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Jared Cowan
d.10 July1774 Harrodstown, KY
Facts and Events
Name Jared Cowan
Gender Male
Death? 10 July1774 Harrodstown, KY


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Intermediate source: Biography of Ephraim Sadowsky weakly documented
Original Source: This seems to have been taken from History of Kentucky By Richard H. Collins, Lewis Collin 1848, reprinted 1874


Data. Cowan Land Grants in Virginia, 1680-1815
Data. Harrods Company, Fincastle Volunteers, 1774
List of Long Hunters

Note 1

In May of 1774 Capt. James Harrod, Abram Hite, Jacob Sandusky, James Sandusky and 37 other men descended the Ohio River and encamped at the mouth of Deercreek, where Cincinnat now is. Jacob reported that as he and his company came down the Ohio, they were much alarmed by the signs of Indians at the crossing place near the mouth of Sycamore, a short distance aboe the Three Islands. Then they went down to the mouth of the Kentucky River, and up that stream to what is now Mercer County, where in June 0f 1774 laid out Harrodstown (afterward called Oldtwon and now Harrodsburg), and erected a number of cabins. These cabins were occupied by the men of the two companies (Harrod's and Hite's) until July 10, 1774, when the Indians fired upon a party of 5 of them at Fontainebleau or Fountain Blue, a large spring 3 miles below Harrodstown (where corn had already been planted). They instantly killed Jared Cowan, while he was engaged in drying some papers in the sun. Jacob Sandusky and two others, not knowing but that the others had also been killed, through the woods to the Cumberland River and thence by canoe to the Ohio, and down the Mississippi to New Orleans. The remaining man of the 5 fled to Harrodstown and gave the alarm. They buried Jared Cown, secured his papers and returned via the Cumberland Gap to Virginia or Pennsylvania. Jacob Sandusky went from New Orleans to Baltimore by sea.

Note 2

In 1786 a Jared Cown, presumably a kinsman, secured a land grant in Jefferson County KY, on Pope's Creek. David and John Cowan also secured land in Jefferson County. David's land was also on Pope's Creek, while John's was on a tributary of the Ohio, and could have been near Pope's Creek. This jared Cown is presumably not the same person who was killed a few years earlier, but may be his son.

Note 3

The Jared Cowan Killed by Indians in 1774, is sometimes identified as the Long Hunter Ned Cowan[1] "Ned" is usually seen as a nickname for "Edward". It seems unlikely that "Jared" would a corruption of "Ned".

Note 4

Based on materials from Terry Cowan and (April, 2012), with some rewriting for continuity:

Jared Cowan was the son of David (III) and Hannah Cowan, in the Pequea Creek Cowan line. This David Cowan is the one who obtained land on Pope's Creek of the Jefferson Co., KY 1784. Apparently, he was contemplating a move from PA to KY, but died in 1785 before this was accomplished. His widow and 7 children (though perhaps Jared was already in KY) relocated to the Mercer County area of KY by 1788. Jared Cowan married Mary Caldwell in 1788 and died in Mercer County, KY in 1795. He is probably buried in the Caldwell-Irvine Cemetery. He and Mary Caldwell Cowan had 2 sons: George Caldwell Cowan (c.1790-1817) and David G. Cowan (c.1792-1833.) Jared Cowan was the only child of David and Hannah to marry, and neither of his sons married.

YDNA can not be used to establish the above relationships. Neither Jared nor any of his siblings have living descedants. The lineage has been developed based on the following

1. 1785 will of David Cowan in Lancaster County, PA lists son Jared.
2. 1788-1793 deeds in both PA and Mercer Co., KY from Hannah Cowan and her children include Jared.
3. 1807 will of George Caldwell lists 2 grandsons born to Mary Caldwell Cowan, Jared's wife.
4. 1806 will (probated 1816) of Hannah Cowan lists 2 grandsons, the same as in Caldwell will.
5. 1816 will of son George C. Cowan lists heirs as brother David G. and his 4 surviving aunts--Jared's unmarried sisters.
  1. See: List of Long Hunters.