Person:James Waite (6)

James Waite, of Stover's Mill Creek, Augusta County, VA
b.Est. 1725-1737
d.Bef. 20 September 1781 Rockingham County, Virginia
  • F.  Waite (add)
m. Est. 1720-1732
  1. James Waite, of Stover's Mill Creek, Augusta County, VAEst 1725-1737 - Bef 1781
  2. Esther WaiteABT 1735 - 1783
  3. Agnes Nancy 'Ann' Waite1738 - 1828
  • HJames Waite, of Stover's Mill Creek, Augusta County, VAEst 1725-1737 - Bef 1781
  • WCatherine TaylorEst 1735-1745 - Aft 1771
Facts and Events
Name James Waite, of Stover's Mill Creek, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1725-1737
Death? Bef. 20 September 1781 Rockingham County, Virginia

James Waite was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Confusion with James Waite from Middlesex and Orange County, VA

There is confusion regarding the parentage of this James Waite. He has been sometimes confused with another James Waite, son of Richard Waits and Sarah Blake, that was born in Middlesex County, Virginia and migrated to Orange County, Virginia, and married Elizabeth (Unknown). There could be a relationship between the two, but none is known at this time.

Relationship with Esther Waite

It is surmised from the will of James Waite (Waits) that he was possibly a brother of Esther Waite that married John Taylor. Some researchers have claimed that Esther Waite was James Waite's daughter, but there does not appear to be an age difference necessary for this relationship; additional research is necessary to determine their relationship.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 527.--15th November, 1752. James Downing and Mary to James Wait, 120 acres patented to Hugh Douglas, 25th June, 1747, and conveyed by him to Downing; John Stevenson's line. Teste: Edward Shanklin, Thomas Harrison, Daniel Harrison. (Note: although not included in the Chalkley's records, this tract of 120 acres was located "Stover's Mill Creek, of South River, Shenandore", adjoining the land of John Stevenson).

Will of James Waite

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Page 417--Will of James Waits dated 9th October, 1771. Wife, Catherine; devisees, John Taylor's (and Esther, his wife) children, among them Sarah and Catherine. Recorded in Rockingham, 20th September, 1781. (Note: it is surmised from this will that the Esther Taylor, wife of John Taylor MAY be a sister to this James Waite. Some have assumed that Esther was the daughter of James Waite, but this appears unlikely. Additional research is necessary to determine the relationship between the two).

Records of James Waite in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Page 212.--24th August, 1758: Orphan John Price bound to James Waite.
  • Page 107.--13th October, 1761. Henry Perkey's (German) will, farmer Wife, Margaret; eldest son, Jacob, tract purchased of Mary Pond, 360 acres on the tract purchased of John Wilson if other is lost; daughters, Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth; daughter, Elizabeth, 135 acres on Lick Run joining Nicholas Null; daughter, Ann, a tract on Shanando joining Elizabeth; sons, John and Henry. Executor, wife Margaret. Dated at end 2d November, 1761. Teste: Robt. Hook, James Bruester, Patrick Wilson. Proved, 17th February. 1761 (should be 1762), by the witnesses. Margaret qualified, with James Waite, James McClure. Margaret's mark ( ).
  • Page 448.--10th September, 1761. John Bellfaught's estate sold at vendue--To Catrina Faught; to Henry Lynor; to Andrew Faught; to Peter Funk; to Caspar Faught; to Henry Colar; to Elizabeth Bruester; to James Waite; to Alex. Kile; to Geo. Trout; to Robt. Reyburn; to Jno. Hines, Geo. Martin, Peter Miller. Robt. Stevens, Edward Rutledge, James Cover, David Menerley. Cash paid Christian Clements for 1 year's board of the widow. Balance due the legatees to be equally divided between Andrew Faught, Casper Faught. and the wife.--Christian Clements. Recorded, 21st May, 1766.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 19, 1762. - (215) John Hopkins and John Herdman, surveyors of highway, from Ephraim Love's to James Wait's.
  • Page 580.--6th May, 1772. John Taylor's will--To wife, Esther, executrix; to eleven children; to son, John, £5 more than the others. Teste: Archibald Huston, James Waite, John Stephenson. Proved, 18th August, 1772, by Waite and Huston. Esther qualifies (her mark) with James Waite, Archd. Huston.
  • Page 302.--9th September, 1774. Archibald Huston's estate appraised and sold, and 21st May, 1783, settled and recorded--Sold to, viz: Stephen Huston, John Peder (Pedan), James Laird, Junior, Henry Coaler, James Waide, Michael Lease. John Hooper, Jno. Craney, Barney McMurry, George Weton.
  • Vol. 2 - 1781--September 24th, Catherine and John Spoon, children of Conrad Spoon, absconded, to be bound. James Wait's will proved; widow Catherine qualifies executrix.
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1803 (N to Z). - John Taylor, Archd. Taylor, James Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Jonathan Taylor, Wm. Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Francis Carter and Margaret, late Margt. Taylor, Saml. Twitchet and Catherine, late Catherine Taylor, Sylvenus Gibson and Elenor, late Elenor Taylor and Easter Taylor, devisees of James Waits, deceased, vs. John Huston--Writ of right, Rockingham. Two tracts, 150 acres in Rockingham; Jno. Stephenson's line, 20 acres, Stover's Mill Creek; James Downing's survey. Copy patent to John Stephenson, 400 acres on Orange (Augusta) County, on Stover's Mill Creek, of South River, Shenandore, 1st June, 1741. John Stephenson to Archd Huston, 18th May, 1773, recorded. John Stephenson's will, dated 13th October, 1777, probated in Rockingham 23d November, 1778; wife. Devisees, Jonathan Taylor and Easter Taylor, two of wife's children (infants). Daughter, Mary Huston, widow of Archd. Huston. Grandsons, Jno. Huston, Stephen Huston, George Huston and Nathan Huston. Grandchildren, Ann, Abigail, Sarah, Jane, Elizabeth and Archibald Huston (infants), daughter Mary Huston. Executors, Daniel Smith, Sr., and Felix Gilbert. Patent to James Waits, 1st September, 1782; 20 acres by survey, 18th December, 1751, on Stover's Mill Creek. James Waits' will, dated 9th October, 1771. Probated in Rockingham, 24th September, 1781. James Waits' will: Wife Catrine. John Taylor's children, they being the lawful issue of his wife Esther--Sarah and Catherine--to have more than others.

