Person:Johann Torbaugh (1)

Johann Nicholas Henry Torbaugh
m. BEF 1728
  1. Johan Adam Torbaugh1728 - 1770
  2. Jacob TorbaughAbt 1732 - Abt 1801
  3. Michael Torbaugh1734 -
  4. Mathias Torbaugh1736 -
  5. Maria Elizabeth Torbaugh1738 - 1839
  6. William TorbaughAbt 1740 - Abt 1826
  7. Johann Nicholas Henry Torbaugh1741 - 1818
  8. Anna Elizabeth TorbaughABT 1742 -
  9. Maria Catherine Torbaugh1746 -
m. 1764
  1. Johan Frederick TorbaughAbt 1765 - 1842
  2. William TorbaughAbt 1768 - Abt 1850
  3. Catherine TorbaughAbt 1774 -
  4. Anna Marie "Mary" TorbaughAbt 1775 -
  5. Magdalena TorbaughAbt 1777 -
  6. Elizabeth Margareta Torbaugh1779 - 1856
  7. George Torbaugh1780 - 1857
  8. Henry Jackson Torbaugh1782 -
  9. Jacob Torbaugh1787 - 1866
  10. Nancy TorbaughAbt 1790 -
Facts and Events
Name Johann Nicholas Henry Torbaugh
Alt Name Johann Nicholas Henry Trarbach
Gender Male
Birth[1] 23 August 1741 Wahlenau, Rhineland, Germany
Marriage 1764 Pennsylvaniato Ann Elizabeth Unknown
Census? 1790 Federal
Census? 1800 Federal
Other[2] 18 Mar 1806 Augusta County, Virginia17 acres on the north end of Bull Hill Land
Census? 1810 Federal
Death? 1818 Greene County, Tennessee
Will? 26 Oct 1818 Greene County, TennesseeWill Book 1

Nicholas Torbaugh was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Possible Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition in Augusta County:

  • Page 443.--9th September, 1786. David Hogshead and Catharine, of Rowan County, North Carolina, to Nicholas Tropough.

Information on Nicholas Torbaugh

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1794--May 20, John Daggy and Nicholas Troughrobaugh, surety. John Daggy and Catherine Troughrobaugh.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1795--June 6, Andrew Hafner and Nichas. Trorebach, surety. Andrew Hafner and Mary Trorebach, daughter of Nicholas Trorebach.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1799--October 16, Henry Myers and Nicholas Trorabaugh, surety. Henry Myers and Elizabeth Trorobaugh, daughter of above Nicholas. Henry was apprenticed until he was of age and his time was out above a year ago.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1799--June 21, John Roller and Nicholas Trorabaugh, surety. John Roller and Montelany Trorobaugh, daughter of above Nicholas.
  • March 18, 1806 Augusta County, Virgina 17 acres north end of Bull Hill.
  • Vol. 2 - Jacob Troarbaugh (Droreback) of Rockbridge County, vs. Troorbaugh--O. S. 117; N. S. 40--Bill, 25th January, 1808. Adam Troorbough (alias Droreback) died in Pennsylvania in 1770, testate, leaving his brothers, William and Nicholas, executors, who qualified in York County, and children, viz: Orator, Adam Troorbaugh and Katy Troorbaugh, al! infants. Adam, Jr., moved to North Carolina, thence perhaps to Tennessee. Katy married John Noel and lives in Berkeley County. Orator's uncle, William, lives in Rockingham County. His uncle Nicholas lives in Tennessee. Orator's grandfather, Michael Troorbaugh, also died in York County, Pennsylvania, after orator's father, i. e., in 1771 or 1772, intestate. Order of Court in York County, Pennsylvania, 27th August, 1771, appoints William and Nicholas Droreback guardians for Michael, Henry, Adam, Abraham, Jacob, William and Elizabeth, orphans of Adam Droreback, late of Shewsbury Township; all under 14. Elizabeth, daughter of Michael, married Jacob Reiff. Morillis, daughter of Michael, married Jacob Lingafelter. Maria Catherine was also a daughter of Michael. Release 2d November, 1793, by Jacob Drorback of Linkhorn County, North Carolina, second son and heir of Adam Drorback, late of York County, Pennsylvania. Ditto 5th December, 1772, by Mathias Thwarback of Cordones Township, County York, Pennsylvania. Yeoman, one of sons and heirs of Michael Thwarback.
  • Vol. 2 - Cook vs. Cook--O. S. 304; N. S. 108--Bill, 6th December, 1819, by Jacob Cook, son of Jacob Cook of Rockingham, who died 25th December, 1818, intestate, leaving children, viz: Orator, Valentine; Elizabeth, wife of Adam Powlass (Paulis), living in Augusta; John, living in Botetourt; Barbara, wife of Henry Frezner, living in Ohio; Catharine, wife of James Hanna, living in the Genessee; Polly, wife of Jacob Deal, living in Ohio. Defendants claim that plaintiff was born before marriage of father and mother. 10th October, 1820, John Widick, aged 41, deposes, in Robertson County, Tenn., he lived near neighbor of Cooks in Rockingham. Jacob, Jr., evidently moved to the Western Country. 12th June, 1821, John Boyers deposes, in Rockingham, John, son of Cook, Sr., married a daughter of John Rine of Keezletown. 12th June, 1821, Michael Earman deposes, he knew Cook and wife before their marriage in Pennsylvania. She lived in York County, Penna. She was sister of John Rine. Jacob Shirey deposes, Peter Barnhart was a school teacher as was also Jacob's father. 27th June, 1821, Jacob Shirey, Jr., deposes, his (?) sister Ann lived near Cook, Sr., and married John Aldaffer. Old man Cook told deponent that his son Jacob who lived out on Cumberland River had sent him a bottle full of oil that was procured from a spring in the river and said it would be a good thing for every kind of complaints, pains, &c., &c. John Rine deposes, that he lived with his father's family in York County, Penna. His sister returned from Baltimore in company with Cook (after her confinement) and they were married. He understood that Cook had been purchased by a Mr. Sly, a sort of relation, to serve for his passage from Europe. His sister was pregnant by Nicholas Trorobaugh.
  1. FamilySearch: Unidentified database - please replace source when identified.

    Nicholas Henry Trobaugh (Troughrobaugh)
    Sex: M

    Birth: 23 Aug 1741

    Wahlenau, Rhineland (Germany)
    Christening: 27 Aug 1741

    Evangelical Reformed Parish of Sohren, Zell, Rhineland (Germany)
    Death: abt 1818
    Greene Co, TN

  2. neighbor Phillip Miller