Person:John Atkinson (23)

John Atkinson
m. abt. 1739
  1. George Atkinsonabt 1739 -
  2. John Atkinson1740 - 1827
  3. James Atkinsonabt 1741 -
m. 7 August 1764
  1. John Atkinson1768 - 1823
  2. Catherine 'Betsy' Atkinson1773 - 1850
  3. Nancy Atkinsonabt 1775 -
  4. George Atkinson1776 - 1827
  5. Thomas Atkinson1780 - 1860
  6. Robert Atkinson1784 - 1860
  7. James Atkinson1785 - 1865
Facts and Events
Name John Atkinson
Gender Male
Birth? 1740 County Down, Ireland
Marriage 7 August 1764 Lebanon County, Pennsylvaniato Catarina Dieb
Death? 27 March 1827 Tipton, Moniteau County, Missouri

John Atkinson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of John Atkinson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 352.--__ _____, 1786. William Long, of Greenbrier, by John Atkinson, his attorney, to Alexander St. Clair. John was appointed attorney to sell all the lands which William held as heir of his father, William Long, deceased. Lease of lot 2 in Staunton, corner Alex.'s store, for 66 years right to re-enter is in Beverley. Teste: James Buchanan, Robert McCollough, Samuel Merritt.
  • Page 196.--2d June, 1791. Samuel Downey and Rachel to Wm. Blair, of Augusta, and John Wilson, of Rockbridge. Teste: Wm. Downey, Jno. Atkinson.
  • Vol. 1 - John Atkinson vs. Samuel Vance and Elizabeth--Case. Writ, Rockbridge, 21st June, 1792.

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