Person:Janet Patterson (3)

Janet Patterson
b.ABT 14 NOV 1742
Facts and Events
Name Janet Patterson
Gender Female
Birth? ABT 14 NOV 1742


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Jane (etc) Patterson Records in Chalkley's Chronicles
The following listing includes given names: Jane, Jean, Jennet, Janet, Jinney, etc.

Janet Erwin (1)1680 Person:William Patterson (61) William (61)
the Pennsylvania Patriarch
Janet is listed under her married name
as Janet Patterson in Augusta Records
Jane (25)1720 1800 Samuel Walker
of Natural Bridge
WIlliam 61 Janet Erwin William Patterson 61, the Pennsylvania Patriarch Matriarch of the Natural Bridge line of Wigton Walkers. Need evidence to show tht her father was William the PA Patriarch.
Janet (3) 1742 - - John (61) William (61) The PA Patriarchlikely never married, as identified as "an idiot", and "deaf and dumb" in court records following her father's death
married name
c1750 Person:Mathew Patterson (3) married into the line of
WIlliam the PA Patriarch
This is Person:Jean Ewing (1) who appears under her married name in Chalkley's Chronicles
Jane (33) c1778 1794John PattersonJohn (66)unknownWilliam the PA PatriarchJane (33) married a man with the same name as her father. The specific identitity of her husband is not known, but he is presumed to be a cousin.
Jinny (1)c1779 by 1815 1799 Samuel Weems James 74 Deborah Givens James 74 the Patriarch James (74) may be a member of one of the other recognized Patterson lineages in Old Augusta, but we currently do not have information about his father to show this.


Some genealogists identify Janet as a daughter of John Patterson (61) of Beverley's Manor. The basis for this is unknown. THE BASIS FOR THIS IS: <Although Janet was not mentioned in the will of her father, John Patterson (61) in 1770, she was mentioned in the will of her mother, Jane (unknown)on 31 March 1772. TRANSCRIPTION IN PART READS...."and the remainder of my estate I allow to my daughters Mary and Janet to be equally divided between or amongst them by my son James Patterson & son-in-law Thomas Dixon according to the best of their knowledge."> SOURCE: Augusta County, Virginia, Will Book 4, p. 500-503. Film 30316 Family History Library