Person:John Campbell (215)

John Walker Campbell
b.AFT 1721
m. APR 1721
  1. Jane CampbellAFT 1721 -
  2. John Walker CampbellAFT 1721 -
  3. Mary CampbellAFT 1721 -
  4. Rachel Campbellest 1732/37 - abt 1797/98
  5. Esther Campbellbef 1735 -
  6. Josias B. Campbellabt 1737 - 1811
  7. Jane Campbell1740 - 1816
  8. Robert Campbell, The CutlerABT 1746 - 1804
  9. Elizabeth CampbellABT 1746 - ABT 1791
  • HJohn Walker CampbellAFT 1721 -
  • W.  Martha Spear (add)
Facts and Events
Name John Walker Campbell
Gender Male
Birth? AFT 1721


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From White, 1902:

ELIZABETH Walker (John), b. April, 1703; m. John Campbell of Kirnan in Ireland. They came to America with her father. Both d. in Virginia, she in 1787, at the age of 84 years.

JOHN Campbell, the Duke of Argyle, is said to be buried between the towns of Fleming and Maysville, Ky. He was banished from Scotland at the time of the Presbyterian persecutions ; he, being the eldest son, was the heir of the Duke, his father. Parliament, some time in the fifties — 1850-62, passed a special act laying aside certain monies for the benefit of the heirs of John Walker Campbell, rightful Duke of Argyle (Martha Orchard Malott, of Bloomington, Ind., furnished this information regarding the Campbell family). Of the 9 children of John and Elizabeth Campbell, 3 came to America and settled in Penn., going from there to Va. and settling near Staunton, probably about 1744. 9 children viz. :

  • John Campbell, d. on the passage to America.
  • Esther Campbell, m. Alexander McKinney.
  • Mary Campbell, m. David Chambers.
  • Rachel Campbell, m. Thomas Dobbins.
  • Elizabeth Campbell, d. young.
  • Jane Campbell, m. Alexander McPheeters
  • John Walker Campbell, m. Martha Spears; they had no children, but adopted and raised a nephew, John Poage Campbell. Was known as Major Campbell.
  • Elizabeth Campbell, m. James Wallace.
  • Robert Campbell, m. Rebecca Wallace.
He [Robert Campbell] came to Augusta Co. prior to 1744 and purchased 350 acres of land from the patentees of Beverly Manor. He was appointed (by Gov. Gooch) one of the early magistrates of Augusta; was an educated gentlemen, religious and enterprising as to the public good. When an elderly man he removed to Ky. He with Gen. Poage, Gen. Hughes and Gen. Thomas, bought ten thousand acres of rich land in the Mayslick neighborhood. They finally settled in Mason Co., Ky. The name of only one of their children is known.
John Poage Campbell (Robert Elizabeth, John), b. in Augusta Co., Va., in 1767; was a highly intellectual and religious man; was adopted and educated by his uncle. Major John W. Campbell. When 13 years of age his family removed to Mason Co., Ky. He was given the advantage of the best schools among which were Hampton, Sidney and Liberty Hall, graduating from the former in 1788, and from the Theo. department of the latter in 1792; was the pastor of Timber Ridge Church for awhile. After removing to Kentucky he took charge of the churches at Smyrna, Flemingsburg, Danville, Lexington and other places. Officiated as chaplain of the Legislature in 1811. He was a ready and prolific writer, the most striking of his works being "Letters to a Gentleman of The Bar." He was a linguist, naturalist, antiquarian and divine; has been spoken of as one of the most accomplished men of his times. He was m. three times — (1) to a Miss Crawford of Virginia, (2) to Miss Poage of Kentuck}', and lastly to Isabella McDowell, dau. of Col. James McDowell of Lexington. He d. Nov. 14, 1814; left 9 children.

Known Johns

WeRelateDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherComments Data Needs
Person:John Campbell (205) 16741741 1695 Grace Hays Duncan Mary McCoy
Person:John Campbell (207) 16951764 John (205) Grace Hays Died in York County PANeed documentation, children, spouse
Person:John Campbell (198)c1716- Patrick Elizabeth Taylor
Person:John Campbell (216) c1700 <1726 Elizabeth Walker of the Wigton Walker line; may be the same person as John Campbell (290)
Person:John Campbell (290) <1720 >1788 Elizabeth John of Old Stone Church Meeting House
Person:John Campbell (215) >1726 Person:John Campbell (216) Elizabeth Walker Known as "John Walker Campbell"

Person:John Campbell (292) John (290) of Old Stone Church Elizabeth
Person:John Campbell (238)17671814 1792 Sarah Crawford Person:Robert Campbell (64)
The Cutler
Rebecca Wallace Adopted by John Walker Campbell (215)
Person:John Campbell (302)
Person:John Campbell (x)

Records for John Campbell in Old AugustaDied AugustaDied PennsylvaniaDied Ireland/Scotlandwent to Kentuckyto Carolina



A DOB of 1721 is too early to expect to see the use of a middle name. Such names do not come into common use until after about 1760 among English settlers. In this instance, however, it is believed that this particular John Campbell began using the middle name "Walker" to distinguish himself from others of similar name. The use of "Walker" would be consistent with the idea that he is the son of Elizabeth Walker of the Wigton Walker Lineage and John Campbell as given by White 1902.

There is a question as to the identity of John Campbell, the father, and who he corresponds to in terms of records in Old Augusta. White tells us that he settled "near" Staunton, which might imply Beverley Manor. There were in fact several John Campbells on Beverley's Manor at an early date, but there were also John Campbells living outside of Beverley Manor including one (Person:John Campbell (290) living on LIttle's Run (now Broad Run) in near the modern Augusta-Rockingham County line, near Stone Meeting House. As it happens, this John Campbell's wife is shown to be "Elizabeth" by land records. This area could also be considered to be "near Staunton", though not on Beverley Manor.

White 1902 also tells us that the John Campbell who married Elizabeth Walker settled near his brotherinlaw, John Walker III. The only property that has so far been located for John III, in the area is located on Walkers Creek, somewhat further south on BOrden's Grant. It is not particularly near any Campbell property, though there are Campbell properties to the north between John III's property, and Staunton. Depending on what might be considered "near", these Campbell's could be JOhn III's kinsmen. However, John (290) is known to have Campbell connection, and settled not just "Near" but adjacent to land owned by an Alexander Walker. The connection of this Alexander Walker to the Wigton Walker line is unknown. HOwever, John Campbell (290), seems to have left the area about 1788. The latter is a pertinent date, since White 1902 tells us that Elizabeth Walker died in that year, in Augusta County.

White tells us that John Campbell husband of Elizabeth Walker left Augusta and "was buried" between Maysville and Fleming KY. These towns are in what is now Mason and Fleming Counties KY, separated by 20 miles or so. There are records of a John Walker settling at "Mays Lick" (now Mayslick) in Mason Kentucky. Augusta Court records include one showing that a John Campbell gave testimony from Mason County in an Augusta court case. This could be John Campbell widower of Elizabeth Walker, or it could be his son, (presumabluy John Walker Campbell) or conceivably some other John Campbell. The question currently unknown, is whether this is John Campbell (290) of LIttle's Run, or another of the John Campbells known to have settled "near Staunton".