Person:James Stuart (7)

James Stuart, Jr.
m. ABT 1739
  1. Robert StuartABT 1740 - ABT 1809
  2. William StuartABT 1742 - 1802
  3. James Stuart, Jr.ABT 1743 - 1772
  4. Capt. Ralph Stuart1746/47 - 1835
  5. John Stuartabt 1748 - AFT 1833
  6. Elizabeth StuartABT 1750 -
  7. Mary Catherine StuartABT 1752 - ABT 1799
  8. William Stuart1754 -
m. 20 AUG 1766
  1. Robert StewartAbt 1767 -
  2. John Stuartabt 1768 - bef 1825
  3. James Stewartabt 1770 - 1823
  4. Mary 'Polly' Stewart1771 -
Facts and Events
Name James Stuart, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1743 Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Birth? 1744 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 20 AUG 1766 Augusta County, Virginiato Isabella Foster
Death? JUN 1772 Augusta County, Virginia

James Stuart was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Estate Records of James Stuart

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1772 - (400) Admn. of estate of James Stuart committed to widow, Isabella.
  • Page 534.--18th August, 1772. Iseble Stewart's bond (with Henry Cresswell, John Elliott) as administratrix of James Stewart.
  • Page 348.--__ _____, 1772. James Stewart's estate appraised-- Notes of, viz: Richard Elliott, Jas. Scoolcraft, Daniel McLean (by the road), Patt. Hamilton by road, Charles Firnelson by road. Darby Connly by road, Geo. Westfall by the road, by a private balance of Ginsang by Ralph Stewart. (Note: the Ralph Stewart listed in this record is most likely James Stewart's brother).
  • Page 85.--3d August, 1773. James Stewart's estate appraised--Accounts against, viz: Jas. Schoolcraft, Daniel McCan, Ralph Stewart.
  • Page 87.--Vendue bill of above James Stewart, deceased, 1772, to, viz: Richard Eliot, Wm. Haddon. (Note: Richard Elliott married James Stuart's brother, Mary Catherine).
  • Page 88.--Isabel Barker to the estate of James Stewart. deceased. Dr.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1767. - (114) The following produced certificates for hemp: James Stewart, Saml. Cartmill.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 20, 1769. - (214) Complaint of Eleanor Dunn--James Stewart to be summoned to show cause why he does not teach his apprentice, Walter Dunn, his trade and cloathe and provide for him according to law.

Information on James Stuart

One source claimed that James Stuart was shot while crossing the Greenbrier River in 1779, during the Revolutionary War, but the following Chalkley's record shows he died in 1772:

  • Page 534.--18th August, 1772. Iseble Stewart's bond (with Henry Cresswell, John Elliott) as administratrix of James Stewart.

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From: Lee Ballard [1] Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 1:03 AM To: Subject: James Stuart (Stewart)


In your posting on worldconnect, you state: "In the month of June, at Martin's Fort on Crooked Run, another murderous scene was exhibited by the savages.....etc.

According to the Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish in VA the Augusta County Court on August 18, 1772 the administration of James's estate was granted to his widow (Isabella). This info will give you the year in which James died.

I believe you will find that James and Isabella were married in 1766 and they migrated to Tygart's Valley in 1772 and were living on Stewart's Run which was ca 8 miles south of what is today's Huttonsville WV (Randolph Co WV).

I believe the Martin's Fort you are referring to was located near another Stuarts Run which was west of today's Morgan town WV.

Were there two Martin's Forts..... one on each Stuarts Run?


Lee Ballard

From Stan Browning:

James Stewart (2) was the son of James Stewart (1) of Cowpasture River, Augusta (Bath) county, Virginia. He was born about 1745 and when he was a lad of 12 years old, he and his father were captured by Indians. His brother John (2), who witnessed the attack, escaped. The father was tortured to death and James (2) later escaped or was released and returned to the family farm on Stuart's Run on the Cowpasture. James (2) chose John Hamilton as his guardian in 1762 when he was 18 years old.

James (2) married Isabella Foster on Aug. 20, 1766. In 1772, he along with his brother Ralph, moved to what is now Randolph County, WV. His farm was located on Stuart's Run (named, no doubt, in memory of their Bath County home) a tributary of Tygart Valley river, a branch of the Monongahela. James (2) had hardly moved into his new home when he was killed by Indians.

Isabella, widow of James Stuart (2), was named Administratrix of his estate Aug 18, 1772, and James' estate was appraised that same year. Isabela Stuart, then Barker, Ralph Stuart, Daniel McClane, William Westfall and Henry Delay received a grant from John McClanahan on Sep. 1, 1782, for 1,000 acres lying on the Monongahelia River in Tygart Valley. Some time prior to July 1789, they had the land surveyed and their respective portions were defined. Each member of the group signed indentures as individual portions were sold. Isabella sold her portion to James Stewart, presumed to be her son.

James' widow Isabella married an unknown Barker soon after James' death and moved to Kentucky where she raised a large family of Stuarts and Barkers. The portion of Montgomery County, Kentucky, that became Bath County, Kentucky, in 1811 was settled by many of the old families of Bath County, Virginia, including: Stuart, Hamilton, Laverty, Barker, Cartmill, Delay, Elliot and Armstrong families.

Children of James and Isabella Stewart have not been identified with certainty; however, some historians studying the Barker family report the following: (1) Robert Stewart, b: abt 1766; (2) John Stewart, b: Abt 1768, d: 1823 in Lexington, Kentucky; (3) James Stewart, b: abt 1770 in Virginia, m. Nancy Elliot, d: 1823 in Lexington, Kentucky; (4) Polly Stewart (possibly named Mary), b: January 21, 1771, m. William Hanks.