Person:Joel Walker (5)

Joel Walker
m. 5 DEC 1740
  1. Barbara Walker1741 - 1811
  2. Katherine Walker1743/44 - 1814
  3. Jane Walker1746 - 1822
  4. Capt. Samuel Walker, Jr.1748 - 1830
  5. Elizabeth Walker1750 - 1825
  6. James Walker1752 - 1791
  7. John Walker1755 - 1830
  8. Joseph Walker1758 - ABT 1816
  9. Joel Walker1764 - 1823
m. 20 SEP 1792
Facts and Events
Name Joel Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 1 MAR 1764 Rockbridge County, Virginia
Marriage 20 SEP 1792 Greenbriar County, West Virginiato Margaret Ann Armstrong
Death? 29 MAY 1823 Fayette County, Kentucky


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Source:White, 1902




Chalkley's Chronicles 2:80 John Strother and Joseph Thompson vs. John Oliver's heirs--O. S. 40; N. S. 14--Bill filed 25th August, 1803. On ____ plaintiffs had a tract surveyed in Falling Spring Valley and shortly afterwards John Strother went to Georgia . John Oliver, now deceased, was agent for the heirs of Col. Bullet. There had been surveys for Jeremiah Seeley, who had assigned them to Francis McAndrew, who by common report, died in our army during the Revolution, leaving a will. He disappeared and has never been heard from since. Power of attorney, 8th August, 1781, by Francis McAndrew to John Dickinson to collect his debts, &c., in case he does not return from his tower of duty. Deed 10th July, 1792, John Oliver to William Bonner, recorded in Bath, July, 1792. Jeremiah Seeley's survey was dated 1773. Francis McAndrew died before peace between U. S. and England. Adam Kimberland, Senr., is about to remove from State, 5th October, 1803. Joel Walker, ditto, 5th July, 1803. Heirs of John Oliver are Thomas Oliver and ____ his wife, late ____. Wm. Oliver, heir of Joseph Oliver, deceased, representatives of John Oliver, deceased, and Thomas Edington and Agnes, his wife, late widow of John Oliver.

Chalkley's Chronicles 2:17 Anthony Mustoe vs. Andrew Moore--Case. Bath, 24th June, 1793. Spa. to Bath for James Kelso and Joel Walker. Spa. to Rockingham for William Millor and Samuel Brawford. Spa. to Bath for John White and John Oliver. Defendant said: "I have every reason to suspect Anthony Mustoe for stealing from me the sum of £10 in two parcels, which I had for the purpose of carrying to Richmond, and if he had got his deserts in London or been drowned in the sea and the rocks of damnation laid on

him," &c.