Person:John Buchanan (72)

John Buchanan
m. ABT 1731
  1. Capt. Andrew Buchanan1732 - 1793
  2. Robert Buchanan1733 - 1818
  3. John BuchananABT 1746 - bef 1820
  4. Samuel Buchanan, IIABT 1748 - ABT 1835
  5. Moses Buchananabt 1749/51 - 1823
  • HJohn BuchananABT 1746 - bef 1820
  • WJane Edmistonest 1759 -
m. abt. 1776
  1. Thomas Buchanan1776 - 1836
  2. Samuel Buchanan1778 - 1852
  3. James Buchanan1779 -
  4. William Edmiston Buchanan1782 -
  5. John Buchanan1786 -
  6. Robert Buchanan1790 -
  7. Andrew Buchanan1792 -
  8. Martha Ann 'Patsey' Buchanan1793 - 1824
m. 31 December 1792
  1. Margaret Buchanan1793 -
  2. Ann Buchanan1795 -
  3. Elizabeth Buchanan1797 - bef 1880
  4. Alexander Buchanan1800 -
  5. Nancy Jane Buchanan1802 -
Facts and Events
Name John Buchanan
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1746 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1776 Virginiato Jane Edmiston
Marriage 31 December 1792 Davidson County, Tennesseeto Jane Patterson
Death? bef. 17 February 1820 Crystal Hill, Pulaski County, Arkansas


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John Buchanan, born about 1747 in Augusta County, Virginia Colony; son of Samuel Buchanan and Martha Keyes. John married twice: the name of his first wife is thought to be Jane Edmiston, they were married about 1775 in Virginia and had eight children. Jane apparently died in early 1792 near the time that Andrew Buchanan, the eighth child, was born. The name of his second wife is thought to be Jane "Ginny" Patterson. Records in Davidson County, Tennessee, show that John Buchanan and Jane Patterson were married on December 31, 1792. John Buchanan and Jane Patterson had five children; according to John Buchanan's will, she was living at the time of his death in 1820 - although the will does not indicate where she was living at the time.

Personal Data

Personal Data
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Will of John Buchanan

Pulaski County Will Book a page 1-2
February 17 1820
Pulaski County, Arkansas Territory, Will Book A, pages 1 and 2:
In the name of God, Amen. This February the seventeenth day one thousand eight hundred and twenty, I, John Buchanan of Logan County, Kentucky, at present sick but of sound mind and memory doth think proper to make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others as followeth:
First - I give and recommend my sole to God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried at the direction of my executors. As to my worldly estate I give and dispose of it in this manner:
Item 1 - I give to my beloved wife Gina during her natural life or widowhood, my Neagrew man, Sampson, and my Negrew Woman, Poll, and all of my household furniture. If wife Gina Buchanan should marry again I then allow my son Alexander to have said Neagrew man Sampson.
Item 2 - I give to may son Thomas, one hundred dollars.
Item 3 - I give to my son Samuel one dollar.
Item 4 - I give to my son James one dollar
Item 5 - I give to my son William Edmiston one dollar.
Item 6 - I give to my son John one dollar.
Item 7 - I give to my son Robert eight hundred dollars.
Item 8 - I give to my daughter Patsy«sup»1«/sup» now Patsy Cox one dollar.
Item 9 - I give to my son Andrew one hundred dollars.
Item 10 - I give to my daughter Margit, now Margit Marrs one dollar.
Item 11 - I give to my daughter Elizabeth one Neagrew girl by the name of Pennia and one bed and furniture.
Item 12 - I give to my daughter Munsy the increase of my Neagrew woman Poll above willed to wife Ginney, from the above date and at my wife Ginney Buchanan's death I allow my daughter Munsey to have the above said Neagrew woman with all her increase from the present date.
Item 13 - I give my son Alexander and two daughters Elizabeth and Munsey after my just debts are paid all the balance of my estate not above named to be equally divided three ways - Alexander, Elizabeth and Munsey.
Item 14 - I appoint my son James Buchanan and son-in-law Coalman Cox my Executors this given under my hand and seal the day and date aforesaid in the presents of the subscribing witnesses.
(Signed) John Buchanan, by his mark
Witnesses: Coalman Cox, Jacks Cox,and Alexander Buchanan

Pulaski Circuit Court, August Term, 1820
This day personally appeared in open court Coleman Cox and Jackson Cox who being duly swore deposeth and saith that men present when John Buchannon signed the foregoing last will by making his mark thereto and that he was in his proper mind and senses at the time of doing the same and that he declared the same to be his last will and Testament and that we signed our names as witnesses in his presence.
(Signed) Coleman Cox, Jackson Cox
Swore to and subscribed in open Court by the above witnesses given under my hand and private seal there being no public seal yet provided this 14th day of August, 1820.
(Signed) A. H. Rennich, Clk.
Arkansas Territory
The last will and Testament of John Buchanan deceased was produced in Court and proven by the oaths of Coleman Cox and Jackson Cox the two subscribing witnesses thereunto which is ordered to be recorded and on motion of James Buchannon and Coleman Cox the Executors named in the said last will came into Court and undertook the burthen and execution thereof. Whereupon they entered into Bond with Samuel R. Curren and Robert Alexander their security in the penal sum of Four Thousand Dollars conditioned as the law directs and also took the oath of Executors whereupon the same is truly recorded in my office. In Testimony thereof I have hereunto set my hand and private seal there being no public one yet provided the date as above.
(Signed) Alexander H. Rennich, Clerk


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