Person:James Thompson (159)

James Thompson, of the Borden Tract, Augusta County, VA
b.Bef. 1707
d.Bef. 19 May 1773 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HJames Thompson, of the Borden Tract, Augusta County, VABef 1707 - Bef 1773
  • WMary UnknownBef 1710 - Bef 1777
m. Bef. 1727
  1. Elizabeth ThompsonABT 1727 - BEF 1797
  2. Mary ThompsonEst 1730-1745 -
  3. Catherine ThompsonEst 1730-1745 -
  4. John ThompsonEst 1735-1738 - 1787/88
  5. Margaret ThompsonABT 1735 - BEF 1799
  6. William ThompsonEst 1740-1750 -
  7. James ThompsonEst 1740-1750 -
Facts and Events
Name James Thompson, of the Borden Tract, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1707
Marriage Bef. 1727 to Mary Unknown
Death? Bef. 19 May 1773 Augusta County, Virginia

James Thompson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


James Thompson's land (Borden Tract SW, 378 acres, acquired from Robert Poage in 1748) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: the adjoining tract of 100-acres was most likely acquired by John Thompson, James Thompson's son, in 1769).

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 509.--19th May, 1748. £35. Robert Poage to James Thompson, 378 acres, 1 R., 20 P.. on a branch called Poage's Run. Teste: Peter Scholl, Jno. Buchanan, Silas Hart. Acknowledged by Robert, and dower released by Elizabeth, 19th May, 1748.

Will of James Thompson

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 97.--26th March, 1773. James Thompson's (in Burden's tract) will--To son, John, 140 acres on which John lives joining Robert Allison; to son, William; to son, James, 238 acres; to son, Joseph; to wife. Mary; to daughter, Mary; to daughter, Catrin; to daughter, Margaret Hall; to daughter, Elizabeth Ward; to grandson, James Hall; to grandson, James Ward. Executors, sons John and James. Teste: Saml. Lyle, Thos. Cunningham, James McCluer. Proved, 19th May, 1773, by Lyle and McCluer. John Thompson qualified with Samuel Lyle, Danl. Lyle.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 19, 1773. - (103) James Thompson's estate to be appraised.
  • Page 81.--15th May, 1777. Mary Thompson's estate appraised by Samuel Lyle, Andrew Hall, Alex. McClure--Debt due by John Thompson being a legasie due to Mary Thompson at her deceas. (Note: Mary was the wife of James Thompson).

Processioning Lists of 1760, 1765 & 1767/8

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Page 286.--1760: Processioned by Samuel Lyle, Wm. Lusk: For Andrew Hall, for David Dryden, for Baptis McNab, for James Thompson, for Nathaniel McClure, for Alex. McClure, for Robert Allison, for Moses McClure, for Wm. Ramsey, for Samuel Lyle, for Reynold's Orphans, for Moses McClure, for John McClure, for Wm. Caruthers, for Thomas Paxton, for Samuel Paxton, for Nathan Peoples, for Robert Allison, for John White, for Archibald Alexander, for Robert Teris (Tevis?), for Thomas McSpadden, for Samuel Gray, for John Maky, for Moses Trimble, for John Maky, for Isaac Taylor, for John Davison, for Moses Whitesides, for Samuel McCroskrey, for Daniel Lyle, for Wm. Lusk, for John Lowrey.
  • Page 385.--15th February, 1765: Reported by Andw. Hall, Jas. Buchanan, viz: For John McCroskey, for Alex. Telford, for Rev. Jno. Brown, for William Patton, for Cap. Saml. McDowell, for James Greenlee, deceased; for Jno. Lyle, deceased; for David McCroskey, for Saml. Dunlap, for Jacob Anderson, for Andrew Hays, for Robt. Allison, for James Buchanan, for Andw. Buchanan, for Wm. Davies, for Wm. Berry, for James McKees, for Wm. Lusk, for Edward Tarr, for James McLang, for Henry McLang, for Isaac Anderson, for John Buntin, for William Young, for James Anderson, for James Thompson, for John Allison; for Alex. McCroskey, Jas. Duncan present; for Saml. Robinson, for Andw. Fitzpatrick.
  • Page 448.--1767-68: Processioned by John Gillespie and Andw. McClure: For William Tease, Saml. Steele, John and Wm. Finley, John Ramsey, John Black, John Patrick, Charles Tease, Andw. Russell, Wm. Russell, Wm. Skillren, James Alexander, Andw. McClure, Francis Alexander, Wm. Logan, Zachariah Johnston, James Thompson, James Galespie, John Williams, Hugh McClure, Samuel McClure, Saml. Frazier, Andw. Russell, John Graham, John Hutchison, Wm. Hutchison, Saml. Pilson, Zachariah Smith, John Gray.

