Person:James Tate (14)

Capt. James Tate
b.1742 Virginia
m. abt. 1740/41
  1. Capt. James Tate1742 - 1781
  2. Lt. Thomas Tate1744 - 1833
  3. Eleanor Tate1747 - 1801
  4. John Tate, Esq., Virginia Legislatorabt 1749 - 1802
  5. Gen. William Tate1753 - 1830
  6. Robert Tate, of Middlebrook, Augusta County, VA1755 - 1832
m. WFT Est 1769-1773
  1. Eleanor Tate1769-1785 -
  2. John Tate1772 - 1854
  3. Mary 'Polly' Tate1774 - 1861
  4. Isaac Tate1776 - 1852
  5. Elizabeth Tate1778 -
  6. Sarah Tate1780 - 1831
Facts and Events
Name Capt. James Tate
Gender Male
Birth? 1742 Virginia
Christening? 24 April, 1742
Marriage WFT Est 1769-1773 to Sarah "Sally" Hall
Death? 15 MAR 1781 Guilford County, North Carolina[Killed in Battle Of Guilford Courthouse]

James Tate was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of James Tate

  • Page 177.--3d October, 1780. James Tate's will--To wife and children. estate to be kept together for their support and education. Executors, wife Sarah, Benj. Stuart, John Tate, Jr., William Tate. Teste: Thomas Tate, John Tate, Jr., Jenny Tate. Proved, 21st August. 1781. by Thomas and Jane Tate. Executors qualify.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 16, 1788. - (604) John Tate, aged 14, orphan of James Tate, chose Robert Tate his guardian, and James is also appointed guardian of Isaac Tate.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 16, 1790. - (328) Alexander Hall appointed guardian of Elizabeth Tate, orphan of James Tate.
  • Page 307.--19th June, 1798. James Tate's estate distributed by Benj. Stuart and Jno. Tate, executors, to, viz: Wife Sarah, sons John and Isaac, daughters Polly, Patsey, Sally.
  • Page 308.--19th June, 1798. John and Isaac Tate above, being of age, manumit a slave.

Records of James Tate in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Tate's heirs vs. Tate's executors--O. S. 144; N. S. 50--Bill, 28th July, 1803. Complainants are, viz: Thomas, John, Isaac, Mary Tate, Andrew Steel and Elizabeth, his wife, and Sarah Tate. In 17__ a contract was made between John Tate, father of Thomas, of one part and Thomas and his brother, James Tate (deceased), of other part, by which Thomas and James were to assist in building a mill. John, Isaac, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah are children and legal representatives of James. John died testate, devising part of mill to his son John, part to orator Thomas, and remainder to orators John and Isaac. James Tate died 178_ testate. John Tate, Jr., lately died testate. Suit against executor of John Tate, Sr., and of John Tate, Jr., for accounting. Thomas Tate removed to Holston. Answer 1804 by Jane Tate, widow and executrix of John Tate, Jr., and by Samuel Finley, who married Polly Tate, daughter of said John. Jane married John about 1774. Samuel married Polly about 1796-1797. John Tate, Sr., died March, 1801. Deposition 23d July, 1804, of Hugh Fulton in Flemingsburg, Ky. Hugh did not marry the widow of James Tate. Charles Tate deposes in Washington County, 9th March, 1805: Is son of Thomas Tate and grandson of John. Nancy Tate deposes ditto, is daughter-in-law of John Tate. James Tate was killed at Battle of Guilford, 1781. Hugh Fulton, Sr., deposes in Augusta, aged 77 years. The contract about mill was made prior to 1774. Alexander Hall deposes ditto, was brother of James Tate's wife. William Tate deposes 27th June, 1804, in Washington County, brother of Thomas and James. William moved from Augusta in 1782-83. Alexander Stuart deposes 28th January, 1804, in Augusta, aged 70. James Tate died 1780. His wife, Sarah, married Hugh Fulton in 1785, and they moved to Kentucky about 1781 [1791?]. Peter Alexander deposes 25th October, 1805, in Woodford County, Kentucky.


From "A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri", by William S. Bryan and Robert Rose, 1876:

James Tate, of Augusta Co., VA., was a captain in the Rev. war, and was killed at the battle of Guilford Court House, in N.C. His wife's maiden name was SARAH HAIL and at his death he left a widow and 5 children. The names of the latter were Polly, Elizabeth, Sarah, John and Isaac. John married SARAH HALL, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co., MO., in 1829. His children were Calvin, Milton, Isaac, James ,Elijah, Sarah, Margaret and Mary. Mr. Tate died in 1864, in his 83rd year. Sarah Tate married WILLIAM SCOTT, of KY., who settled in Callaway C. in 1837. Margaret married MAJOR DANIEL NALLY, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1829. Mary married ROBERT R. BUCKNER, of Callaway Co. James was married 1st to CLARINDA P. TATE, and 2nd to SOPHIA LYSLE. He settled in Callaway Co. in 1823. The Auxvasse Presbyterian Church was organized at his house that year, and it was the first organization of that religious denomination west of St. Charles. Elijah Tate died in KY. Milton married RACHEL B. GRANBERRY. Isaac was a colonel of militia for many years. He married JANE HENDERSON. Calvin was married first to ELIZABETH ALLEN, and second to a widow lady named MILLER. Mr. Tate went to California in 1849, and was engaged for some time in hauling with his six-horse wagon. During his sojourn in California, he served on a case in which several Chinamen were witnesses, and they swore to everything but the truth, until the judge had a rooster brought into the court room and placed on a table, when a blank expression of dread came over the face of each Chinaman, and after that, they swore to the truth.


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