Person:Johannes Vanderpool (1)

Johannes Vanderpool
m. 17 AUG 1706
  1. Johannes Vanderpool1707 - 1763
  2. Abraham VanderpoolABT 1709 - BET 1778 AND 1779
  3. Melgert Vanderpool1711 - 1743
  4. Ariaantje VanderpoolABT 1713 -
  5. Margarite VanderpoolABT 1714 -
  6. Anthony Vanderpool1717 -
  7. David VanderpoolABT 1719 -
  8. Maria VanderpoolABT 1722 -
  9. Catherine Vanderpool1725 - 1808
  • HJohannes Vanderpool1707 - 1763
  • WApphia DavisABT 1710 -
Facts and Events
Name Johannes Vanderpool
Gender Male
Birth? 1707 Albany, Albany County, New York
Death? 16 JUL 1763 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey

Johannes Vanderpool was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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John Vanderpool in Augusta County, VA

John Vanderpool migrated to the Augusta County area by about 1746 from Frederick County, VA, with his brother, Abraham. Abraham applied for a patent on 430 acres in Augusta County, Virginia, on October 19, 1748, but it appears that the Vanderpools only stayed in Augusta County for a few years, most likely due to the Indian hostilities that killed several early settlers in the 1750's. Although his brother Abraham appears to have migrated to North Carolina by 1756 (as listed in biography of his brother, Abraham), based upon the place of his death, John Vanderpool appears to have moved his family back east to escape the Indian hostilities. While in Augusta County, John Vanderpool and his brother, Abraham appear to have lived in an area not far from Vanderpool, Virginia (now located in present day Watauga County, North Carolina) known as "Vanderpool Gap", near the "Bullpasture" area of Augusta County, which was supposedly discovered by John. Vanderpool Gap is in current Highland County, Virginia (see map below).

Image:Vanderpool Gap.GIF

Notes on Johannes Vanderpool

Johannes Vanderpool Birth: 1707 in Albany, Albany County, New York 1 2 Death: 16 Jul 1763 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey 1 2 Sex: M Father: Wynant Melgertse Van Derpoel b. 13 Oct 1681 in Albany, Albany, New York Mother: Catharine De Hooges b. 14 Feb 1685/86 in Ulster or Schenectady County (?), New York

Fact 1: 3 Aug 1707 Baptised at Albany, Albany, New York 1

 Apphia Davis (Wife) b. About. 1710  

1 Marriage: 1732 Children: Thomas Vanderpool b. 1732 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey David Vanderpool b. 1 Feb 1734/35 Jacob Vanderpool b. 1737 in prob. New Jersey John Vanderpool b. 1739 Mary Vanderpool b. 1743 Apphia Davis Vanderpool b. 1745 in New Jersey James Vanderpool b. 1748 in prob. New Jersey Catherine Vanderpool b. After. 1748

Individual: [BBrock.FTW]

According to The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany, Volume 41, Yearbook, 1966-1968, page 13, Johannes Van Derpoel was born in Albany probably in July or August of 1707, as he was baptized there on August 03, 1707. The book continues to state that Johannes moved with his parents, Wynant and Catherine De Hooges to Newark, New Jersey. Although the book gives the date of the move as about 1735, it also states that Johannes met and married his wife, Apphia Davis there in 1731. This would place the move to New Jersey, earlier than 1735.

The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany, Volume 41, Yearbook, 1966-1968, page 13, further relates that Apphia Davis was the daughter of an old Newark family, her parents being Thomas And Mary Davis. Thomas and Mary Davis had built the largest house in Newark, a grey stone dwelling, 40 feet square and two stories tall. Johannes and Apphia Davis Van derpoel, lived in this house, perhaps with the parents of Apphia Davis until their death. The house was torn down in 1860 and the North Dutch Reformed Church on Broad Street, extending from Nos. 506-516, between Lombardy and Bridge Street, facing Washinton Park, occupies the site of that property. A corner stone in the church is inscribed "T. & M.D. 1713".

The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany, Volume 41, Yearbook, 1966-1968, page 13 also states that Susan Longworth Ward, great grandaughter of Johannes and Apphia Davis Van derpoel, and widow of a New Jersey governor, Marcus L. Ward, wore at one time the wedding ring of Johannes and Apphia Davis Van Derpoel. It also states that she had many souvenirs of the house and property, including a portrate pierced by British bayonets during the American Revolution.

Johannes Van derpoel died before the Revolutionary War, on July 16, 1763. He was about 56 years of age. Apphia, however, lived through the American Revolution. It makes for very interesting speculation as to what she may have seen and experienced during that time. She died on August 27, 1795. She was probably about 80 years of age.