Records of Possible Waite relatives in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 19, 1746/7. - (179) John Newport, Assignee of Ogullion vs. Joseph Wait } Three days work, six shillings.
  • Page 144.--20th February, 1750-51. Sale of personalty of Mathias Shaw, by James Nicholas, executor--Recorded 18th May, 1762, viz: Sold to Jno. Craig, Wm. Frazier, Jas. Downey, Jno. Love, David Nelson, Henry Dooley, William Craig, Bernard Man, Joseph Wait, Saml. Muncy, Joseph Muncy, Casper Faught, Owen Reed, Joseph Wait, Jacob Harmon, Jno. Stevenson, Jacob Nicholas, Peter Herman, James Beard, Cathrine Pence, Michael Cam, William Williams. 5th May, 1755--2d sale, to viz: Jacob Nicholas, Henry Dooley, David Nelson, Peter Miller, Conrad Kimsley, Catrine Shawp (3 books), Michael Cam, Francis Kirtley, Jno. Davison, Margaret Shawp, Jno. Davis, Charles Man, Joseph Cravens, Jno. Couch, Robt. Craig, Jacob Courtsious, Simon Powell, Geo. Cam, Henry Long, Evan Evans, Conrad Backfish, Patrick Wilson, Jno. Hetrick, Nicholas Brock, George, Robert, and widow Scott. By sundries received of the estate of the deceased Jacob Pence.
  • Page 147.--5th April, 1751. Sale held of the estate of Jacob Pence, and settlement of estate by Peter Miller, executor of Val. Pence, who was executor of Jacob Pence, recorded 18th May, 1762. Sold to Henry Dooley, James Bartley, Wm. Craig, Jno. Fudge, James Downey, Joseph Wait, Repentance Townsend, Jacob Harman, Saml. Muncy, Robt. Hook, Danl. Love, David Loran, Wm. Beard, Johnston Hill, David Crighton; to cash. Paid Jno. Wright, Henry Perkey, Jno. Maggart, Andw. Faught, Jacob Pence. Nicholas Trout, Thos. Crawford, Archd. Huston.
  • Augusta County Road Orders, 1745-1769 - 23 March 1753, pg. 430; Joseph Waite is hereby Appointed Surveyor of the highway in the room of James Berkeley and it is Ordered that with the titheable persons Usually work'd on th said road under the s'd Berkeley he Clear and keep the Same in repair According to Law.
  • Page 66.--2d August, 1793. James Meteer's will--To wife, Elizabeth; to 3 sons, William, James, Samuel. Executors, wife Elizabeth and son William, Teste: Samuel McCutchen, David Doak, James Mitchell, John Wake, Samuel Doak. Proved, September Court, 1793, by the Doaks and James Mitchell, Jr. Executors qualify.
  • Vol. 2 - Selden vs. Turnbull--O. S. 417; N. S. 151--Several bills and cross bills. Bill by Wm. Bushby and Murray Forbes, executors of Thos. Stockdale before 1807, that on 21st March, 1796, Robert Turnbull, now deceased, gave Stockdale his obligation for £331. Robert died in 1802, at Winchester, and administration granted to Adam Douglass, whose sureties are Thos. Parker, Lawrence Batter (Butler) and John Jolliffe. Douglass secured his securities by deeds of trust on property in Loudon and Hardy Counties. Miles Selden has purchased the interest of Ann Turnbull, relict and sole distributee of Robert. Suit revived in name of William Selden, administrator of Miles Selden. Next of kin of Ro. Turnbill are two brothers living in Scotland. Deed, 12th October, 1801, by Ro. Turnbull of Frederick to (Ann McMullen of Frederick and) Adam Douglass, 348 acres on Opeckon, marriage settlement. Recorded in Frederick. Deed, 5th November, 1805, between Adam Douglass of Frederick, Thos. Parker, Lawrence Butler and John Jolliffe of Frederick, Obed Waite of Frederick, deed to indemnify Parker, Butler and Jolliffe, 2-1/2 (21-1/2?) acres in Hardy bought from Aaron and Moses Walton, adjoining Alexr. and Jonathan Simpson. Deed of trust dated 20th November, 1810, between Joseph Lewis, Jr., of Loudon County; Ro. Page of Frederick, Thos. Parker, Lawrence Butler and John Jolliffe of Frederick, tract land in Culpeper.

Information on James Waite

From "THE PHARES FAMILY OF ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA, with a few notes on the allied families of Johnson, Gragg, Reynolds, Hill, Wilmoth, Veneman, and others", by Warren Skidmore:

43 Thomas Wilmouth, Junior, married Agnes (or Ann), a sister of James Wait, on 16 January 1762 at the Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church. She is called Nancy (1738-1828) on her tombstone in the Isner Cemetery in Randolph County. They had lived briefly in Greene (then Orange) County, Virginia, on 100 acres of land at the mouth of Entry Run on the South Branch of the Rapidan River. He purchased this tract in 1764 and sold it in 1769.


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