Person:John Allison (31)

John Allison, Sr.
m. est. 1725
  1. Francis AllisonABT 1725 - AFT 1778
  2. Isabel Allisonabt 1732 -
  3. John Allison, Sr.abt 1734 - bef 1792
  4. Robert Allisonabt 1736 - Bef 1792
  5. Charles AllisonAbt 1737 - bef 1787
  • HJohn Allison, Sr.abt 1734 - bef 1792
  • WLucy KerrAbt 1736 -
m. abt. 1754
  1. John Allison, Jr.ABT 1754 - bet 1800-1804
  2. Sarah Allison1754 - 1830
  3. Martha Allisonest 1756-1766 - bef 1825
  4. William Allisonest 1758-1768 -
  5. Andrew Allisonbef 1760 -
Facts and Events
Name John Allison, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1734 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage abt. 1754 to Lucy Kerr
Death? bef. June 1792 Montgomery County, Virginia[Will Probated]

John Allison, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 353.--20th May, 1761. John Kerr and Lucie ( ) to John Allison, £2, 10 acres on east side Shanandoe betwixt land of said Ker and Allison, part of 400 acres; Andrew Ker's line. Teste: Andrew Russell, Edward Rutledge, William Ker. Delivered: John Allison, February, 1768. (Note: John and Lucy Kerr are the parents of John Kerr's wife, Lucy Kerr).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 435.--20th August, 1772. John Allison and Lucie ( ) to Wliliam Allison, his son, 92 acres, part of 245 acres patented to said John, 18th May, 1770. Delivered: John Allison, 25th February, 1773.

Will Abstract

Allison, John, Sr. (of Botetourt Co).
Will probated June 1792.
Names wife Lucy; children: William, Andrew, John, Sarah Vanlear; and a son-in law, John Rutledge.
[A Brief of Wills and Marriages of Montgomery and Fincastle Counties, Virginia, 1733-1831 by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 45].

Records of John Allison

  • MAY 18, 1785. - (38) John Allison, Jr., returned no inhabitant.
  • 1785 Aug 20 - Thomas Murray, of Green County, North Carolina, to John Allison. Jr. Teste: D. Stephenson, Edward Rutledge, James Agnew, Thomas Carel. (Deed Book 25 - 216)
  • 1787 Jan 31 - Edward Rutledge's will--To wife, Sarah; to daughter, Rebecka Rutledge; to son, James; to daughter, Rosanna; to son, George; to son-in-law, John Allison, for his sons John and James Allison; to 5 children, viz: Lucy Allison (wife of Jno. Allison, Jr.), Rebecca, James, Rosanna, and George Rutledge; to children, viz: Mary Erwin (wife of Wm. Erwin), Sarah McNeeley (wife of George McNeeley). Executors, William Allison, John Allison, Jr., David Stephenson. Teste: D. Stephenson, Gilbert Carr, Samuel Steel. Proved, 20th February, 1787, by Carr and Steele. D. Stephenson qualifies. (Will Book 6 - 551)
  • NOVEMBER, 1787. - John Allison, Jr., vs. John Dickson and Rebecca, his wife. - Writ, 6th Nov. 1788.

The following entries may give some evidence to this family's migration:

  • Kentucky Court of Appeals, Deed Books V-Z, vol. 3, by Michael L. Cook, 1985, pg. 481:

Robert M. Allison and William C. Allison of Wilkes County, Georgia, appoint Cutherbert S. Anderson of Frankfort, Kentucky as their true and lawful attorney in fact, to take all lawful means to recover and establish their right and title to certain lands in Kentucky located for John Allison, their desceased father, on military warrants as compensation rendered for services to his country in the war of the revolution. Said attorney to process patents, institute claims against adverse titles, to enter the lands for taxes, and do all matters relative. February 10, 1820. Wittnesses by William Lennard and John B. Lennard. Acknowledged Wilkes County, Georgia, February 10, 1820 and recorded by the Kentucky Court of Appeals, March 2, 1820.

  • Kentucky Court of Appeals, Deed Books V-Z, vol. 4, by Michael L. Cook, 1985, pg. 179:

Whereas William C. Allison of Wilkins County, Georgia authorized Cuthbert S. Anderson, late of Frankfort, Kentucky to have surveyed and carried into grant, at Anderson's expense, five entries of land in the country west of the Tennessee River, in Kentucky, containing 1,200 acres and located under a military warrant in the name of his father, John Allison. And whereas Anderson so effectuated the authority as to have surveyed three of the said tracts, viz., one beginning at the lower corner of George Gibson's entry, and on the Mississippi River, one beginning at the southeast corner of John Rodger's entry on Little O'Bion Creek, and one beginning at corner to Matthew Wright's 1,000 acres, John Martin's 1,000 acres and William Pennick's 1,666 2/3 acres on Red Stone Creek, and the said Anderson then departed this life, and since his death his administrator has caused the said to by duly registered. And whereas the remaining two tracts, one beginning where George Wall's entry crosses Clarks River on the upper side, running up the river, entered August 11, 1784, and one of August 14, 1784, beginning where Thomas Clay's entry corners on land Lawrence Muse and others. Now, for the purpose of continuing the objects for which the said Anderson had been appointed and for other purposes, William C. Allison appoints Richard Taylor, Jr. of Hickman County, Kentucky as his true and lawful attorney in fact. November 6, 1824. Recorded by the Kentucky Court of Appeals, November 6, 1824

  • ALLISON, Col. JOHN, dec'd. est. Gilbert Hay, excr. Paid Jas. Reynold Nov. 25, 1805 for making a coffin for Mrs. Allison's son. Tuition paid for Robt. and Wm., 1806-1808. Returns for 1810, paid F. D. Cummins tuition. Paid Mrs Allison per her son Robt., cash. Returns for 1806, cash to pay for two lottery tickets for my sons. Returns for 1812, paid Ezra Fisk tuition for Wm. Allison. In 1815 Robt. M. Allison signs deed confirming sale to John Pray of Byron Co., by Dr. Gilbert Hay and my mother Rebecca Allison. Plat and deeds in these papers. Affidavit of John Dyson that Wm. C. Allison of this county died during the present year intestate and that Rebecca Allison his mother is his only heir. May 7, 1832.
  • End of Page 194 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 195

ALLISON, WILLIAM B (or C.), dec'd, est. to John Allison debtor. Board for 1811-1816 and from Mar 1816 to Mar. 1817. Signed by John Allison Jan. 18, 1819. Receipt of John Allison to David Allison, admr Wm. B. Allison.