Records of James Thompson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 269.--21st May, 1747. Benj. Bordin, &c., to Robert Allison (sold in testator's lifetime); 279 acres, 2 R., 36 P., £8.5.0 current money Virginia, part of 92,100; north branch of James; corner to Halbert McClure, James Thompson's land. Witnessed and acknowledged as above.
  • Page 129.--28th January, 1748-9. John and Mary McNabb (his wife) to Arthur McClure. Mille Creek; corner James Thompson; corner Robert Galloway. Teste: Andrew McNabb, Wm. Hall, Gilbert Campbell. Delivered to John Wilson, 30th April, 1751.
  • Page 221.--8th May, 1749. Benjamin Borden to James Randolph, 200 acres part of 92100. Corner Samuel McClure, James Thompson's line. Mill Creek.
  • Page 281.--No date (abt. 1750-1751). New Kent--Thos. Wadle, Dr., to James Renalds; Mathew Young, Dr., to James Renalds; Charles Hays, Dr., to James Renalds, 1 doubloon, 2 maydores, 1 pistole, 2 pieces of silver; Robert Armstrong, Dr., one bufelow, £3, £12. James Rannald's will (Renalds)-- Wife and children; two eldest sons. Teste: Charles McAnally, Rebeckah Buchanan. Executors, John Hays and James Thompson. Proved, 30th November, 1750, by Rebeckah Buchanan, and Charles to be summoned.
  • Page 169.--18th February, 1750-1751. James Moore and Jean, his wife, to Alex. McClure, 163 acres on North Br. of James where Francis Allison lives. Teste: Wm. Hall and Robert Allison. James Thompson.
  • Page 317.--27th February, 1750-51. James Thompson's bond as executor of James Rennald, with sureties John Lyle and David Moore.
  • Page 396.--15th June, 1751. John McClure and Catherine, to Nathan McClure, 4-1/2 acres, North Br. of James, where Jno. now lives, Pessimmon tree. Teste: James Thompson, David Dryden, Alexander McClure.
  • Page 400.--15th June, 1751. James Moore and Jean, to Nathan McClure, 160 acres. No. Br. James; corner Francis Allison. Teste: James Thompson, David Dryden, Alexander McClure.
  • Page 404.--28th May, 1751. Arthur McClure and Frances, to Robert Allison. 254 acres of Benj. Borden's 92,100; John McNabb, on Mill Creek; corner John McNabb, James Thompson's land; corner David Dryden; corner John Stevenson.
  • Page 48.--26th November, 1751. Borden, etc., to John Stephenson, 290 acres of 92100, Mill Creek; corner Moses McClure, Warm Run; corner Alexander McClure; corner Robert Allison; corner James Thompson. Teste: John Lyle, Joseph Kenedey, Baptist McNabb.
  • MARCH 21, 1753. - (415) Joseph Long and James Young, overseers, with Robert Young, Joseph Long, Samuel Gibson, Solomon Whitley, John Collier, William Hall, Gilbert Crawford, George Gibson, John Ruckman, Thomas Burton, Wm. Wadington, Wm. Brown, James Moore, John Hanna, James Huston, Wm. Todd, James Bats, James Todd, James Young, Patrick Young, John Carr and James Campbell--keep the road from Joseph Long's Mill to James Young's Mill, thence to the Great Road on James Thompson's Plantation.
  • Vol. 1 - 1753-1754 (Part 1). - Petition for road from Joseph Long's mill to James Young's mill and by William Hall's, on the North River, and into the Great Road on James Thompson's plantation. It is our course to meeting, mill and market. John Carr, James Campbell, Robert Young, Joseph Long, Samuel Gibson, Solomon Whitly, John Collyer, William Hall, Gilbert Crawford, George Gibson, John Ruckman, James Barton, William Waddington, William Brown, James Moore, John Hanna, James Hutton, William Todd, James Bates, James Footd, James Young, Patrick Young.
  • Page 255.--16th May, 1753. John Stephenson and Jane James to William Ramsey, 290 acres on Mill Creek in Borden's tract; cor. Moses McClure, Worm Run; Alexander McClure; cor. Rob. Allison; cor James Thompson. Teste: Walter Davis, Wm. Gay, Wm. Kerr. Delivered: John Davis, May, 1757.
  • Page 303.--18th May, 1756. Hugh Thompson to Bryce Russell, £20, 150 acres on Shanandore River. Cor. James Craig, George Crawford's four small wild chiri tree corner. Teste: Samuel Henderson, James Thomson. Delivered: Bryce Russell, January, 1763. (Note: Possible relation to Hugh Thompson?).
  • Page 91.--4th March, 1768. Mary McClure's estate appraised, by William Ramsey, James Thomson, Alex. McClure.
  • Vol. 2 - Fee Books of Augusta Court - 1769 - page 9, John Thompson, Borden's Land, James Thompson, Borden's Land. (Listed among many others).
  • Page 14.--10th August, 1769. Same (From Borden's Executors) to John Thompson, £7, 100 acres, part of 92100, corner said James Thompson, Robert Allison's line. Delivered to John Thompson, March, 1777. (Note: the John Thompson that received this patent was most likely the son of this James Thompson).
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 17, 1773. - (19) John Frazier vs. James Thompson} Attacht. Judgt.-- Should Mary Thompson or her heirs ever appear in this Colony to demand a legacy given to her by her father. (Note: was James Thompson's wife a Frazier?).
  • Page 258.--20th May, 1782. Samuel Henderson's will--To wife, Jane; to sons, Andrew and Alexander; to daughter, Florence; to son, James, 190 acres purchased from James Thompson; to sons, William and David, plantation purchased of Samuel Givans; to children. Teste: John Craig, Florence Bell, Anne Craig (mark). Proved, 15th October, 1782, by John Craig and Bell. Administration granted James Henderson. (Note: possibly refers to this James Thompson).