appraisement, by Hugh Coffey, Alex. McCray, John Cartmel. Books.
  • Page 351.--22d June, 1764. Jane Thompson and Edward Thompson's bond (with Jno. Cartmill, Jno. Handley), as administrators of Thomas Thompson.
  • AUGUST, 1766 (C). - Givens vs. Cartmill.--James Cartmill, brother to John Cartmill, 1766. (Note: this refers to the sons of this John Cartmill).
  • AUGUST 19, 1767. - (221) John Cartmill and John Cartmill, Jr.--appraisers.
  • Page 106.--17th May, 1768. James Hugart's estate appraisement, by James McCoy, Charles Donnerley, John Cartmill, recorded.
  • Page 510.--11th April, 1769. James Knox's will--Executors, John Dickinson, John Cartmill, Sr.; to wife, Jane; to son, James; to son, John, £5, if he comes for it; to son, Robert; to daughter, Jean; to daughter. Abigail; to daughters, Elizabeth, Mary. Teste: Tohn Dickinson, Daniel Workman, Martha Dickinson. Proved, 20th May, 1772, by John Dickinson.
  • NOVEMBER 21, 1780. - (304) John Cartmill, as Captain, and Robert Thompson, as Lieutenant, in the Company formerly commanded by Robert McCreery--recommended. (Note: Not this John Cartmill)
  • NOVEMBER 21, 1780. - (305) John Cartmill, as Captain; Robert Thompson, as Lieutenant, and Jonathan Humphreys, as Lieutenant--qualified. (Note: Not this John Cartmill)
  • Page 368.-- (undated, prob. bet. 16 Aug. 1784 and 12 Oct. 1784) Thomas Hughart and James Hughart and Margaret to Nathan Crawford, tract patented to James Hughart, Sr., 10th April, 1751, and devised to Thomas and James, his youngest son; corner John Cartmill. Teste: Andrew Sitlington, John Dean, Hugh Brown.
  • Page 171.-- (undated, prob. bet. 27 Aug. 1785 and 10 Oct. 1785) Tract on Cowpasture now in possession of Hugh Brown, land formerly John Cartmills.

Records of John Cartmill in Bath County, VA

From Annals of Bath County, VA, by Oren F. Morton:

  • James Hugart acquired 590 acres on the east side of the Cowpasture adjoining John Cartmill and Indian Draft in 1750.

Information on John Cartmill

From Cartmill Family DNA site:

JOHN CARTMILL I (1710-1773) John Cartmill I Born about 1710. Died 1773 in Augusta County, VA. Wife's name unknown. Moved to the Cowpasture River area of Augusta County, VA about 1745. The area in which John settled is in today's Bath County, VA near the town of Millboro. John is probably a brother of Henry Cartmill I. Henry Cartmill I moved into the same area of VA about 10 years after John moved there.

John's origins are uncertain but he was probably living in Chester County, PA prior to moving to Augusta County, VA. John's apparent brother Henry was definitely in Chester County, PA prior to Henry's move to Augusta County, VA. Henry Cartmill was on the 1750-1753 tax list for Chester County, PA and Henry's youngest son, Lt. Henry'll, was born in Chester County, PA about 1754 per Lt. Henry's Am Rev pension application.

John Cartmill first shows up in Augusta County, VA about 1745 when he received a land patent on the Cowpasture Rive'gusta County near today's town of Millboro. John's name can be found in numerous Augusta County, VA records up through 1773, the year he died. John Cartmill left a will when he died but unfortunately it was never recorded. Augusta County Will Book 5, '7 has the following entry: “John Cartmill's will partly proved and ordered to lie for further proof”. The will was never fully proved and therefore never recorded.

John Cartmill I of the Cowpasture River appears to have had the following six children:

1. James Cartmill - born about 1738; Probably died as a young man. James' name only shows up twice, once in 1758 and once in 1766. No further records found.

a. 1758 - James and John Cartmill, members of the Augusta Mili'

b. 1766 - Chalkley's Chronicles, V1, page 350 - James and John Cartmill, brothers, in a lawsuit, Givens Vs Cartmill.

2. John Cartmill II - born about 1740. Married Susannah Ward 1763 in Augusta County, VA. Moved to Fayette County, KY about 1785 (Lexington area). Moved north to Harrison County, KY before 1800 and died in Harrison County, KY in 1808. John Cartmill II left a will naming three sons and seven daughters. Some descendants, including John Cartmill III, moved to Rush County, Indiana around 1820-1830 and consistently used the Cartmel spelling of the name.
3. Thomas Cartmill - born about 1745. Married Mary Warwick 1769 in Augusta County. Thomas settled on the Greenbriar River in today's Greenbriar County, WV, about 20-30 miles west of the Cowpasture River where his father lived. Moved from the Greenbriar River of WV to Montgomery County, KY around 1790. Montgomery County, KY is just east of Lexington, KY. Thomas and his wife Mary sold their property on the Greenbriar River in 1803 while living in Kentucky. John Warwick handled the sale in VA for Thomas. Thomas died shortly after 1803 in Montgomery County, KY, apparent' no will. Many of Thomas's six sons and four daughters can be found in Bath County, KY after 1800. Bath County is the next county north of Montgomery County, KY. A few descendants moved to Madison County, OH in the early 1800s.
4. Samuel Cartmill born about 1750. Wife's name unknown. Samuel appears to have died in Fayette County, KY about 1795-1800. A Samuel Cartmill was on the 1790 Fayette County, KY tax list but cannot be found in 1800 or later records. Appears to have had one son, Elijah, who moved to Fayette County, KY with his father.
5. Molly Cartmill - See Peggy Cartmill below
6. Peggy Cartmill - Molly and Peggy Cartmill were captured by Indians in September 1757. Their capture in 1757 and release in 1765 is documented in several sources.
  1.   Cartmell Genealogy.